Professional Hair Styling Tips

Whether your hair is straight or curly, cut in long layers or short pixie, dyed pink or gray, it needs some kind of styling on your part. Not to mention our eternal struggle to curl straight hair and straighten natural curls… The small mission of The Right Hairstyles is to help you on the way! Scroll down for the reviews of the best hair styling products, handy tips on how to use hair styling tools, and the hottest styling tricks you might be missing. Read on and subscribe for a regular dose of hairstyling knowledge.

When using a diffuser, you are spreading the air over a wider space, which means you can dry your hair more gently and without the hair moving around. This is why the correct way to diffuse curly hair can make your locks pop. However, you can use a diffuser on wavy and straight hair, too. It’s all in the technique and products you use in your hair that will allow you to create a beautiful hairstyle. Read on to know them all!

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Do your bouncy wet curls loose most of their definition while drying? Plopping hair can make a ton of difference, enhancing volume and definition while reducing the nasty frizz. The best part, it takes just an old t-shirt and 20 minutes with a t-shirt plop to have a few good hair days ahead! Read on to learn how to plop curly hair, how to use the plop method for wavy and short curly hair, and how to plop hair overnight.

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Long Blonde Beach Waves

Beach wave hair is the go-to for bombshells. Why? The look is perfect: feminine, grungy, soft, and sexy all at the same time. In case you don’t know what are beach waves or were wondering how to do them, we are ready to share a couple of ideas. To be honest, while they look effortless, they do need some work. But fear not: every girl copes with them at the first try.

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Beautiful hair is a never ending quest. We scoured the list of top salon hair treatments that can restore the body, shine and improve the health of your locks instantly. Here’s our list of the best salon hair treatment services that repair damaged hair. [click to continue…]

The Plump Method is a styling technique for people with naturally curly hair to create big, bouncy and fluffy curls. I have found that if I take my time with it on a wash day, I can achieve day 2/3/4 curls with a minimal-to-no refresh. My hair type is 2c/3a, but I’m sure these tips work for all kinds of curls, so keep reading! [click to continue…]

Do you fancy some glamorous straight hairstyles? Since only one out of 12 hair types is truly straight hair, most women have to use various types of hair straightening treatments to achieve this kind of look. We have rounded up the top 5 solutions, comparing hair straightening techniques by cost, safety, effect for your hair type, and practicality, and included helpful tips to help you make the best choice.

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I have lost many hours playing around with my pixie cut, experimenting with different ways to style it, and working my way through hundreds of products to find a whole host of favorites along the way. As someone with bleached and over-processed hair, my goal is to maintain as much health in my hair as possible while looking fabulous. In this article, I share some of the best styling products for short fine hair and explain how you can use them. [click to continue…]

Possibly the coolest comeback trend ever is the return of perm hair. There is a definite buzz around what the perm technique can do for women wanting an exciting new look. We’ve all heard the perm stories from the ’80s (some not so good!), but it’s now finally time for us to embrace a new generation of modern perms with beautiful results.

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Ever since the age of 16, I can remember purchasing all kinds of hair-styling tools to tame my curls; I really wanted the “perfect” curls or sleek, straight hair. After 15 years of using brand-name tools, I’ve recently realized that they’ve done some damage to my hair. I’ve been looking at other brands and found hair stylers that are high quality and do a lot less damage to my hair. Read this article for my reviews on the tools I have tried and why I think they’re so great. [click to continue…]

solution for wavy hair

Everyone likes nice wavy hair in summer once in a while, and some of us want it all the time. A nonchalant effortless look as if you are spending all summer by the beach is so tempting. Well, to make it look really nice, you’ll still need to put some effort into your wavy hairstyle. [click to continue…]