Rachel Scott
Updated on December 08, 2021

It’s essential to be comfortable in mind, body, and spirit during your yoga practice. The last thing you should have to worry about is your hair! Nothing is worse than the feeling of your hair pulling or falling out all over your face when you’re in downward dog. There are quite a few yoga hairstyles that will help you focus on your practice and give you a feeling of peace, from your toes to your hair!

1. Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is a beautiful way to secure your hair through even the craziest of vinyasa flows. Even if you have long hair with bangs, you can still wear a fishtail by securing bangs at the crown of the head with a hair tie or bobby pin.

2. Double Braids

Double braids are sleek, beautiful, and highly functional for the stylish yogi. With these braids, you’re sure to keep your hair out of your face the entire time. Double braids are especially great to balance out the weight of hair if yours is on the thicker side.

Brunette Boxer Braids

Instagram / @instaryngram

3. Two Braided Buns

Double braid buns are an adorable way to get your yoga on! You will never feel like your hair is going to fall out with this look. Secure your buns with some amazing yoga hair ties and you’ll be set!

Two High Braided Buns

Instagram / @bethyzim

4. Loose Topsy-Tail

Several loose topsy tails going into each other is a quick 5-minute hairstyle for long hair and a beautiful way to wear your hair during yoga. You can easily leave the studio or your place of practice and go about your day feeling pretty and put-together.

Loose Twisted Ponytail

Instagram / @wardrobeinventory

5. Half Up

Wearing your hair half-up is a great way to get your hair out of your face during your practice. This look doesn’t require a lot of work so it’s ideal if you have loads of hair and lots of texture that would take a while to tame. It’s easy to remove post-yoga and won’t leave any funny creases behind.

Curly Half Up Style

Instagram / @thehotboxyoga

6. Headband

If you’re looking to keep your hair in decent shape after a blowout or styling but don’t want to miss your yoga session, invest in a pretty headband. The look will keep your hair intact and will keep any sweat from making things messy.

Loose Waves With Headband

Instagram / @maventhread

7. Reverse French Braid

It always helps to have your hair pulled back during yoga, whether you’re doing a tree pose or standing on your head! A reverse French braid hairstyle is a pretty way to secure your hair so all you have to think about is your breath and your body.

Dutch Braid With Highlights

Instagram / @rachkatedarling

8. Braided Macaron Buns

Double braids are obviously great to wear during your yoga practice, but if you find that you get pretty sweaty or love to do Bikram or hot yoga, then wrapping your braids into cute low buns will keep your neck cool and sweat-free.

Crown Braid With Buns

Instagram / @emma_rosenblatt

9. Topknot

Topknots are ideal for a totally secure updo. Whether you have braids or just a lot of hair, securing it all on the top of your head is cute, trendy, and obviously practical, unless you’ll be doing a headstand!

Messy Topknot

Instagram / @mikiash

10. High Ponytail Braid

You don’t have to sacrifice style for function. A high ponytail braid is not only pretty and eye-catching, it also works well to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck. Add some charms for extra glam.

Braided Ponytail With Hair Accessories

Instagram / @seanpatrickhair

11. Teardrop Bun

The teardrop bun is another hairstyle that doesn’t pull too much on the hair around your face. It’s ideal for a peaceful practice and beautiful photos with #yoga hashtag!

Loose Teardrop Bun

Instagram / @bodymindlight

12. Perfect Ponytail

Honestly, what is better than an old-fashioned ponytail when it comes to working out? Sweeping your hair off of your neck into the classic style is a great way to keep it together during your yoga practice, whether you are indoors or out.

Messy Ponytail With Headband

Instagram / @megmariewallace

13. Twisted Ponytail

This look is such a pretty style for the active gal. Split your ponytail in 2, twist in opposite directions, tie it and take a strand of hair from the pony end, wrap it tightly to cover your elastic, then slip the ends through the rubber band to fix it tight. It translates well to the street pre- and post-workout, too!

Twisted Pony With Highlights

Instagram / @subastyling

14. Boho Beach Waves

Sometimes it feels great to just wear your hair down and natural during yoga. If you style your hair with beach spray and wear it loose, a bit of sweat during practice will only enhance your mermaid tresses!

Bohemian Beach Waves

Instagram / @lamise

15. Low Ponytail

Sometimes simple is the way to go! A low ponytail is often the best hairstyle for yoga because it is perfect for keeping hair out of your eyes and off of your sweaty brow without any pulling. Plus, it’s a great hairstyle for when the back of your head needs to be flat on the mat.

Messy Low Ponytail

Instagram / @move_yo_asana

#16 Side-Swept Braid

Take your fishtail or regular braid to the next level. A side-swept style is not only pretty, it does a good job of securing your hair during your practice.

Loose Side French Braid

Instagram / @gaby__om

17. High Pony

Ponytails are great for yoga. A high ponytail works especially well at securing your hair while still making it comfortable to lay your head flat on the mat.

High Ponytail For Fine Hair

Instagram / @talia_sutra

18. Half-Up Bun

This simple and cute half bun can become your favorite yoga hair option due to its comfortable hold and appealing appearance. Add elegant accessories to emphasize your mood for flippancy.

Tiny Half Bun

Instagram / @chitabeseau

19. Twisted and Braided

Yes, Game of Thrones inspired hairstyles can be perfect even for yoga class. Use a couple of bobby pins to turn your usual low braid into something festive and special.

Got Inspired Hairdo

Instagram / @polishedavenue

20. Bubble Ponytail

The next time you want to wear a ponytail to yoga, try tying it off into different sections. This will keep you from getting strands of your mane messy and stuck to your sweaty face.

High Bubble Ponytail

Instagram / @aerblowdrybar

As you can see, there are tons of beautiful and functional hairstyles for yoga. If you practice a lot, you will find endless opportunities to try out french braids, a high ponytail, or a braid crown. Enjoy each and every one and most importantly, Namaste!