20 Dazzling Taper Fade Cuts for Women

Do you think short hair can be charming and elegant? Our answer is YES! One glance at these feminine female fade designs, and you’ll forget about long hair styles! Moreover, have you ever seen more low-maintenance hairdos than short haircuts? We bet you haven’t.

There are different types of fade haircuts you can choose from, but we are happy to showcase to you the trendiest ones. Check them out and pin taper fade styles that catch your attention the most!

#1: Bold Fade Haircut for Women

Look sharp and edgy with this stylish red pixie cut with faded sides. Tapered haircuts like this make women more confident, as it helps to draw a lot of attention. Add vivid hair color to contrast the dark undercut and highlight your textured strands.

#2: French Crop with High Fade

Short haircuts may look too basic and boring, but not in this case. Although the high fade cut looks quite classic, the stylish undercut complements it and makes it bolder. This hairstyle will flatter your face and highlight the shape of your face beautifully.

Feminine Blonde Short Haircut with Skin Fade

Instagram / @doug_theo

#3: Dark Taper Fade Haircut

If you don’t like the idea of shaving sides, you might like this neat short haircut. The main advantage of this hairdo is that it is easy to style and maintain. Plus, it suits all face shapes, so you can feel free to repeat this cut with your stylist.

Fade Lineup Haircut for Women

Instagram / @mikyy.ella

#4: Curly Taper Haircut with Highlights

Do you have a large amount of curly hair that looks messy without styling? Go for this stunning taper haircut with a curly top and faded sides to give your hair a cool look. Add subtle highlights to give dimension to your natural hue.

Short Culy Hair with Low Fade and Highlights

Instagram / @beat_cut

#5: Stunning Buzz Cut for Black Women

Wish to get a shockingly short hairstyle to impress everyone with your new haircut? Opt for the buzz cut with a cool undercut design and platinum blonde hair color. This is an excellent way to enhance your look and stand out at every event.

Buzz Cut and Line on Blonde Natural Hair

Instagram / @krewkutz

#6: Short Layered Fade for Blondes

If you are looking for a simple style that requires very little maintenance, you’d need to pay attention to this taper fade haircut. This is a very versatile cut that suits women with any face shape and hair type. A trend throughout the ages!

#7: Long Voluminous Taper Haircut

Low fade haircuts are probably the most popular sort of fade, as they appear perfect for both thin and thick hair. If you have a straight hair texture that requires more volume and dimension, cut your hair in layers and add lighter highlights to create this gorgeous layered haircut.

#8: Short Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

On top, this haircut looks classy, but the undercut brings here some boldness. Contrast this cut with blonde highlights to give your look more playful vibes. You can also do your hair more or less spiky using hair wax. This is how your cut will look more textured.

Blonde Undercut Pixie with Dark Roots

Instagram / @zasaconcept

#9: Messy Pixie Cut with Faded Sides

When shaving your hair, ask the barber to leave the top strands longer and style them with a mousse or wax to achieve this stylish messy look. This high fade cut is easy to maintain, which makes it an excellent solution for busy women who want to look trendy yet effortless!

Curly Pixie with Faded Sides

Instagram / @arcoiro

#10: Low Fade Hairstyle for Women

How do you like this taper haircut? One of the most low-maintenance short hairstyles. The top strands look textured and pair well with a wispy fringe. Perfect for women with a fine hair type.

Short Blonde Pixie with Low Fade and Bangs

Instagram / @luigi_monte

#11: Long Pixie with Shaved Sides

Looking for the best haircut for women with a heart or oval face shape? Then, pick this low fade haircut for ladies that want to highlight their beautiful facial features. To create this perfect look, ensure you’re using quality hair wax to style your pixie cut; otherwise, it won’t keep your hair in place all day.

Long Pixie Pompadour and Shaved Undercut Style

Instagram / @lhuthien

#12: High Fade Pixie Haircut

Another easy-to-style but gorgeous high fade haircut. Ask your hair stylist to shorten your hair on the side and leave some length at the top. Add side bangs or dye your short hair any vivid color to make this cut even more stylish.

Bold Faded Cut for Women

Instagram / @john_manol

#13: Taper Fade for Wavy Hair

Ladies with wavy textures may also do trendy fade haircuts and create their own short wavy hairstyle to grab everyone’s attention. For example, to achieve this edgy look, you need to follow a few simple steps: blow dry your wavy hair and style it with a mousse or other appropriate hair product.

Female Fade Haircut for Wavy Hair

Instagram / @mikyy.ella

#14: Kinky Mohawk Fade with Design

Kinky hair type is prone to damage and its maintenance can be a really daunting task. However, we have one great idea for you – a high fade mohawk with an undercut design. An undercut gives a great edgy look to your short natural hair and helps to stand out.

#15: Layered Short Cut with a Fringe

Want to experiment with your short haircut? Spice up your natural hair color with light highlights and cut the bangs to add feminine vibes to this bold boyish look. This low fade cut will undoubtedly make you the object of admiration.

Bowl Cut Pixie with Blonde Balayage and Skin Fade

Instagram / @jackmead_stylist

#16: Faux Hawk with Cool Undercut Design

Want to go from punk to feminine with a faux hawk hairstyle? You can easily do that! Even though it looks difficult to style, you can achieve the same sassy and stylish punk look if you show this photo to your hairstylist.

Edgy Short Haircut for Women with Undercut Shaved Design

Instagram / @victorinostylo

#17: Sassy Blonde Crop with High Fade

The French crop is an excellent example of a trendy haircut for women that looks very feminine despite being really short. High fades with shaved sides always seem bold and sassy, but you can make your short style cuter and softer by dyeing your hair in a platinum blonde color.

Feminine Female Skin Fade Haircut for Thin Hair

Instagram / @lynngourley_

#18: Catchy Kinky Mohawk Fade

Tapered natural hairstyles are not only for big chop scenarios. Once you realize how it opens up your face and ace your wash-and-go, you will probably never want to get back to longer tresses. What’s more, the short mane makes it so much easier to experiment with hair color. Just style your hair with a regular hair product, and you are ready to go!

Natural Hair Cut with Faded Sides and Shaved Line

Instagram / @krewkutz

#19: Hairstyle with Butterfly Undercut Design

Fade haircuts for women are not only about short hair length. If you want to keep your hair long but have a catchy accent to the hairstyle, choose this beautiful undercut with a hair tattoo design of your choice. Thus, keep it discreet at work and draw everyone’s attention by pulling hair up into a high pony or a bun.

Long Hair with Fade and Hair Tattoo

Instagram / @hrkymgs

#20: Fade Cut with Blue Tint

A fade haircut gives your hair a cool, polished look on its own, but it can be even more fascinating when paired with a color highlight – blue, for example. This style looks quite unique and suits women of all ages – those not afraid of experiments.

Faded Bleached Pixie Cut with Blue Hue

Instagram / @hayden_cassidy

All the fade haircuts for women mentioned in this list are quite versatile, so you can easily implement them in your everyday style. Also, most of them are easy to style and maintain, saving you a lot of time on your daily hair routine. The female fade haircut designs can be worn even at formal events, which is pretty thoughtful as well.