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100 Most Delightful Prom Updos for Long Hair in 2016

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For the high school prom girls always try to outdo one another in uniqueness of outfits and hairstyles. There are young ladies who try to express bold ideas in their looks and those, sticking to the classic style, reflected in the images of tender beauty. Anyway, your prom hairstyle should highlight your character and match all the elements of your look, including your dress, accessories and makeup. Realizing that the choice of hairstyle is literally the most important stage of your preparations for the prom, we have collected 100 various prom hairdos for long hair you may consider for your senior ball. We are also going to offer you a review of the freshest hair tendencies in 2016.

Trendy Prom Updos 2016

The main trend is a natural look in everything. Most trendy updos are loose and little messy. Voluminous chignons, abundance of strasses and colorful clip extensions go to the past. Any braiding, including French braids, are in trend. Stylish buns are also going to be in the mainstream. For more chic you can embellish your bun with a classy tiara or thin hoops. Asymmetric hairstyles, covering one ear, are another trendy solution for prom hairstyles in the coming season. Generally your updo should look young, fresh, girly, rather spontaneous and not too laborious. Try not to choose hairstyles which make you look too adult.

The Most Stunning Prom Updos for Long Hair

Which prom updo hairstyle have you been fantasizing over? If you’re like any average high school girl, you’ve been daydreaming your way through the study hall these last few weeks, imagining a slow song with your boo on the dance floor. No formal occasion is complete without the right style, so read on for the best prom updos you can rock on your special night and save the pictures.

#1: Tangled Braided Crown

Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles out there, perfect for dances. Creating an undone look, this braided crown leaves a lot of texture in the hair and volume in the crown. With a lacy braid wrapped around the bun, the style is held in place by bobby pins, with not a pritz of hairspray in sight.

#2: Bun and Three Side Braids Updo

If there is ever a time to go extravagant with your hairstyle, then prom is the perfect occasion for that. Combining the elegance of a high bun with the carelessness of cute, messy braids, this undone hairstyle creates a creative, textured look that is incredibly easy to complete.

#3: Upside Down Braid and Bun

As far as prom hairstyles go, there is always a good opportunity to embrace something a little more elegant. Plaiting a section of hair up into and around the bun, this look is bound to impress and last for the entire night.

#4: Volumized Low Chignon

Want a sophisticated prom hair look? The volumized low chignon works wonders on straight hair. The high volume in the crown is balanced by the big chignon in the nape of neck, so this look is harmoniously structured and incredibly easy to pull off. Finished with loose tendrils to frame the face, the low chignon suits any face shape.

#5: Big Curly Bun Updo

This style puts special emphasis on texture, achieved with curls and braids. The undone braided bun works incredibly well with curly hair. When you want to show off your outfit, styles like this create a cute, no-fuss finishing touch.

#6: Curled Floral Updo

Updos for long hair come in many shapes and forms, but few come out as pretty as this tender updo with baby’s breath and rose buds. Loose tendrils of hair are left around the face, creating delicate softness.

#7: Double Braided Updo

Curls and braids go together like two peas in a pod, and when it comes to prom, there is always a reason to combine the two in one look. Experiment with the braided patterns and tightness of the braids to personalize your updo.

#8: Side Bun Twined with a Braid

If you’re searching for unusual prom hairstyles for long hair, the asymmetric seashell braid can have you well covered. The wider, lacier the braid is, the fancier the final result will look. Spritz with a bit of texturizing spray, and the style is complete!

#9: Rosette Curls

Prom styles are all about updos, and if you’re looking for a cute way to make an impression at your dance, then the curled formal updo is the way to go. It will work awesomely for ombre hair, since the curls, shaped into rosettes will also be distinguished by color in this case.

#10: Low Pearled Updo

Dances are the best time to embrace something a little more extravagant in your look, and if you’re on the hunt for chic hairstyles for prom, the low pearled updo will give you everything you’re looking for. Featuring a thick braid above the undone, low bun, the hairstyle is finished with delicate pearl accessories, ideal for arriving at any ball.

#11: Fishtailed Snail Bun

Rocking an updo to prom can be the best way to make an elegant statement, but in a roomful of buns, it can be hard to stand out. Enter the fishtailed snail bun. You can braid three individual fishtails and swirl them into a single snail. A subtle touch of sparkle completes the look.

#12: Braid and Fluffy Bun

With formal hairstyles, there is never a better opportunity to rock a few hair accessories. This cute look with an airy loopy bun is completed with a couple of well-placed blooms, added for extra pizzas and a delicate touch of tenderness.

#13: Complex-Looking Updo With Variety of Textures

Undone, flirty and cute, the maiden braid is one of the best ways to make an impression at prom. Offset with straight bangs, this look has the perfect balance between casual and formal, and can be rocked at any sort of dance.

#14: Romantic Updo With Braids

With long, thick hair you can choose any graduation hairstyle you like. If’s it’s also trendy or vintage-inspired, you are sure going to be pleased with your choice. This voluminous style features a bouffant, pin curls and a thick braid to distinguish these two sections.

