Wilmie Klop
Updated on September 16, 2021
Classic French Twist

The French Twist is a classic updo hairstyle that is sure to add lashings of glamour to any outfit or occasion. A red carpet ready look that never goes out of style, the French roll can be worn neat and chic or casual and loose. Favoured by Hollywood beauties and streetwise fashionistas alike, once you get the hang of the hairstyle, you’ll be sure to rock the look regularly.

What’s the Difference Between a French Twist and a Chignon?

Both evoke images of classic old-school Parisian beauty, but there are some key differences between a French Twist and a chignon. A chignon, which literally translates to “nape”, is usually worn low on the neck, while a French Twist sits high on the head. What’s more, while the French Twist can be styled to suit any occasion, a chignon is usually reserved for special, formal events.

French Twist How-To: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Using a fine-toothed comb, separate a section of hair from your crown to your fringe and brush it forward. Tease at the crown and the back section with the fine-toothed comb. Remember, the more you tease, the more volume your French Twist will have! Spray it with a bit of hairspray for extra shine.

How to Do a French Twist: Step 1

Tease hair at the crown and the back section.

Step 2: Smooth all your hair back using a comb or your fingers. The sleek look is part of the French Twist’s charm, so be extra careful to get rid of any knots or tangles.

How to Do a French Twist: Step 2

Smooth all your hair back.

Step 3: Get your bobby pins ready! Gather the smoothed hair to one side as if making a low ponytail, then pin sections of hair securely in place. Don’t be afraid to use lots of pins- they help keep your style in place by preventing strands from coming loose during the day. You can also spritz with a bit of hairspray for maximum hold.

How to Do a French Twist: Step 3

Pin sections of hair securely in place.

Step 4: If your hair is very long, keep it in place with an elastic at the lower end. Roll the hair sections up towards the bobby pins with your fingers. Be sure to make them extra twisty — wrap around your fingers a few times and then pull out. Here you can pick whether to pin your twist the middle or top of your head. Secure the hair in place with more pins.

How to Do a French Twist: Step 4

Tie the hair ends with an elastic.

Step 5: Set your French Twist in place using hairspray. Pin back any loose strands to neaten it up, or pull a few out around to frame your face for a soft, romantic look. Enjoy your glamorous hairstyle!

How to Do a French Twist: Step 5

Roll hair to the direction you want the twist in.

Video-Tutorial How To Do a French Twist

As you can see, a classic updo hairstyle is at your fingertips with the French Twist. Great for everything from weddings to work wear; the true magic of the updo in its versatility. For a formal affair, style your French Twist tight and pair with pearls. Choose a looser version for an effortlessly chic night on the town, or mess it up slightly for a casual office look. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more you wear your stylish hairdo, the better you’ll get at doing one in no time!

Ready to rock the chic hairstyle? Here is your cheat sheet to make the ultimate French Twist. Keep it close when practicing!

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