70 Fabulous Choppy Bob Hairstyles

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#38: Slanted Jaw-Length Bob for Straight Hair

Choppy Straight Blonde Bob

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Edgy bob haircuts are some of the most fun styles to play around with, so if you want a cut like this one, choose a jaw-length bob with choppy layers through the ends. Make the face-framing sections lighter in color to brighten your face.

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#2: Layered Choppy Bob

Want a cute hairstyle, that’s as easy to maintain as it is to wash, condition, blow dry, and walk out the door with? This is the bob for you – and it’s particularly great, if your hair tends to lack volume. It will create an illusion of mass in the most natural way possible: through layering.

#3: Two-Tiered Brown Blonde Bob

In case looking too shaggy is not your thing, you can still have a trendy bob with chopped layers. This haircut features two tiers with edges cut at different angles. As a result, you get a cut with a special twist - you won’t see it on every other girl.

#4: Blonde Bob with Long Angled Layers

Flat hair is never a good look, but it can be a harsh reality depending on hair texture and head shape. Bring some height to the crown of your head by teasing shorter layers at the back of your bob cut. Va va volume!

#5: Choppy Bob with Soft Waves

It's been said time and time again, but there is something so incredibly flattering and sexy about adding soft waves to your hair. As with this choppy cut, the key is to make them look undone or lightly tousled, which gives them a more natural look.

#6: Inverted Textured Haircut

An inverted chopped bob is like a semi-circle, with the shortest hair at the neck and gradual elongation towards the front. Texturizing sprays form a piecey look to soften up edgy bob haircuts but keep their bold nature.

#7: Textured Choppy Blonde Bob

A short choppy bob that's textured with soft layers is so alluring! What sets this look apart is the wavy texture and pearly blonde shade which make the style less edgy and more feminine.

#8: Cut with Long Wispy Layers

This layered bob is less predictable thanks to the mix of chunky and thin strands trimmed unevenly. Choppy long front pieces are essential since they ground the chicly dishevelled haircut.

#9: Wispy Stacked Bob for Straight Hair

A bob cut with sliced layers is an easy way to bring life back into your straight hair. With the help of wispy layers and a subtle balayage color, your hairstyle will get the dimension and body it needs. This easy-to-style textured haircut works great for those on the go.

#10: Ash Brown Wavy Bob for Fine Hair

When it comes to fine hair, chopped cuts look softer – rather wispy than rough and shaggy. The ash brown bob leaves an impression of a delicate style with broken waves framing the face in a weightless cloud.

#11: Short Jagged Bob

A choppy bob with jagged, slightly uneven layers is the height of edgy style. Ask the stylist to use a razor on the layers for a feathered finish. That’s the key to a bob with lots of lift and volume.

#12: Wavy Choppy Bob

A little wave provides a lot of body, not to mention structure, shape, and texture. Whether your waves are subtle or pronounced, a wavy bob is easy to create, and it makes a welcome change, especially for second or third-day hair.

#13: Straight Cut Bob with Layers

Bob cuts can be angled or cut straight across. If you prefer sweet, girl-next-door looks, rather than dramatic hairstyles, opt for the latter. Keep the clean cut but soften those edges with long, tousled layers for volume and shape.

#14: Choppy Bob with Angles

A short choppy bob that looks fantastic when it’s tousled and finger-combed is the go-to for women who crave a stylish wash-and-go hairstyle. A subtle angle makes it more interesting, but since it’s not extreme, it frames the face more softly. This is also ideal for ladies who have naturally wavy hair.

#15: Sleek Cropped Bob Hair

A sleek, shining cap of hair like this is the epitome of haute hairstyling. This is a favorite among the off-duty model set, because it manages to work for formal functions and casual encounters. It’s elegant, personified, and just chic enough to look fresh.

#16: Jagged Layers and Copper Streaks

A textured bob is never flat and lifeless. These medium razored layers are accentuated beautifully to amp up the inverted cut. Pro tip — copper brings out green eyes strikingly.

#17: Choppy Honey Blonde Lob

If you have hair with natural wave, opt for a choppy lob with minimal layering and shaggy ends. Add in a little warmth to the cut with a deep honey blonde color that is perfect all year round. Style in loose waves or curls for a great shaggy look.

#18: Blonde Layered Bob

With bobs, paying attention to the desired shape and texture is important when choosing the specific cut. You can make a layered bob work with thin or thick hair, no matter your hair’s texture. Chunky piece-y layers get along well with thick hair, and wispy, sliced ones volumize fine tresses perfectly. Add in light blonde highlights to the top layer of your hair for a pop of brightness.

#19: Choppy with Curls

Curls add dimension and texture to any hairstyle. They’re the perfect ingredient for cute bobs, too. Loose spiral curls like these tend to work best because they aren’t heavy, they still have movement, and they’re not as likely to get frizzy or lose shape.

