Hairstyles for Wedding

You will always remember your wedding hairstyle, so it must be something fabulous. It may be a simple yet elegant wedding updo or a ravishing half up half down hairstyle, but you should really feel it and know that it compliments your wedding dress like no other. With wedding hairstyles for long hair you can really unleash your fantasy and try the most beautiful braided patterns, sleek glossy waves, glazed curls or asymmetrical details. Wedding hairstyles for medium hair may also be styled as stunning updos, charming downdos or cute half updos. Short wedding hairstyles are all about texture and exquisite hair accessories. Welcome to the category of gorgeous wedding hair, where every bride-to-be can find her ideal hairstyle!

A professional stylist Shelby lists the hottest bridal hair trends. If you (or your best friend) are in search of bridal hair trends, they are a must-see!

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A wedding hairpiece is one of those little details that gives a final special touch to your bridal look. Whether it is a subtle sprig of gypsophila or a sumptuous tiara – your bridal hairstyle will look more accomplished with a well-chosen wedding hair accessory. See how various types of bridal headpieces can complement your hairdo and what points to consider when picking your ideal wedding headdress.

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Every season is a wedding season, because love knows no time limits. Meanwhile, bridal trends are more capricious and transient. Even the timeless classic style reckons with ultramodern voguish rules. If you’re still lost in a heap of thematic magazines, in search of a perfect hair idea for your biggest day, this article will save you from the unnecessary fuss. We’ve gathered the most fashionable and charming bridal hairstyles for you to get inspired and eventually choose the right one. [click to continue…]

elegant half up half down hairstyle

No matter how spontaneous and disheveled you prefer to look in day-to-day life, it’s impossible to avoid occasions when you need to be elegant. Elegant updos and downdos are required for different types of formal events and in office settings. Even if these are rare opportunities in your life, we bet you won’t mind looking elegant once in a while simply for a change. Some of us think that elegant styles can add you years or mistakenly associate them with something strict or restricting like a white shirt and a business jacket. These are just misconceptions. Viewing the following gallery, you are going to see how versatile and inspiring elegant ‘dos can be. So, why not to give them a try? [click to continue…]

Indian wedding long hairstyle

Indian wedding hairstyles will interest you if you want your bridal ceremony to be extravagant and special. Indian wedding is a bright holiday of two loving hearts that, according to the Vedas, bring their souls together. It’s believed that the couples who take marriage vows stay together for the next seven lives. The hairstyles we have included into our list will help you to create a heavenly bridal look in Indian style. Look at them thoroughly and choose the one you really like! [click to continue…]

quick flower girl hairstyle

While you may spend most of your time finding the perfect dress and keeping your bridesmaids in line, don’t forget the importance of the flower girl hairstyle. The petal-dropper is a key character of making a memorable entrance when you walk down the aisle. Explore the pictures of our favorite 20 styles in the gallery below. [click to continue…]

While the bride and her attendants obviously put a lot of thought into how they are going to look on the big day, wedding guests have a special responsibility to show up looking beautiful, too. Especially if the ceremony and reception are semi-formal or held in the evening, you will want a lovely yet unique look to stun in the crowd of well-wishers. In this article we are going to show you 20 wedding guest hairstyles, which really deserve your attention. [click to continue…]

How do you choose the perfect bridal style for your wedding day? You probably have an album or board dedicated to ideas and images you have found on the internet, but how do you pick the one that is just right for you? While it ultimately comes down to personal preference, there are a few things to consider that may help you make your final choice. [click to continue…]

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