Sabrina Dijkman
Published on February 09, 2021

Boho hairstyles are more and more taking over the classical variants, being the most sought after looks to wear either for a wedding or a walk to the beach. Much more so boho braids that seem to be a high point of this chic hairstyle.

Romantic, soft braided ‘dos combined with floral accents and flowy dresses, who would not want to wear that?! Here are 20 of my favorite bohemian braided hairstyles and how to recreate them.

1. Effortless Boho Braid

Well, ok, this braid is not really effortless. But it looks like it is! This look has been made with three organic braids (meaning that no elastics have been used in the ends) to create that ultimate boho feeling.

Boho Hairstyle with Three Organic Braids

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

2. Bohemian Pull Through Braid

What often gives that true boho vibe is making hair look extra full. By using elastics to make this pull-through braid, you’re creating just that!

Pull Through Braid for Long Hair

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

3. The Ultimate Crown

This voluptuous crown is something every woman deserves. With crown braids, you’ll often see a parting at the top of the head. I used a hack to create a seamless transition in this look: you make a braid only on one side of the head and then flip the tail over to create a crown. Note that I use a lot of extensions to make the braid this thick.

Voluminous Crown Braid

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

4. Two Fishtail Braids in One

To create this braid, you split the hair into two large pieces and braid one half to the inside, like a regular fishtail braid, and the other side – to the outside. Then, combine the two fishtail braids into one to create this fantastic look! It is really fun to do!

Messy Hairstyle with Two Fishtail Braids

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

5. Festival Braids

Yes please! We all can’t wait to get back out there and show our best hair! How about wearing this look to a festival?! Create two ponytails and make separate pull through braids of them. Then combine the braided ponytails to create this lovely V-shape. You will get turning heads every time with this one!

Bohemian Braided Ponytail

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

6. Perfect Boho Hairstyle for Any Occasion

This lovely and cute braid is the one to wear to any occasion you like. It is also a braid that suits dark hair very well. It’s made out of two fishtail parts and has an elastic in the middle.

Twisted Fishtail Braids

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

7. Half Up Half Down with Braids

This look is perfect for the girls who love their hair to be loose but want to have that special added attraction to their look. Allowing to ace boho chic style while still wearing hair down, this hairstyle is here to stay.

Half Up Half Down with Boho Braids

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

8. Organic Side Braid

This full and thick side braid is the best of both worlds: the braid starts on top as a normal three-strand braid and ends up as an organic fishtail in the bottom. Again, organic means that there are no elastics used in this look. How cool is that?

Bohemian Side Braid

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

9. Boho Braided Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding or Boho? Why choose?! The fun thing about boho braids is they are suited for any occasion. Besides, the braid on dark hair looks stunning against a white wedding dress. Below is a three-strand braid pulled out to the max to create the extra-soft feeling we all like so much.

Boho Chick Bridal Hairstyle

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

10. Bohemian Braids and Beach Waves

What is the best hairstyle to wear to the beach? Two pull through braids coming together in a ponytail with loose beach waves is your perfect answer! The outfit and the background of this picture we took in Cape Town complement the style perfectly, making the image the best way to describe bohemian hair for me. Open Pinterest, and you will get this vibe everywhere!

A Ponytail with Two Pull Through French Braids

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

11. Bohemian Upstyle

Braids combined into a soft and loose updo are always a big YES! An excellent choice for a special occasion or any festive activity.

Messy Braided Updo

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

12. Bohemian Mermaid

To create an extra thick mermaid braid, make not one but three braids, pull them out, so they become very soft, and then combine them into one. This will give the braid additional volume and give perfect depth to a darker hair color!

Bohemian Mermaid Braid

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

13. Boho Knots

Knots give an amazing boho feeling. Note, the larger the knots, the softer the look! This look features three knots tied with a single elastic, which is super easy and fun to do!

Boho Hairstyle with Knots

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

14. Three-Strand Ponytail

A hairstyle with three-strand braids going into a soft and voluminous ponytail and face-framing hair pieces is both messy and elegant. This look has been made with clip-in extensions to create thickness at the top.

Loose Braids Going into a Ponytail

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

15. Fishtail-All-The-Way Braid

As long as we are looking at the ponytails, how about this ultimate Pinterest look? This full fishtail braid continues down the whole ponytail. The ponytail works as a great anchor point, so that you can pull out the braid as much as possible!

Pulled Out Fishtail Braid

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

16. Diagonal Side Braid

Hair color is also crucial when you choose your hairstyle. For example, the voluptuous updo below is a nice way to show off all the shades of this blonde hair with highlights! This side braid is made with elastics that you slide down to get an ultra-soft look.

Boho Braided Updo with Weave

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

17. Boho Braid & Bun

A stunning look for any occasion: party, wedding… You name it! Your clothes will define where you are going to this day, as this hairstyle suits any attire. I used a clip-in fishtail braid and made a knot as a bun underneath. Is this something you would wear?

Hairstyle with Clip-In Fishtail Braid

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

18. Maxi Fishtail Braids Style

Ok, you will need some extensions for this one, but the final result will have you smiling for days! Start with two Dutch fishtails on top, then make a ponytail at the nape of your head and create a third fishtail out of it.

Double Boho Dutch Fishtails

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

19. Low Bun with Thick Fishtails

This updo is an excellent choice for women with thin hair. But this hair doesn’t look thin, you say! Let me explain. When you make a braid this size at the back of your head, you will have no hair left to make a bun out of it. This boho magic is created with a clip-in braid so that natural hair can be put in a bun.

Updo with Double Braids and a Low Bun

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

20. Bridal Meets Boho Hairstyle

If you are one of those brides who love casual hairstyles but want to have a special one on their wedding day, then this half up kind of braid will work perfectly well for you! It’s soft yet secure due to tiny elastics used as anchor points in this hairstyle.

Bohemian Braid-Like Look

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

I hope you have enjoyed these hairstyles as much as I did while making them! If you ever have any questions or need extra inspiration, you are always welcome to my Instagram @sabrinadijkman or my online education program.

Boho Hairstyle with Three Organic Braids Pull Through Braid for Long Hair Voluminous Crown Braid Messy Hairstyle with Two Fishtail Braids Bohemian Braided Ponytail Twisted Fishtail Braids Half Up Half Down with Boho Braids Bohemian Side Braid Boho Chick Bridal Hairstyle A Ponytail with Two Pull Through French Braids Messy Braided Updo Bohemian Mermaid Braid Boho Hairstyle with Knots Loose Braids Going into a Ponytail Pulled Out Fishtail Braid Boho Braided Updo with Weave Hairstyle with Clip-In Fishtail Braid Double Boho Dutch Fishtails Updo with Double Braids and a Low Bun Bohemian Braid-Like Look