#20: Short Wavy Bob with Layers

Here’s a short choppy bob that is subtler in its angled cut yet bold in its texture. Perfect for women who prefer rather understated, easy-to-style hairdos, but still want to make a fierce statement with their cut! Worn wavy, this bob shows off both the variety of hues in your dye job and perfectly sliced layers of varied lengths.

#21: ‘90s-Inspired Choppy Bob

Looking to channel some seriously star-inspired hair? This style is a hot throwback to everyone’s favorite ‘90s ‘do, The Rachel. The tousled layers softly frame the face and the cut itself is long, at least compared to other bobs.

#22: Choppy Chocolate Brown Lob

One of the best things about a shoulder-length style is that it can be so relaxed, yet always looks stylish and cool. You also don’t need elaborate highlights to have a vibrant color. Opt for a cool chocolate brown that looks rich when paired with a choppy long bob.

#23: Sleek Straight-Cut and Layered Bob

Layers in a short choppy bob can be smooth and subtle as well as volume-boosting, so if you want a haircut that’s rather sleek, go with thin, angled layers that build a polished rounded shape. Add in some blonde or silver highlights to make your hairstyle shiny.

#24: Sharp Edgy Blonde Bob

For those with textured hair, it's a good idea to cut a bob with sharp edges. Style your locks in loose chunky waves that stick out a bit in different directions, giving your style a punk touch. Alternate lighter and darker blonde highlights for extra dimension in your waves.

#25: Swoopy Layers and Elongated Front Pieces

Having hair all one length can be boring, so switch it up and try an asymmetrical bob with longer pieces in the front and swoopy highlighted layers. This style is an easy way to avoid the commitment of bangs, because you can cut long, graduated face-framing layers and get the same banged effect!

#26: Brunette Bob with Light Choppy Layers

Even if you don’t have thick hair, a textured bob is easy to pull off with choppy bangs and layers. Embrace thin, wispy layers in your hair for a subtle movement and volume. Play with bangs brushing them onto the forehead or pinning to the side and opening your face.

#27: Delicate Blonde Blunt Bob

If you are a bit bored with your classic a-line bob, we have an idea for you! A sleek style is very much the hairdo to have right now, so why not give a blunt cut bob a try? The hairdo works well with both short-to-medium length and shoulder length hair. Think of a bright blonde shade and minimal highlights to complement the modern accurate cut.

#28: Choppy Angled Bob for Wavy Hair

With curly hair, it’s important to choose the perfect bob for your texture. Cutting your hair at an angle helps to encourage some added volume coming from your waves and curls, and this will also create a beautifully inverted shape. Sprinkle in light caramel highlights to emphasize your ends.

#29: Messy Bob with Lowlights

The laidback nature of the messy choppy bob gets extra definition and dimension from lowlights. By adding some depth through color, the aesthetic is transformed from disordered and chaotic, to sophisticated and blasé.

#30: Stacked with a Bump

This bob has a voluminous bump that nearly reaches the heavens. It’s actually quite easy to copy this style with an angular bob cut - curls and waves help, along with some teasing, back combing, and maybe a few bobby pins.

#31: Brunette Bob with Babylights

Dark brown is, without a doubt, the sultriest hair color. Add some spice to a chunky bob with babylights — a solid color paired with a bold chop can be severe for some ladies, and babylights soften hairdos beautifully.

#32: Bob with Stretched Roots and Overlapping Layers

The best movement in straight hair comes from overlapping layers in a choppy bob. This brings in the illusion of thicker hair and works equally well with shorter bobs and lobs.

#33: Choppy Straight Cut Bob

Beach-worthy hair doesn’t always mean long, wavy locks. Rather, you can enjoy a cool sandy blonde hairstyle on the base of a chopped bob cut. Choose a matt blonde shade for highlights throughout your hair, and use a texturizing spray or sea-salt spray to achieve the pretty beach messiness.

#34: Side-Parted Bob with Midshaft Wave

When bobs are styled in loose waves, your hair looks hypnotic. Try a mid-length lob with bright blonde highlights scattered throughout to help light reflect off your locks. The result is an extremely vibrant style that looks great with waves. Don’t have wavy hair naturally? Don’t worry because this cut looks great with straight hair as well.

#35: Side-Parted Angled Bob with Polished Waves

Your locks don’t always have to look messy or undone with medium choppy hair, as you can choose to style your hair in polished, sleek waves. Angled cuts work really well with this type of wave because the longer, looser waves will be in the front, framing your face beautifully and illuminating it with their shiny finish.

#36: Cute Teased Ash Blonde Bob

Speaking of messy, tousled hairstyles, they are in, but you don’t need to go with the full 1980s volume in order to enjoy a little extra root lift. An angled bob with lightly teased roots creates a rounded shape for your hair and works best when styled straight.

