Literally every piece of advice regarding job interviews contains the word confidence. And many women admit that their confidence directly depends on how they look, what they wear and which hairstyle they choose. Psychologists always assure you can and should fake nerves of steel, unshakable self esteem and the cool-calm-collected state of mind ― if the actual situation isn’t as good as you would like. This article’s gonna contribute its mite to your success. Choose the right hairstyle for the day-X to knock the world flat and get the dream job! [click to continue…]

Medium hair is one of the most manageable lengths—it’s long enough to try various hairstyles, but it’s short enough to easily control daily. Shoulder-length haircuts are so on trend in 2017, we’re sure to see almost every celebrity rocking the medium length hair in one way or another, and you totally can to with these suggestions. [click to continue…]

Men’s hairstyles have held a reputation for being a little less exciting than women’s hairstyles for far too long— “man buns” have rocked social media as a trend for a few months, and so we know things are getting dire. These Instagram cuts and styles prove there’s so much more out there for men’s hair inspiration. These guys weren’t afraid to challenge norms and step away from the world of bland $10 haircuts. Check out these manly hairstyles on Instagram — these guys are sure to make a great first impression with their style senses. [click to continue…]

It is every woman’s dream to have silky-soft hair. But harsh salon procedures can take the life out of it and rarely do we have any control over the environmental damage that affects almost every hair type, resulting in dull and lacklustre hair. And undeniably some of us are just born with very frizzy and unmanageable hair. For this reason, more and more women are flocking to the salons for their dose of Keratin treatment. So, let us help you understand everything that is there to know about Keratin Treatments. Check our Top 4 favorites and find out which one is for your hair type! [click to continue…]

When it comes to the red carpet for any event, you can assure there will always be some over-the-top hairstyles that will push the envelope as well as some classic, glamorous hairstyles that are timeless. [click to continue…]

For all you budding DIY hairdressers and stylists, we’ve got twelve tremendous tools that can be successfully used at home. Find out why you need them in your life and how best to apply them. [click to continue…]

Curly and kinky hair needs special treatment and super-nutritive moisturizing products. Our journalist Karen Hill will share her positive experience in trying several hair-care lines. Read on and find new ways to get your shiny healthy curls! [click to continue…]

Henna lovers constitute a separate caste within the beauty industry. They appreciate Mother Nature’s gifts instead of searching for fast synthetic solutions. In fact, henna has been used for centuries by women for hair growth, treatment and coloring. Apart from deep natural shades, it helps to make hair strong, voluminous and healthy, nourishing roots and building protective layers for strands through the whole length. So, what, are you ready for life-changing hair dying hacks? Take your seats, because this article is your guided step-by-step journey to DIY henna solutions! [click to continue…]

Lately we had sunk to new levels of looking natural and not giving a damn, due to nude makeup techniques, normcore fashion and body positive culture. Hair styling trendsetters had nothing to do except joining the club. So, meet the shower-fresh hair trend ― a logical continuation of natural beauty philosophies and “The less is more” mantras. Choose effortless, wind-styled surfer waves for casual life and the glamorous wet effect à la Kim Kardashian for your femme-fatale’s alter-ego. This article gathers all essential tips and inspirational pics needed to follow such an awesome trend! [click to continue…]

mens hairstyles for 2017

New year, new hairstyles—it’s time to step up your game in 2017. This year we are spotting street cool yet business appropriate short haircuts, long length styles, fringe and slicked back looks that are as photogenic as ever. Interested in taking on a new style? Check out the top men’s hairstyles for 2017 that are sure to be on your radar, sooner rather than later. [click to continue…]