#15: Easy Curled Updo

Complete with a dash of sparkle, this easy curled updo is the one you will turn to again and again. Being a great option for any kind of formal event, the look is incredibly simple to replicate with a curling iron and a few pins.

#16: Messy Braided Updo

Prom hair styles might come and go, but the braid is around for good. Weaving undone braids into a loose, messy bun, you add the perfect undone finish to your modern formal hairstyle.

#17: Twisted and Curled Low Updo

With sophisticated texture smartly arranged at the nape of the neck, this exquisite look is an incredibly flattering choice for formal occasions. The low chignon is finished off with two jeweled pins. Little accents in such magnificent hairstyles play a role of the cherry on the cake.

#18: Sculpted Orchid Bun

With thick polished segments of hair pinned at the top of the head and adorned with orchid flowers, this elegant hairstyle takes a prominent place among long hair updos. Secured into a high bun, the hair is set in place using pins and hair serum to smooth it out. Fresh orchids peek out, blending perfectly with the style.

#19: Low Petal-Like Bun

This big low bun is made voluminous at the expense of petal-like loops which look fairly festive, especially when combined with a hair flower. You may choose a fabric flower or a fresh bloom of a contrasting color for a bigger impact.

#20: Braided Chignon

Hairdos for long hair rarely come more elegant than the low chignon pictured here. This look truly works wonders on long, thick hair, adding instant chic to any outfit.

#21: Low Loose Curly Updo

If you have naturally curly and thick hair, this is the style for you! Instead of spending all that time in front of the bathroom mirror blow-drying, flat ironing and curling, you can embrace your natural waves with a loosely pinned low bun. Feel free to straighten your fringe if you have any.

Low Loose Curly Updo

Photo: maxWoman

#22: Side Bun and Braid Prom Updo Hairstyle

Side Bun and Braid Prom Updo Hairstyle

Photo: maxWoman

Prom is the perfect excuse to sprinkle some eccentricities into your style you wouldn’t normally consider. Find a flower that matches your dress and pin it into your side bun. A small side braid can turn even the most boring bun into something spectacular.

#23: Twist and Pin Updo for Formal Events

Twist and Pin Updo

Photo: maxWoman

This 1950’s inspired updo has everything you could possibly want in a prom hairstyle. Just take a look at that volume! To get that big hair at home, you’ll have to backcomb to your heart’s content and spray liberally with hair spray to ensure the hold.

#24: Wavy Prom Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair

Wavy Prom Updo Hairstyle

Photo: maxWoman

You may start this look off with second day hair. Use a curling wand to create natural, soft waves. Then, with your hair properly curled and backcombed for added texture, make a loose bun in the nape. Use a pretty clip as an asymmetric accent. This hairstyle looks great on both straight and curly hair.

#25: Elegant Twisted Fauxhawk

Elegant Twisted Fauxhawk

Photo: maxWoman

For the rebels out there, look no further. There are prom hairstyle options to try out while still keeping your creed intact. How cool would it be to have your hair modeled after a Mohawk, but with a sweet, elegant twist? This updo is straight out of the dreams of a rockstar.

#26: Ponytail Updo for Prom

Ponytail Updo for Prom

Photo: maxWoman

Some ladies prefer ponytails to buns. While that’s totally understandable, it can be difficult to find classy versions of your everyday sporty ponytail to flaunt with a dress and some heels. This prom season, try a sleek ponytail with your ends lightly curled. It’ll be great for head-banging to the music!

#27: Messy Pinned Updo

Messy Pinned Updo

Photo: maxWoman

Sometimes the best updos are the ones that seem to be formed by themselves. To get this updo hairstyle for thin hair at home, you merely have to pull your hair back and pin here and there, letting the style fall into a natural place. Be sure to pin well—you’ll want the style to last through the long night of dancing!

#28: Twisted and Looped Prom Updo for Long Hair

Twisted and Looped Prom Updo

Photo: maxWoman

Prom is all about stepping up your style. If you normally wear updos to your school dances, then the one you wear to prom has to be the best of all! This hairstyle is a little more complicated than the other, something certainly to catch the eye of your friends and your date!

#29: Loose Low Bun

Loose Low Bun

Photo: maxWoman

Prom hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes. In this variation, you can wear your hair loose and let your natural texture go wild in the late spring humidity. This style looks best with long gowns – the messy casualness of it is balanced out by the formality of the dress. Great in all shades of red, strawberry, copper and ginger, for example.

#30: Braided Fauxhawk Prom Hairstyle for Long Hair

Braided Fauxhawk Prom Hairstyle

Photo: maxWoman

Here’s yet another variation of the cool and upbeat fauxhawk trend. Anyone who thinks that crimping died out in the nineties hasn’t seen how rad this style is! After giving your hair the crimped texture, split your locks into two separate braids and pin them forward to recreate this look.

