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Updated on January 26, 2022

Once upon a time, I created a hair color inspired by an amethyst crystal I had gotten as a gift. Then I found a photo of it on Pinterest, compared with the result and posted a fun collage to Instagram. The response was so positive that I started creating more and more gem-inspired hairstyles. I also included each meaning, as well. For me, it is both an art project and a new perspective on blending colors. Take a look at my crystal collection and pick your favorite geode hair idea!

New-Age Approach to Hair Color?

When I started painting hair, inspired by crystals, I felt it was a creative way to give the hair colors even more interest and value. The more I got into the meaning behind the vibrations each crystal extrudes, the more intrigued I became. Now, sure… I know what you’re thinking… of course, this chick from San Diego is into crystals and is probably eating all organic, too. But, hear me out. These things have been around long before any of us and our “trends”. It is fair to say that as long as we have existed as a species, we have had an affinity with stones and crystals. The whole wellness movement is mostly capitalised and turned into Gwyneth Paltrow’s extremes. But, it’s not wise to abandon wisdom collected over the centuries.

My Crystal Hair Color Collection

Here are a few examples of crystal hair colors, each with side-by-side descriptions of their spiritual meanings. Scroll through these colors and photos find your gem!

1. Amethyst

This stone acts as a barrier against lower energies, psychic attacks, geopathic stress and unhealthy environments. Since the name, Amethyst, translates from Greek to English and means “not drunken”, it is also used as a sobriety stone. Apart from that, the vibrant, purple hair, itself, feels like magic!

Amethyst Hair

2. Fluorite

Fluorite typically contains green and purple colors and is believed to be a perfect tool for boosting intuition, as well as protection from negative energies. I recreated this fantastic natural pattern using subtle colorful highlights.

Fluorite Hair

3. Ocean Jasper

The multicolored Ocean Jasper crystal resonates with the complexity of earth and its seemingly endless layers. It increases spiritual wisdom and patience. I used a warm blonde color, blending it into dark roots to achieve the similar geode hair color.

Ocean Jasper Hair

4. Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite exhibits a combination of colors inherent in Fluorite crystals, such as purple, blue, green, clear and yellow and, as such, it blends all the properties of each color. As a result, we got creatively painted unicorn hair!

Rainbow Fluorite Hair

5. Scolecite

This lovely crystal makes people calm and relaxed, as well as helping to improve your sleep. That is why it is recommended to put Scolecite under your pillow. The cool blonde color with gray undertone never goes out of fashion, as well as magic!

Scolecite Hair

6. Carnelian

Carnelian helps to awaken your inner creative child and boosts confidence. It’s associated with taking bold action and making dreams come true. Having a couple of orange strands in your hair also increases confidence!

Carnelian Hair

7. Angelite

Angelite has a peaceful and calming energy. Like many blue stones, it is also a strong communication stone used to better relationships and make friends. I added some hidden rainbow hair to spice up this geode hair look.

Angelite Hair

8. Garnet

Garnet is associated with higher thinking and self-empowerment. It is also a stone of love and commitment, as well as strength and safety. Its deep reddish color reflects sunlight like a ripe pomegranate seed. I tried to achieve the same effect on my client’s head (shown here).

Garnet Hair

9. Champagne Tourmaline

This crystal’s mission is to deeply cleanse emotional and physical bodies. Due to its calming, soothing effect on the energetic systems, you relax, release, and become centered within yourself. To recreate this coloring, I used chocolate brown hair color and added some golden highlights.

Champagne Tourmaline Hair

10. Lepidolite

Lepidolite brings positive transitions and new beginnings. It looks like the most beautiful pictures of galaxy. Its purple and silver tones work together perfectly, which is proven by nature. My client and I went for a violet ombre, blended into warm blonde hair.

Lepidolite Hair

11. Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate is a comfort stone, beneficial in overcoming depression, and strengthening during a grieving process. It helps alleviate obsessive thoughts and destructive mental patterns, and assists in overcoming fears. Brown geode hair with some light face-framing strands really reminds me of Botswana Agate!

Botswana Agate Hair

12. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a stone that repels and aids in the removal of negative energies. It will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into lighter vibrations while hair remains coal black.

Black Tourmaline Hair

13. Labradorite

With its pearly hues that shimmer in a range of iridescent blues and greens, Labradorite reminds you to keep it magical by linking us to the spirit world — a dimension where anything is possible. When it comes to blending colors for my clients, anything goes, too.

Labradorite Hair

14. Bronzite

The Bronzite crystal meaning is associated with boosting self-confidence and infusing the spirit with the courage to follow through on actions. I love a good dirty blonde color and how it works with almost all skin tones!

Bronzite Hair

15. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is valued because it helps to cut through the illusions in life, remaining centered and self-aware. I love this gem-inspired cool brown hair color, especially on my client’s long and wavy locks.

Smoky Quartz Hair

I believe that inspiration can be found anywhere if we open our hearts to it. Hopefully, you liked these geode hair colors inspired by crystals. Of course, we can disbelieve their healing powers, but we can’t doubt their beauty. For more fun hair projects and creative color inspiration, follow my Instagram and check out my salon’s page. Let’s make hair magic together!

Featured Image via Instagram

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