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hairstyle for short fine hair

This adorable hairstyle looks extremely elegant and bears a light tint of vintage flair. It will be absolutely appropriate in all your chic classic looks where you need to appear statelier and particularly impressive. If you are a very young girl, this do may make you look a couple of years older (Our model is 22). So, if it’s your goal, feel free to adopt the idea. At the same time, ladies older than 25, are going to look and feel absolutely harmonious, wearing this shapely short downdo. It’s a type of hairstyle I refer to as “hair-to-hair” ‘dos. And you can see for yourself how the subtle beauty of its silhouette is being unveiled through the curvy face-framing lines. [click to continue…]

Extravagant version of Pixie

Feminine and airy at the same time. Ideally suitable for the round shape of the face, to stretch it vertically. Style your hair on your own, it’s actually quite easy. [click to continue…]

Kate Beckinsale updo

In summer many girls prefer to get shorter crops, since short hair is easier to protect from harsh elements and maintain. Your short ‘dos, nevertheless, don’t have to be monotonous. If your cut is anything longer than a pixie crop, you can afford beautiful updos to meet up the demands of your special occasions or just to diversify your day-to-day hairstyles. Celebrities are, as always, one of the most plentiful sources of our inspiration. What updos are they rocking? Here are some really cool ideas. [click to continue…]

Rita Ora short side-swept hairstyle

How to be aware of all the current hairstyle trends in time? How to style your new crop? How to look different with short hair? Check the latest celebrity hairstyles. Celebs you love always rock the latest hair trends, including haircut tendencies, new styling ideas and fresh coloristic solutions. A whole hundred of cool hairstyles for short hair, certainly, includes the looks you’ll find suitable for yourself. You only need to select what’s yours. Welcome! [click to continue…]

Gwyneth Paltrow blonde hair color idea

Blonde hair color is extremely multi-faceted. Whether you are a natural blonde, brunette or redhead, you can select your own super flattering blonde from clear monochromatic tones or sophisticated blends in breathtaking looks with highlights or sombre. The brightest Hollywood blondes and the rest of world-famous celebs with luxurious blonde locks are ready to share with you 50 fabulous ideas on blonde hair hues. Expressive platinum, all blondes with darkened roots and delicious honey blondes are among top favorites this season. [click to continue…]

Jessica Chastain long haircut

Although many haircuts for long hair look all alike, the choice of the right cut for lengthy locks is no less responsible than the choice of a short or medium crop. Yes, if something goes wrong, you can always go for a shorter length or save the situation with an updo style, however, you do want to sport your gorgeous long locks loose and free-flowing, don’t you? Well, then you need some layering that can vary, depending on your hair thickness, length and texture. All over medium and long layers are good when you prefer to remove excessive bulk and give your locks a new life. With fine long hair you may want to go only for layering at front, leaving the remaining locks one length or lightly layered. Below there are 50 brightest celebrity haircuts for long hair. View them to find a celeb with a hair type similar to yours and get fresh ideas for your next mind-blowing haircut! [click to continue…]

20 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Gray Hair

curly gray hairstyle

Many women are shy of their first gray hairs and try to cover them up with permanent dyes. While these greys are not numerous, and you are still young that really makes sense. And when you are turning grayer, you can either consider going blondish or sport your silver locks with pride and style. After viewing the following grey hairstyles, you may completely change your opinion about grey locks. When else in your life could you have that stunning silver hue that looked absolutely natural and flattering on you? So, take your time and give some of your attention to the following gorgeous looks to select the best haircut and hairstyle for yourself. [click to continue…]

short asymmetric pixie hairstyle

Short hairstyles are convenient in every-day wear, but what about prom when most girls are planning to rock luxurious curls and fancy updos? Fear not, your short tresses can also be styled all the rage. Here are fresh trendy ideas for short hairstyles worthy to show off at your senior ball. As always, you should first decide on your outfit style and then get down to the choice of the right hairstyle. Although in this question the length is definitely crucial, I promise you a rich choice. The following 20 ideas will provide some food for thought! [click to continue…]

side swept pixie bangs

Whether bangs are heavy or wispy, long or cropped, they play an important role in your image formation, since they can model not only your hairstyle, but your face shape and look in whole. With all their versatility side bangs are very popular today. Any face shape can benefit from side bangs. You will only need to vary their length, thickness and finish. I have literally fallen in love with the following 15 bangs, so impressive and complementing they are. I believe you’ll love them too and find an idea for your next haircut. [click to continue…]

intense strawberry blonde hair color

Strawberry blonde is a trendy hair color. It’s a famous warm reddish blonde hue that looks refined and pretty fancy in some of its variations. Most blondes and redheads have tried it and appreciated its benefits. Among celebrities the most popular strawberry blondes are Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Cynthia Nixon, Sienna Miller… These are true strawberry blonde icons, and we often can’t resist copying their stunning looks at least partially. However, we, girls, don’t feel like looking the same for too long. That’s why we experiment with hair colors so often. I’ve looked around for 20 different shades of strawberry blonde. Some of them are rather into the beige and neutral tone with a very delicate pinkish tint, others incline to warm reddish shades. There are also darker and lighter versions, more intense and softer ones. I bet you’ll find here something you really like. [click to continue…]