60 Most Beneficial Haircuts for Thick Hair of Any Length

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Thick hair is simply luxurious in styling options it offers. The only problem women with thick hair may experience is an excessive bulk and a desire to make their styles more weightless. With the right layered haircuts you will easily bring your gorgeous hair to perfection. Besides, you can opt for any length that suits your face shape and life style. We have collected here the most beneficial haircuts for thick hair in short, medium and long lengths.

As a rule, women aren’t completely happy with the way they look, because they don’t quite realize and use to the fullest the potential and peculiarities of their appearance. Thick hair often causes styling and maintenance difficulties, but with the right choice of haircut, your thick locks will be taken under control and offer you an excellent base for versatile breathtaking hairstyles.

Haircuts for Thick Hair and Maintenance Tips

Thick hair needs some of your extra attention, and there are certain hair care nuances, you should take into account.

  1. Washing. Every girl determines herself the frequency of hair washing, she feels comfortable with, but most experts agree that it’s not recommended to wash your hair oftener than every other day. If you comb your locks before washing, you will prevent tangling and make the coming styling procedure much easier.
  2. Dyeing. If you are planning a drastic hair color change, remember that with thick hair it’s more difficult to achieve the quality result in case you opt to do the job yourself. Therefore, it’s better to make an appointment with an experienced colorist.
  3. Haircuts. Opt for a layered haircut of any length, appealing to you personally, but remember that you don’t need the unnecessary bulk. A layered haircut will guarantee you a full range of hairstyle options with harmonious silhouettes and feel of lively locks around your face.

Any length works well with thick hair, on condition that your get the right type of layering and point cut ends. Here are nice haircut ideas for you.

#1: Layered Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs are a great choice for thick hair, especially when they blend gracefully with your layers. If straight-across bangs aren’t your style, try this side-swept version to change up your usual routine.

#2: Layered Lob Haircut

Long bobs are all the rage right now! Everywhere you look, celebrities are making the chop to bouncier, lighter locks. This layered lob is the perfect way to transition your long, heavy hair into thick, bouncy tresses. The shorter style will breathe a new life into your hair. Without the length weighing it down, you can reach all new levels of volume!

#3: Choppy Layered Bob

For a messy bohemian chic haircut, try chopping your length to your shoulders and allow your stylist to go crazy with the layers. The choppier your hair, the messier it’ll be (in a good way.) This style will also bring out your natural waves, and that means, hooray, extremely easy styling!

#4: Long Layered Haircut

When it comes to haircuts for thick hair, layers can be used to thin out strands. A long layered bob or a shoulder length cut with medium layers enhanced with a large barrel curling iron to further texturize the cut will help your hair look lighter without losing any beauty.

#5: Smooth and Silky Thick Hair

Long layers can really soften up tired hair, providing a good look for those who want to liven up their style without really risking a lot of change.

#6: Long and Curly

Beach waves are ever popular, and if you’re fortunate enough to have a natural kink to your hair, you’re already halfway to the trendy summer style. Thick hair can be tricky, but with a good dose of layering you will find that this is one style that works well – whether you’re close to the ocean breeze or miles away.

#7: Medium Layered Cut

If you’re loving the look of long hair but can’t stand the maintenance, a long bob is the perfect solution. Haircuts for thick wavy hair can go just past the shoulders, different lengths are added throughout to give hair dimension and silhouette that can easily be maintained for weeks after leaving the salon.

#8: Long Shaggy Hair

Today’s long styles usually involve layers when it comes to thick hair, but so do those for thin stranded girls. If you love layers but don’t have a lot to work with, don’t worry – layers can also add volume and sheen to hair that usually lays limp. Fine hair that is layered takes on a “choppy” or shaggy look that is rocker chic.

#9: Short A Line

If you prefer shorter hair, a shoulder-length A line is the way to go. This bob with layers is simultaneously sweet and serious, making it the perfect choice for a girl balancing work, fun and play.

#10: Medium Length Cut

The choppy ends and creative highlights work together to showcase this pretty hairstyle for thick hair. Use this as your inspiration next time you’re seeking out a new look. If you happen to have a naturally dark hair tone, mix it up with a honey brown or caramel hue.

#11: Thin, Medium and Lovely

Medium length hair can be so agitating when your hair is fine in texture. Solve this dilemma by adding layers that look equally amazing on straight and curly heads.

#12: Angled Short Cut

If you’ve been rocking long hair for quite a while, here’s a way to make things easier in the mornings without sacrificing style. Hair can be cut at an angle; giving you shoulder length strands around the back and longer layers in the front. This will not only frame the face beautifully, but will also give you plenty to work with when it’s time for a fancy updo.