#37: Jaw-Length Bob with V-cut Layers

If you’re really into having a structure and shape to your hair, try a V-cut bob that hits right at your jawline. The style is sleek and easy to manage and it brings out the beauty of your neckline. To style this cut, use your favorite straightener, tease the roots and finish with hairspray.

#38: Slanted Jaw-Length Bob for Straight Hair

Edgy bob haircuts are some of the most fun styles to play around with, so if you want a cut like this one, choose a jaw-length bob with choppy layers through the ends. Make the face-framing sections lighter in color to brighten your face.

#39: Chopped Bronde Lob

Fusing two different colors in your hair will make a cute cut look even more endearing, so opt for a classic bronde with thicker blonde highlights toward the front. This style is great for medium choppy hair that is cut into a long bob.

#40: Short Stacked Golden Brown Bob

Choosing brown and honey blonde highlights makes a beautiful color duo that looks classy when combined with a short, stacked bob. Keep your hair loosely waved or scrunched for the best results with these cool piecey layers.

#41: Messy Silver Bob with Choppy Ends

There’s no doubt that the long choppy bob is the “it” style right now, but it’s also important to make this cut your own and coordinate it with your personality. Blunt ends and sleek styling suit someone who loves order and precision in life, while messier and choppier styles are more in tune with spontaneous and a bit quirky ladies. To personalize the style even more, go bold with a silvery color or a dramatic blue black, maybe?

#42: Messy Multi-Colored Hairstyle

Choppy cuts can be taken to higher levels with color. Emphasize a short textured bob and show off creativity and personality behind it by mixing 3-4 shades for a unique dye job. Your locks will accept whatever your heart desires!

#43: Choppy Layers for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair has a bad reputation of being problematic and unflattering, so many women prone to frizz think they should stay away from layers at all times. This is not the case! We recommend getting longer, choppy layers and style with a texturizng product to add shape and definition to your mane.

#44: Choppy Beige Haircut with Root Fade

Whether they are crafted or created au naturel, root fades have been all the rage lately. The nonchalant hair color trend is extra modern and chic when paired with a choppy layered bob. This cut also has enough sturdiness to support the grown-in look, ideal for low maintenance gals.

#45: Choppy Bob with Blonde Highlights

This choppy bob for thick hair is amazingly shaggy and dimensional. Thanks to the sexy yet soft hair color choice of the dark blonde base with light blonde highlights, the style is more than enough to turn heads. The winning touch, however, is the chunky waves that are disconnected at the ends to provide tons of volume.

#46: Straight Bob with Bangs

How does one take a straight short bob to the next level? With bangs, of course! Fringes make any cut appear more polished and give off an extra refined air. Ask your hairdresser what bangs suit your face shape best.

#47: Long Angled Bob with Highlights

Medium length bobs, or lobs, are what many women opt for when they want a fierce change. Create the ultimate feast of dimension by angling this haircut and adding soft yet bright highlights.

#48: Shagged Bob

There’s something adorably retro about this short bob haircut. The difference in lengths of layers and the sassy little flip are reminiscent of Carol Brady, making this more of a shagged bob. Make sure to get it stacked in the back, but not too much. A little goes a long way with this hairstyle.

#49: Stark White and Choppy

It’s hard to say what’s more amazing about this hairdo - the stunning silvery white color or the edgy cut itself. It’s beautifully layered with rough, choppy edges, resulting in an effortless bedhead that’s both sexy and on-point.

#50: Tousled and Bobbed Curls

Although choppy haircuts often look their best on women with straight or slightly wavy hair, curls (whether natural or styled) soften choppy bob hair and create a more romantic 'do, which would be one more facet of your new bob.

#51: Wavy Collarbone Lob With Short Bangs

If you have stubborn locks or want to spend less time on styling, a choppy bob haircut is the right solution. Being initially imperfect and somewhat shaggy, it looks wonderful in scrunched hairstyles, like the one on this photo. The caramel highlights make the texture more prominent.

#52: Choppy Disconnected Ends and Bangs

Everything about this curled bedhead bob is hipster perfection, from the color to the overall style. The bangs are on-point, the angle is keen, and the color is tops. This one’s a winner - who’s up for stealing the look?

#53: Choppy Bob with Blunt Ends

A choppy bob haircut doesn't always have to feature the uber popular layered ends, as the photo shows. This cut is short and wavy, but the standout feature is the blunt cut ends which give the look more personality and set it apart from similar styles.

#54: Mid-Length Cut with Balayage Ombre

Women everywhere flock to salons asking for a mid-length long choppy bob because it’s modern, fashionable and youthful! Wearing it center-parted, off-centre or to the side makes it adjustable for any face shape.

