Trendy Hairstyles for Women

A while back we believed a hairstyle was something you could only do at a salon for a special occasion, because completing one required certain skills and it had to be flawless. Today fashion is very liberal when it comes to hair styling. Bedhead ‘dos, tousled locks with flyaways, messy braids and effortless updos are seen not only in the street, but also on the red carpet. Today a hairstyle is an important part of your look. Whether you are a woman or a man, there are at least a couple of simple hairstyles, suitable for your hair texture and length, you can do yourself in the morning and feel like “well, I do look good today!” Here you’ll find many interesting casual and formal hairstyle ideas you’ll want to try yourself or with your stylist.

hairstyles for round faces

Flattering hairstyles for round faces skillfully mask the width of round faces, shaping them into cute ovals. Check these smart and flattering haircuts and bring stylish upgrades into your image for 2019.

for square faces

Haircuts for square faces avoid everything that can broaden the face and enhance or accentuate its strong lines. See the best hairstyles for square faces which look classy and quite feminine but not overly sweet.

for long faces

The right hairstyles for long faces should have a flaring or rounded silhouette to prevent an oblong face from appearing too narrow and long. View our gallery of best haircuts for long faces, and you’ll definitely get more than a few ideas you feel absolutely comfortable with.


Cute updos are a fabulous hairstyle solution you can try on long, medium and even short hair. Whether you are more into sophisticated braided bun hairstyles, intricate knots or quick casual updos, you have multiple choices in each category.


Braided hairstyles embrace plenty of terrific versatile versions. Draw inspiration from the brightest braids for short, medium and long hair, as well as fabulous box braids styles for natural black hair.


To create something new fashion always refers to the past rethinking that was created decades or even hundreds of years ago. That’s why vintage hairstyles are so popular today. Look through our vintage galleries for inspiration and new-old ways to style your hair.


Hair-to-hair hairstyles can still be worn for special occasions and within certain styles, but other than that, they show how much time you’ve spent to look this groomed. Messy hairstyles, on the contrary, create an illusion of no styling at all, while they certainly look cute and appealing to the eye, despite their imperfection.


Ponytail hairstyles are not only for the gym. You can style a classy side ponytail or a chic high ponytail for a formal event or a night out with friends. We have galleries packed with straight and wavy, polished and messy ponytails with bangs or without – to please any taste.


Prom hair is an exciting topic you begin to discuss with your girlfriends months before the day X. How to choose your very best hairdo from the mind-blowing variety of beautiful hairstyles? We have picked out the best prom ideas for your hair to compliment any type of outfit you may choose for celebration.


You will always remember your wedding hairstyle, so it must be something fabulous. It may be a simple yet elegant wedding updo or a ravishing half up half down hairstyle, but you should really feel it and know that it compliments your wedding dress like no other. Welcome to the category of gorgeous wedding hair, where every bride-to-be can find her ideal hairstyle.

hair tutorials

Experiment every day and discover hair ideas for the most important events in your life such as prom, wedding and unforgettable parties. Do not lose your inspiration – save, pin and share tutorials you’re interested in. That’s how you can become a beauty guru and create a huge assortment of hairstyles for every occasion.

hair products

Looking for genuine product reviews and truly lucky finds to perfect your hair routine? In the world of mass consumerism and daily marketing attacks, it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Visit this category to get reliable and trustworthy information about all kinds of hair care and styling products.

hair trends

Even the healthiest and most beautiful hair doesn’t look its best if your hairstyle is dated. Broaden your horizons, finding out about the latest hairstyles seen on the runways and red carpets. Discover new textures, modern exciting hair colors and innovative styling techniques to style your hair like you’ve never done before.

celebrity hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles are a source of inspiration for many girls. These ‘dos are actively copied by everyone who is not lazy, and it’s a good thing – you’ll never achieve the exact copy of a celeb hairstyle, but a try will help you to define your personal style. View the following celebrity haircuts and hairstyles for inspiration.

We’ve all been there. We aren’t able to shower for whatever reason, or perhaps we used too much conditioner or other hair product. Whatever the reason, greasy hair is rarely glamorous. In fact, those who struggle with greasy hair on a regular basis can quickly grow frustrated and embarrassed over their appearance. If you ever deal with oily locks, either occasionally or on a regular basis, the tips, tricks, and styles below will help you get a grip on your mane once and for all. [click to continue…]

short natural hairstyle with a headband

Updo hairstyles for black women amaze with their beauty, sophistication and creativity. As we usher in the warmest months, now is the perfect time to try new updo hairstyles. Black hair ranges from relaxed through loosely curled to tight coils and glorious afros. Therefore, trying to find a black updo that works equally well with different unique textures can prove to be difficult.. [click to continue…]

There are really no rules in Y2K fashion so it’s easy to make it your own. Much of what makes these looks fun is that they are so controversial. Some people love it and others absolutely hate it, but there’s no denying Y2K is here to stay. And if you want to try it too, here are 7 hairstyles that will help you tap into the aesthetic.

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Halloween is quickly approaching and there are so many ways to incorporate festive Halloween hairstyles and Halloween hair color into your seasonal mix. The best part? It will be super easy to achieve your spooky season looks. We have classic Halloween hairstyles to draw inspiration from, from Maleficent’s horns to Princess Leia’s buns, and intricate styles to play with. This holiday is all about witchy hairstyles, space buns, bold colors, spooky accessories and Halloween updos. Read on and trick-or-treat yourself, you deserve it!

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Crimped hair is making a big comeback. But this post-80s go around is serving up some styles we’ve never seen before. What tops the list? Crimped updos and colorful hairstyles are the current new faves. [click to continue…]

With the increasingly busy lives we lead nowadays, it’s essential that our beauty regimen, specifically our hair, is as easy to maintain as possible. The thing about the best low-maintenance haircuts and hairstyles is that they don’t have to be boring or underwhelming. In fact, they can be easy to style and chic at the same time. Read on for the best examples of short, shoulder-length and long haircuts that make excellent low-maintenance styles. [click to continue…]

Professional hairstyles differ depending on the job, but the most important thing to remember in any environment is respect. While personal style is important, it is equally important to be a team player and stick to the proposed dress code. Luckily, there are many hairstyles for work to choose from whether they are braids and messy buns in creative environments or sleek and simple looks in conservative ones, you are sure to find a style that suits your needs. [click to continue…]

A head scarf is a universal accessory that has been a staple in wardrobes for decades. Scarves add a pop of color to any outfit and can be styled in many different ways: as a neck scarf, a belt, on your purse, and, of course, to create beautiful head scarf styles. Here are 9 splendid ideas with easy explanations on how to tie a headscarf and add a classic charm to your style.

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Despite the variety of stunning hairstyles for long hair, your morning routine can be too complicated or overwhelming. After all, it takes more time and effort to style and manage long locks. But did you know that there are a handful of quick and easy ways to create a chic hairstyle for long hair? Just check out these 20 easy hairstyles for long hair by top stylists and hair bloggers. We’re sure you’d love to keep these in your back pocket!

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A deep side part can instantly create a dramatic look featuring impressive extra volume. Unlike a usual side part, a deeper division starts about one inch to the side where your hair parts naturally. Scroll down for the best tips on how to style your cut with a deep side part and the selection of hairstyles to start off with this type of parting.

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