#13: Long Mermaid Hair

Get inspired by beauties under the sea and style your hair into beach waves that carry a powerful punch of style. Single toned hair looks lovely in medium hairstyles for thick hair, but you can also opt for some highlights or lowlights as well. This works well on all hair types, but will look best on Caucasian, Latina or Asian strands.

#14: Short and Choppy

Keep your hair no nonsense with short haircuts that are still fun to wear. This wavy style is achieved by adding some gel into damp strands that are then “crunched” to hold the criss cross directions of each piece of hair. The choppy cut along the ends will help to hold things in place.

#15: Medium in Length and Color

This hairstyle is both modern and middle of the road in all regards. The color is a likeable medium brown with some highlights throughout. The long length is brought to the front, allowing hair to be a bit shorter along the back.

#16: Easy and Breezy Shorter Hair

Hairstyles for long thick hair can be so much work! Keep things simple this summer instead with a classic shoulder length bob. Hair cuts like this require much less maintenance and are still fun to wear.

#17: Modern Layered Haircut

If your hair is stick straight (or else you style it to be), then go with long layers featured in this and other medium haircuts. Straight across ends and softened top layers create body and bounce without abolishing that beautiful straightness that is so good at showcasing color.

#18: Medium Asian Hair Beauty

A shoulder length cut with a slight angle to it is ideal for Asian hair, which can be a bit difficult when it comes to styling. If your hair is hard and unable to hold a curl, this will bring dimension without being too different.

#19: A Long Statement

Haircuts for long thick hair usually involve a trim and some face framing layers to keep them in check. If you’ve worked hard to grow out your long locks, keep them healthy with a sweet and simple cut that allows you plenty of options.

#20: No Nonsense Medium Cut

Maybe you’re into sports, or you’re wrangling kids every day. Whatever the reason, sometimes hair just needs to be more about functionality than head turning styling. This layered cut is perfect for thin, medium and thick hair – plus, it’s a breeze to maintain.

#21: Long on Color and Style

Long hair is so much fun to wear because of all the ways you can keep it looking amazing – from curling it to intricate updos, the sky’s the limit! Add some fun color that will show up well against your natural hue to make things even better.

#22: Long and Lean

Thick hairstyles can be transformed into thinner, more manageable hair when you incorporate layers properly. Don’t forget balayage highlights!

Long Shag For Thick Hair

Instagram/ @richiemiao

#23: Medium Bob

Liven up your locks by trimming them into a medium length shaggy bob enhanced with a high-quality hair product and some pops of color throughout.

#24: Medium-Length Haircut With Long Layers

Layering is the key secret to happy thick hair. The shorter pieces towards the ends balance out the longer length. It’s a great way to keep your hair long without its ballooning to the unmanageable thickness. With this haircut, you’ll have the perfect form for a quick blow-dry in the morning before hitting the road.

#25: Shoulder-Grazing Haircut With Layered Ends

This haircut is suited for anyone who wants a low-key, easy style that won’t require too much time or styling. This is as easy as it gets! After the wash, simply towel through to

#26: Edgy Bob Haircut

Bobs can be tricky for ladies with thicker hair. Imagine the dreaded triangular shape you could wind up with if you don’t have the time to properly style it in the morning. The horror! This choppy, layered cut is the solution! The difference in lengths will even out the weight of thick hair and offer your cut a flattering silhouette.

#27: Long Undercut Haircut For Thick Hair

From the outside, this hairstyle looks like any other long cut. But peak underneath! You’ll notice the thing that separates it from your average style. Styled undercuts are a fun way to spice up the styling routine of a frequent updo-er. Be forewarned, these require a lot of maintenance. You’d be surprised with how quickly it’ll grow out.

#28: Lob Haircut For Thick Hair With Arched Bangs

If you’re feeling daring and you’re ready to take on a lengthy commitment, try this long bob with choppy arched bangs. The fringe allows a flawlessly messy feel, but don’t be fooled by the casual vibes. They’re a lot of work and will add at least five extra minutes to your morning routine.

#29: Mohawk-Inspired Pixie Haircut For Thick Hair

Another great choice for thick hair is to chop it off. Not entirely, of course, just into a shorter style! Pixies thrive on volume. Is there a better way to show off your natural big hair than to celebrate it? With this Mohawk-Inspired pixie, you’ll keep the sides short and neat, while the middle is left long, allowing for lively locks.

#30: Face-Framing Layered Cut

This style is a great, healthy way to manage thick hair! The face-framing pieces will soften the look while the rest of your hair remains one length for a precise, even cut. Using a flat-iron will enhance the uniformity of this cut, try it out!

#31: Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

Everyone’s hopping on the undercut train recently. It’s a fun way to try a new low-maintenance style. With this cut, you’ll have a closely cut section you don’t have to worry about in terms of styling. The rest can be easily formed into your style of preference with a quick blow-dry.