#55: Medium Choppy Bob

Want to avoid a huge crop? Consider bobs that fall on the shorter side of medium-length, like this one. Get layers to create a sexy, shaggy bedhead effect and walk out the door with a fabulous ‘do that owes its success to a bit of finger-combing and product.

#56: Choppy Blonde Beach Waves

Blunt cuts commonly look more static, but if you upgrade a straight cut bob with a choppy finish for the ends, you’ll get a dynamic look that is awesome in slightly tousled styles.

#57: Side-Swept Bob

Short choppy hair is capable of so many stunning styles. This softly angled bob has layers and waves for texture. It has the potential to be styled in an edgy, unique way, but it’s also lovely just like this, with a side-sweep and shaggy ends.

#58: Straight Cut Shaggy Bob with Bangs

This short choppy bob makes you fall in love with it at first sight. The overall choppy texture, finely chopped angled layers and straight cut edge create a wonderful style you can’t look away. The muted copper is a modern go-to hue for redheads.

#59: Blonde Shag with Highlights

To keep your straight cut bob from looking too blunt and blocky, introduce some well-blended highlights. This hairdo looks best when styled as a messy textured bob, and is a great cut for women who prefer to keep their mane simple yet contemporary.

#60: Medium Choppy Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Straight hair needs volume to look chic in chopped cuts. So, go for some heavy backcombing and work in asymmetry into your style with a side part. Touches of balayage highlights here and there add sass to the final look.

#61: Textured Bob with Blunt and V-Cut Ends

A chopped bob is cool and casual. The textured haircut is super flattering on anyone and is versatile enough for everyday wear. Chunky layers are easy to style at home. Just wrap large sections of hair around a wide-barrel curling iron. Hold the section there for about 15 seconds and let it go.

#62: Subtly Highlighted Straight Cut Bob

The bob cut is timeless, but a hint of waves, wispy layers, and a balayage make it totally modern. Bobs, in general, are such a wonderful choice because of how easily you can tailor them to your personal style. Plus, the short length is always a bonus thanks to its easy maintenance.

#63: Tousled Wavy Bob with High Contrast Balayage

The layers are a smart choice for thick hair, because they help tame the volume and give the cut a better shape. Waves will dial up the volume, but only in the best way. If you want big hair, a high-contrast balayage will emphasize the fullness and depth of a textured bob.

#64: Neat Short Bob with Subtle Layers

A graduated and choppy layered bob would have a more voluminous look, as opposed to a bob that’s one length throughout. This cut is the way to go if you are someone with fine tresses. When styling, teasing is the #1 trick to give your locks more body. And of course, hold it in place with a strong hairspray.

#65: Uneven Chopped Lob

The angled bob is not only super stylish, but it also makes your short hair appear medium-length, because of the longer locks in the front. The asymmetrical cut teamed with wispy layers will also bring more movement to the hairdo. It is a truly effortless look and its texture only emphasizes that.

#66: Destructed Blonde Bob

Dark roots bring drama to any coif, but especially to a short bob. For shorter hair anything bold or daring becomes the focal point of your haircut. That’s a good thing though! It’s easier to make an impact and the undone vibes keep it casual. If you’re looking for some more oomph, try choppy bangs, swept to one side.

#67: Two-Tone Bob with Choppy Surface Layers

Choppy bob hairstyles on curly hair are cute because your coils are kind of set free. The piecey layers let your curls make a statement and bring dimension to your classic, shaggy coif. If your tresses are naturally straight, you can still make curls of your own for a playful hairstyle.

#68: Jaw-Length Bob with Finely Chopped Ends

A straight-haired bob is no-nonsense. It’s clean, sophisticated, and is especially bold in darker hues. The choppy ends give the classic cut contemporary vibes and some movement, so that the short coif isn’t so stagnant. The more movement, the more depth and interest a hairstyle has.

#69: Messy Teased Slanted Bob

The shoulder-length inverted bob is a go-to because of the effortless style it delivers. Introduce more trends like loose waves, piecey layers, and a balayage and you have hit the jackpot of perfect-tresses. Perfect doesn’t mean neat and polished. The tousling and teasing offer their own appeal.

#70: Blunt Choppy Platinum Bob with Bangs

Bangs have the power to take a choppy bob haircut from cool to ultra chic. Not to say a medium, choppy bob doesn’t hold its own ground, but the additional fringe brings in the modern touch that is irresistibly fashion-forward. It’s also sleek and still sophisticated, making it ready for everything from the office to a night out. Nothing beats a versatile cut.

There you have it: choppy bob hairstyles are here to stay, no doubt about it. They’ve passed the test of fickle fashions and trends and can lend a dose of sophistication and a relaxed feel even to the most difficult types of hair. What’s your favorite?