Viola Pyak

Viola Pyak is an experienced hairstylist. She studied at Pivot Point International and learned the applicative aesthetics at the National Institute of Fashion in Moscow. Starting from 2015, she works at Elena Krygina Office. Voila Pyak is sure that every single hairdo requires thinking outside the box. She adapts her creativity to every client and knows how to complement the image with fashion trends. She always puts attention to the wishes of her clients and uses her professional skills to express the personality and character through the appropriate hairstyle. Viola agrees with Sophia Loren who said that a hairstyle may affect the day and, as a result, the whole life.

A ponytail is not trivial anymore. This hairdo is one of the simplest, yet most versatile styles, and there is a huge amount of ideas about it. The ponytail has been popular for decades already, and its famousness among women of different characters and ages confirms its practical and aesthetic value. Keep reading for creative ponytail ideas you can save for special events! [click to continue…]