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Updated on March 15, 2021

High ponytails look so stunning! The ugly truth is that a hairstyle with a ponytail that is both high and long has a ton of extensions in it. This is unless a smart long ponytail trick has been used to create it.

Watch a detailed video tutorial and learn to style your hair into a long and luscious ponytail in just a few steps.

High vs Long Ponytail Dilemma

Let’s face it: our hair is cut in a way to make the ends even at all sides, even though top strands have a longer way to go to that point than those at the nape of your head. This is why women with a lob often cannot grab their hair into a high bun or a ponytail without having shorter hair at the back fall down.

Thus, one of the common tips on how to make a ponytail look long is to tie it lower, at the back of your hair, or use hairpieces. But what if you want to have the best of two worlds and show off your natural hair without sacrificing the length?

Trick to Make Ponytail Look Longer Before After

Here is where a long ponytail trick will help. Follow these 5 easy steps for a fool-proof extra-long high ponytail:

Step 1

Gather your hair as if you are going to wear it half-up and create the first ponytail where you would like it to start. Twist and pin it on top, not to make it tangle with the rest of your hair.

The final hairstyle will eventually look as if a normal ponytail starting this high, with the impressive length though.

Long Ponytail Trick Step 1

Step 2

Separate two sections of hair on either side near your ears. You will use these sections a bit later to conceal the second ponytail and create a beautiful, wrapped ponytail base.

Long Ponytail Trick Step 2

Step 3

Now, take the remaining hair and split it in half. Clip the upper part on top for now and make a ponytail out of the lower part only.

This will raise your hair a bit, leaving a spare space between your hair and your neck. Doing so is very important if you want your long ponytail to look as authentic as possible.

Long Ponytail Trick Step 3

Step 4

Use bobby pins to bring the central section closer to the center. If you tie a third ponytail in the middle or tie just two ponytails for a long ponytail trick, the transition may look weird and it will be more difficult to conceal it.

Long Ponytail Trick Step 4

Step 5

Now, you can lay your first pony down. Untangle and distribute hair for a seamless blend. If your hair isn’t curly, you may tease it a bit to add body and volume.

Then, take the side sections you have left and bring them up, wrapping the base of your pony. This will create an elegant ponytail base and will make your hairstyle look great from the sides.

Long Ponytail Trick Step 5

Your chick, long ponytail is ready, so it’s time to enjoy a timeless hairstyle, sporting your natural hair in its full length.

Note that the long ponytail trick works best for wavy and curly hair types. Thus, if your hair is straight, get some beach waves as the first step of creating this simple, yet impressive hairstyle. If you further decorate your ponytail with delicate accessories or hair glitter, it can well serve you as a hairstyle for special occasions too.

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