Victoria Olmo

Victoria Olmo is a beauty director and style columnist who currently resides in New Jersey and is a self-claimed "part-time New Yorker." She is a lover for all things beauty and can often be found with a hand full of lip swatches in any beauty department. Mexican food, animals, romantic period films, cute hairstyles and rose-y hues are all her jam.

Victoria Olmo is a beauty director and style columnist who currently resides in New Jersey and is a self-claimed "part-time New Yorker." She is a lover for all things beauty and can often be found with a hand full of lip swatches in any beauty department. Mexican food, animals, romantic period films, cute hairstyles and rose-y hues are all her jam.


5 Types of Hair Extensions and How to Choose the Best Option

Long, luscious locks are widely featured in hair commercials, magazine advertisements and salons’ Instagram pages, making us dream of having Rapunzel-like locks. Thankfully, different types of hair extensions now allow reaching our “long hair goals” and increase hair fullness without spending months to grow it. If you think you could give it a try, let us introduce you to all hair extension options and give important maintenance tips so that you do not damage your hair while wearing the wefts.

by Victoria Olmo
Apr 17, 2021
Hair Styling

7 Best Hair Dryer Brushes on the Market for Salon Blowout at Home

A hair-salon worthy blowout without having to actually step foot outside sounds like a dream come true. It would save both time and money, and it would last for days. What if we told you that you can make this happen right in the comfort of your own home? All with the help of a hair-dryer brush that you can rely on day in and day out. Ready to make this dream come true? Find your match with the 7 best hair-dryer brushes we have found out there.

by Victoria Olmo
Aug 22, 2023

5 Ways to Wear Icy Silver Hair Transformation Trend

Kylie has once again set the cool tones for the year with a style that makes iciness look hot—silver hair. The trend of this hue is coming in as strong as a blizzard and we don’t blame anyone for wanting to brave the cold to try these icy silver locks. It’s been spotted on Kylie Jenner, Evan Rachel Wood, Jourdan Dunn and many other celebrities are following their lead—it’s a style we’re sure you’ll want to frost your locks in right away.

by Victoria Olmo
Jan 27, 2022

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30 Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Hairstyles with Bangs

Medium-length haircuts have gained popularity for their ease of styling and minimal upkeep requirements. Paired with layers and bangs, they can offer a range of styles to suit different preferences and lifestyles. Feel inspired for your next salon appointment by browsing through these 30 images of trendy, low-maintenance mid-length hairstyles with bangs.

by Mary Allen
December 09, 2023
Boys and Men

30 Shaggy Haircuts for Men to Rock in 2024

Looking to up your style game? Get ready to rock some seriously cool vibes with our ultimate guide to shaggy hairstyles for men that scream style and confidence. Whether you're after that laid-back beach vibe or an edgy, rocker look, we've got 30 killer styles lined up just for you. Let's get that mane rockin'!

by Mary Allen
December 07, 2023
Face Shape

20 Flattering Hairstyles for Women with Sagging Neck

There are many reasons for a sagging neck – it can be hereditary, as well as promoted by aging, UV damage, or weight loss. While it’s vital to learn to love your changing self, certain makeup and hairstyle tweaks might help you create a flattering face frame and visually strengthen your jawline. Check these empowering haircuts for sagging neck to get inspiration for your fresh look that can change your self-perception.

by Mary Allen
December 05, 2023

30 Inspiring Short Wolf Cuts You’ll Crave Copying

Wolf cuts, inspired by shags and mullets, have been a consistent trend for the last year, and the short wolf haircut is no exception. Featuring textured, choppy or shaggy layers, this short hairstyle is easy to style, and it particularly complements the natural texture of both straight and wavy hair. Explore 30 different variations of a stylish short wolf cut to find the one that suits your preferences and enhances your unique style.

by Mary Allen
November 30, 2023

30 Magnetizing Hair Colors for Olive Skin Tone

Selecting a shade that complements your olive skin is essential for a flattering and attractive look. While most hair stylists prefer to stick to brunette hair colors for olive skin tones, we offer a more diverse selection of hues that enhance your appearance and reflect your personality. Check out these 30 stylish and alluring looks and pick the combination of complementing or contrasting shades that accentuate your beautiful skin tone.

by Mary Allen
November 28, 2023

Hair Extensions for Short Hair: Style Guide and Impressive Makeovers

Are you tired of waiting for your hair to grow or struggle to make it look thick and healthy? Well, wait no more – we're about to unveil the secret to instant hair transformation! Modern hair extensions are easy to hide even in short thin hair, so get ready to say goodbye to impatience and hello to fabulous and instant short-to-long or thin-to-full hair transformations.

by The Editors
November 25, 2023

35 Short Hairstyles To Feel Fab in Your 40s

Ever wonder if the perfect haircut exists to unlock your fabulous forties? Well, wonder no more! We've curated a collection of 35 short hairstyles that will make you feel absolutely fantastic in your 40s. From chic bobs to playful pixies, get ready to embrace a new era of style and confidence!

by The Editors
November 23, 2023

50 Fresh Butterfly Locs Ideas for a Natural Hair Queen

Ever wondered what exactly butterfly locs are or why they're such a fantastic protective style? Get ready to explore these chic, versatile locks and find answers to all your burning questions right here.

by The Editors
November 21, 2023

30 Ageless Shag Hairstyles for Mature Women

Are you ever too old to rock a trendy hairstyle and look absolutely fabulous? The answer is a resounding NO! In fact, some hairstyles seem to get better with age, and one such timeless classic is the shag haircut. From iconic cuts to modern interpretations, get ready to discover how you can embrace your inner beauty and flaunt it with flair!

by The Editors
November 18, 2023
Face Shape

30 Chic Short Hairstyles to Complement Square Faces

We know that finding the perfect short haircuts for square faces can be quite the quest. The great news is you have plenty of stylish choices to explore. From sassy pixies to elegant bobs, we've got the inspiration you need to showcase your unique charm.

by The Editors
November 16, 2023
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