#31: Loose Side Braided Updo

Loose Side Braided Updo

Photo: maxWoman

Long-haired beauties will rejoice at an updo that won’t entirely weigh their heads down in one particular spot. How do you create this prom hair idea yourself? Simple! After forming a low and loose fishtail braid, pin it up along the side of your head. Gently pull the braid apart, allowing for the messier vibe.

#32: Asymmetrical Braided Updo for Prom

Asymmetrical Braided Updo for Prom

Photo: maxWoman

Girls with naturally thick curly hair may find it difficult to find the right updo style that is both pretty and comfortable to wear through the prom night. This fancy asymmetric bun, made from a chunky fishtail braid will definitely stay in place through any dance move.

#33: Side-Swept Fishtail Braid for Very Long Hair

Side-Swept Fishtail Braid

Photo: maxWoman

While updos are classically considered a go-to in terms of prom hairstyles for long hair, they’re not the only option for your special night. If you don’t like them, that’s fine! Instead of an updo, try a braid. This style is simply a messy fishtail braid swept to the side. Gently loosen it to create a more relaxed style.

#34: Flower Bun Long Hair Updo

Flower Bun Long Hair Updo

Photo: maxWoman

Roses are a well-known symbol for romance, so it’s no surprise girls are often pinning them into their prom hairstyles for long hair. In the middle of this tight and classic bun there is a little surprise—a nice rose! Try hopping on the trendy bandwagon and pin a flower into your hair, but make sure it matches the print of your dress!

#35: Fishtail Braid on Curly Hair

Fishtail Braid On Curly Hair

Photo: maxWoman

A fishtail braid made on thick curly hair is exclusively chunky and impressive. You may use a scattering of delicate pearls or tiny flowers to dress up your chosen prom hairstyle, adding it more individuality and charm. A hairstyle, excellent for round faces!

#36: A Loose Bun with Waves and a Headband

Although a bun is a classic style that has been used for years, this hairstyle looks new thanks to the headband which allows to complete this stunning updo with an additional wave on top.

#37: Pliancy of Intricate Braiding

Being an embodiment of softness and tenderness, this beautiful updo demonstrates intricate braiding, where the curve of each curl is in the right place. The best idea for graduation hairstyles for long hair

#38: A Spring Princess

Hair raised on the crown is one of the trends of the coming season, you can actively use not only with loose hairdos but also in awesome updo hairstyles for very long hair with bouffant and bangs like this one. Consider also embellishing your prom updo with fresh flowers. It’s the best hairstyle for long hair for wedding and special occasion.

#39: A Frisky Brown Bow

This is a half up half down updo, but if you like, you can tuck the ponytail under this cute flirty bow. This gorgeous hairstyle is very appropriate for prom.

#40: Luxurious Sleek Retro Curls

In case you love curls and rather compact updos, this one is a stunning and imaginative example that, however, doesn’t suggests hours of work. The end of the curl, placed strategically just above the flipped bangs is absolutely adorable.

#41: Curvaceous Lines

This group of sightly hairstyles is characterized by curvaceous lines and elaborate twists. If you want something simpler for your dressy look, an asymmetric updo with braids and flowers is no less showy.

#42: Admirable Flower Braiding

Another brilliant idea for those who are searching prom hairstyles for long hair – to swerve a braid into a fancy flower and mark its center with bobby pin jewelry! We love this unique hairstyle: it’s very classy and girly at the same time.

#43: An Ingenious Invention

Everyone will be scrutinizing those streaks, thinking how simple and brilliant the idea is. This quick updo is fixed with a handful of invisible pins. Very simple and creative, besides all kinds of feather-like hair accessories are very popular in 2016.

#44: An Easy Prom Bun

Here is another idea of a non-trivial bun for prom. It’s wrapped with a twist and paired with natural-looking straight bangs, although you can certainly adjust this blonde hairstyle to your needs and expectations.

#45: Ariadne’s Thread

This breathtaking vintage hairstyle creates an illusion of an updo, “woven” from a single long strand of hair that starts from the bangs. Hairstyles for long hair for prom like this may look too serious when paired with attractive dress, so choose something simple.

#46: Sensitive Tenderness

If tenderness could materialize itself, this would be its image. You have certainly paid attention to this single delicate tendril. We are amazed at how a little final stroke can add so much to the final look.

#47: Rose Fantasy

This loose updo for prom is as divine as the rose that adorns it. The petal-like loops fixed at the back of the model’s head in an easy-going manner create a rather natural yet very trendy look for teenagers.

#48: Seductive Intricacy

Admiring this masterpiece you believe a stylist was simply braiding something on a whim, and here is what has come out. Loose hairstyles for long hair updos-like are in trend, so consider this beautiful example as well.

#49: Fancy Cockleshell

This heavenly updo concentrates entirely on the texture and layers, going after a simple shape. It is truly a piece of art that you deserve wearing for your prom and even on your wedding day.

#50: A Slanting Bow

Graduation party is maybe the last time when you can wear your cute girly bows. Why not to make your final bow very stylish and eye-catching. Here is an idea for girlish high updos for prom.

We wish you to look fantastic, feel very special at your senior ball and may you win the title of Prom Queen!

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