#32: Long And Even Haircut

If you have thick hair and you’re tired of the constant volume, there are other ways to achieve a classically sleek style. For example, check out this haircut. It’s all one length and it’s long, allowing the hair to pull down with its own weight and flatten your locks into submission.

#33: Side-Swept Bangs On Medium-Length Hair

This cut is a great choice for ladies on the go. It’s relatively low maintenance and easy to swipe up into a ponytail when you need a quick and comfortable style for a gym, let’s say. If you pack along a dry shampoo and don’t tie your elastic too tightly, you’ll be able to make a quick get-away from the gym into your everyday life with a cute style.

#34: Hairstyle For Long Hair With Angled Layers

It takes a while to grow hair out, but once you reach a certain length, long locks may seem more manageable. To get this style, you need to take care of your hair. If you don’t, you’ll face split ends and broken pieces, making it impossible to pass a certain length. Stray away from hair dye, heat-styling and always get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks.

#35: Asymmetric Short Haircut

This one is fun and cute to reveal the adventurous side of you! Trying a new haircut, especially an eccentric one is a total daredevil move, but it pays off. The shorter side will tackle the excessive thickness, while the long pieces will thrive from it.

#36: Layered Bob Haircut For Medium Hair

This haircut is all about the face-framing layers. The length is different throughout. In the front, it’s shorter, and gradually it lengthens towards the back to allow you to wear ponytails and some updos. Hint: have your bobby pins ready to pin the front pieces back for a lovely half up half down style!

#37: Medium Blunt Haircut

These bangs are different from those above. They are more uniform, graphic and accurate, the same length all the way across. The thicker they are, the cuter they’ll look on condition of ideal straightness.

#38: Side-Parted Medium Haircut With Light Layers

By parting your hair to the side, you let the volume and natural thickness of your hair express themselves naturally, which is good for girls who feel awkward with a middle part. Check out this style! She finishes off her deep side part with soft waves at the ends of her hair. And the grey hue is in trend!

#39: Wavy Medium Length Haircut For Thick Hair

Here is a great 2-layer cut with neatly trimmed dense ends. An infallible way to style this medium-length hair cut is to curl it softly. Always keep a curling iron at hand. To achieve these perfect bouncy waves, curl your locks loosely all over the head. Curls look great with thick tresses!

#40: Layered Haircut For Long Hair

A great way to show off your thick hair is to wear it loose. Layers will remove the excessive bulk and bring the desired bounce and movement to your locks. Wear them in curls for special occasions. Long thick curls are the most beautiful hair sight ever!

#41: V-Edged Long Graded Haircut

What can be more beautiful than beautifully cut long thick hair? This treasure is cut in long distinct layers which curve naturally for an added textured effect and shape a shattered V-line at the ends. Warm honey highlights enliven the look and make you just go “wow!” and “I want, I want!”

#42: Medium Layered Cut With Blunt Edges

Thick hair looks the best in medium-length haircuts for thick hair with light low layering. Gradual reduction of length for the top tresses will ease the style and improve the overall look. A few long sliding layers accentuate the texture, while blunt edges show off the envious thickness. If you want them appear lighter, just flip them up slightly like in the photo.

#43: Chin-Length Layered Bob With Horizontal Edges

Every now and then we see angular bobs with elongated front tresses, while this one also features angles, but not in its outlines. Multiple layers, cut at angles, highlight a fantastic feathery texture of thick hair, contrasting with the neat smooth edges.

#44: Long Haircut With Layered Bangs For A Triangular Face

The playful and sensuous haircut of Zooey Deschanel has lots of benefits. It’s quite unpretentious and universal in styling. Besides, thanks to the long layers that start below Zoe’s chin, her hairstyle with freely flowing locks feature the fabulous volume at the ends, which is a super flattering solution for triangular faces.

long haircut for thick hair with bangs

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#45: Medium-Length Centre-Parted Haircut With Ombre

Jessica Alba opts for the most convenient medium length, light layering through the ends, centre parting and the classic A-line silhouette. Such a haircut is going to look awesome in free-flowing wavy or curly hairstyles. The soft bronding solution adds movement and dimension to Jessica’s thick locks.

haircut for long thick wavy hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#46: Centre-Parting And Long Layers Enhanced By Color

Kim Kardashian’s long symmetrical layered haircut looks especially impressive on thick straight hair. The long layers at front are skillfully accentuated by the chocolate hue, a few tones lighter, than Kim’s base color.

