Carlie Roe

Carlie Is a San Diego native and the beauty industry has been a part of her life as long as she can remember. Carlie’s love for art, color and design has played a huge role in her love for the industry. Her background as an artist has lead her to her love of hair color and her experience in the customer service business creates a special combination of caring and creativity for each guest. Carlie hopes to grow into a fantasy hair color specialist during her career as a designer. She got her cosmetology license in 2015 and followed her license with more education and completed an assistant program at Jayden Presleigh that followed with now, proudly working as a full time stylist at her dream salon located in her hometown. "I truly have a passion and drive for the beauty industry, but not only to execute the latest fashions, but to ensure a confidence in each guest that they may not have felt before sitting in my chair.”

Once upon a time, I created a hair color inspired by an amethyst crystal I had gotten as a gift. Then I found a photo of it on Pinterest, compared with the result and posted a fun collage to Instagram. The response was so positive that I started creating more and more gem-inspired hairstyles. I also included each meaning, as well. For me, it is both an art project and a new perspective on blending colors. Take a look at my crystal collection! [click to continue…]