Kim Kardashian long layered haircut

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#47: Layered Haircut For Long Thick Hair With A Deep Side Parting

Sarah Hyland’s stylists succeeded to elongate the girl’s round face visually with the beneficial choice of haircut silhouette. The highlighted ends bring out the summer mood of this beautiful look, reminding us of hot sand and bright sun. Well, it’s a stylish, beautiful and practical haircut, indeed.

long haircut for thick hair with ombre

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#48: Simple And Universal Long Haircut For Thick Hair

Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s haircut is stunning in its simplicity and versatility in regards to styling options. Its multi-layered texture lets Rosie’s locks settle naturally, veiling her shoulders and softly accentuating her beautiful neckline. If you have a round or square face and long beautiful hair, be sure, it’s a worthy choice!

Rosie long haircut for thick hair

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#49: Fancy Haircut For Thick Coarse Hair

Here’s an elegant haircut idea for brunettes with thick hair from Megan Fox. Megan’s coarse locks are side parted and cut in 2 layers. The top layer is a few inches shorter than the inner layer. With proper trimming for the ends, you won’t have problems with the cut. Only remember to pay particular attention to the smoothness of tips, when styling your locks.

long layered haircut for thick coarse hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#50: Playful Haircut For Thick Curly Hair

Katie Holmes is a long-haired beauty, whose chocolate locks are among the most beautiful brunette locks in Hollywood. Katie always has her hair cut in light layers sprinkled throughout her length. As a result, her delicate curls bounce fabulously and look so lovely and naturally messy that it would be really hard to achieve the same effect with styling.

Katie Holmes long layered haircut

lev radin / Shutterstock.com

#51: Centre-Parted Lob For Thick Hair

If your hair is moderately thick, you can go for one length haircuts, such as this gorgeous lob from Mila Kunis. Being ideally flat-ironed, it looks amazing and proves to be a fairy practical option for thick straight hair.

lob haircut for thick hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#52: French Style Short Haircut For Thick Hair

Women with naturally curly texture sometimes decide on a radical change of style and go for a big chop. If your appearance type is like Audrey Tautou’s, you are going to look charming with a short low-maintenance haircut like hers.

short haircut for thick hair

Ilona Ignatova / Shutterstock.com

#53: Universal Lob For Thick Hair With Inner Layering

Lily Collins has managed to accentuate her big beautiful facial features and thickness on her locks with this classy haircut. Its A-line silhouette is universally flattering for all face shapes, except for long faces. The inner layering is a good solution in lobs for thick hair.

Lily Collins lob for thick hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#54: Eccentric Short Haircut For Thick Hair

Kristen Stuart’s trendy edgy haircut brims with life and rebellious spirit. The jagged bangs and top locks that you can sweep to one side will bring out the eccentricity of your personality. Wow, it will look awesome when styled a bit messy and paired with bright make up!

Kristen Stuart edgy short haircut

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#55: Edgy Chin-Length Bob With A Deep Side Parting

Here is one more idea of a feminine bob with a special twist (edgy ends) from Anne Hathaway. The ease of styling and the chic appearance maintain the popularity of this haircut from season to season.

Anne Hathaway short edgy bob

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#56: Pageboy Cut With Cropped Jagged Bangs

Camilla Belle presents us a modern variation of pageboy haircut for thick wavy hair. The cropped edgy bangs are its main accent that makes an emphasis on your eyes and cheekbones. As for the cut silhouette, it’s going to be particularly flattering for triangular and oval faces. This haircut will draw more attention to your personality and let you experiment with hairstyles.

medium haircut for thick hair with bangs

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#57: Asymmetry, Edges And Contrast Of Hues

The asymmetric short haircut for thick hair from Keri Hilson looks bright and pretentious. That’s why it suits bright girls, who like to be in the centre of public attention. The razored finish for the ends encourages your hair texture to reveal, and the highly contrasting hues are also chosen to enhance it even more.

asymmetric short haircut for thick hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#58: Ideal Short Haircut For Thick Wavy Hair

Charlize Theron’s stylists has offered the actres the extremely flattering short haircut that appears elegant but not boring, feminine yet pretty young in the feel it gives. This aristocratic look really becomes Charlize.

Charlize Theron short wavy hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#59: Elegant Blonde Bob With Angled Pieces

Ciara’s A-line bob is a fabulous frame for her beautiful face. The correct inner layering at the ends let them flip in, mimicking the contours of Ciara’s jawline. The haircut is, unquestionably, the major attraction of this glamorous look.

Ciara short bob

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#60: Thick Textured Waves

A medium-length bob for thick wavy hair is a source of creative solutions. Kylie Cuoco’s lob, textured at ends, looks especially impressive in the hairstyle with shattered voluminous waves, accentuated by the soft flows of medium long brown and golden blonde tones.

wavy lob hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Tousled thick tresses are fun and flirty, shaggy asymmetric locks are sassy and sexy, a shattered thick mane is nonchalant and stylish… Whatever length you prefer, sport it texturized, accentuated with highlights or slightly teased. More hairstyles for thick hair can be viewed here.

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