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Updated on April 06, 2021
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7. Indigo Tips for Brunettes

At first glance, all you can notice is the bold purple color running through the ends of this chocolate mane. But, subtle blue tips peek out every now and then, and that gives the color dimension and a highlighted effect with movement.

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Ombre is not an invention of the contemporary hipstress or of the manic pixie dream girl. However, versions of this delightful style have started cropping up in more daring colors of late. Blue ombre, with its indirect references to fantasy creatures like mermaids and fairies, is all the rage with the younger set these days. It’s nowhere near as difficult to pull off as it may seem: all you need is a good colorist/stylist and a shade of blue you actually like.

Best Versions of Blue Ombre Hair

You may try to do ombre at home, but beware—the process can get messy, lead to unexpected results, and you might require some third-party help. So, it’s better to choose the color idea yourself and trust its realization to a professional. Without further ado, let’s check out the coolest blue ombre hairstyles on Instagram!

1. Dark Brown Blue Ombre

Yet another mermaid graces us with her presence on this ‘best of’ list. The remarkable thing about this style is how it features two distinct shades of blue: there’s dark blue hair in the mid-section of the mane, with lighter pearly turquoise at the tips.

2. Teal Blue Ombre Bob

Just because you want to keep your roots dark does not mean you have to stick to boring black or brown for your blue ombre look. In fact, purple and blue hair is a fantastic idea, as the contrasting colors complement each other. Show off your roots with a cute mini bun.

Black To Teal Ombre Bob With Purple Roots

Instagram/ @hairgod_zito

3. Subtle Blue-Black Waves

Midnight blue is a perfect option for women who are trying to repair damaged or bleached hair. By going darker, you avoid the risk of further damage, and it reflects shine better which makes it appear healthier. The shade may look black indoors, but once outside the blue streaks will shine.

4. Luscious Locks with Pastel Blue Ombre

Ladies with dark hair tend to avoid trends like sunset hair that require bright colors because they usually don’t show up. But now things have changed thanks to the oil slick technique which blends brown and blue in a way that resembles the different shiny colors in oil. Now brunettes can experience fun colors without harsh bleach.

5. Blue Balayage on Black Hair

Sometimes you will find the need to change your look for more formal events. Even though there is nothing you can do to really hide a bold color (and why would you want to!), you can soften it with pretty curls and a braided half-updo. If you are in a more conservative environment, keep the rest of your look neutral with a sweet frock or tailored separates.

6. Navy Blue Ombre Hair

Mermaid hair uses the fluid ombre technique to run different colors together in a free-flowing manner. The colors vary, some are green like a mermaid’s tail, and others are blue like the waves of the ocean.

7. Indigo Tips for Brunettes

At first glance, all you can notice is the bold purple color running through the ends of this chocolate mane. But, subtle blue tips peek out every now and then, and that gives the color dimension and a highlighted effect with movement.

8. Raven Hair with Turquoise Ombre

Here’s another style that prominently features straight, long locks. However, this time, the turquoise shade is used by the model to complement her charcoal black roots. The gradient works pretty impressively!

9. Wavy Two-Toned Bob

This classic, medium-length wavy bob was enriched with a bold palette of electric blue and deep purple. We’d love to get a glimpse of the model’s face, because, by the looks of her locks, she resembles a character straight out of Middle Earth. Bear in mind that maintaining the brightness of your ombre and keeping your curls/waves in shape requires a lot of regular deep conditioning.

10. Purple and Blue Balayage

Blue and purple tend to look similar on dark hair, which can sometimes be frustrating unless you use it to your advantage. By fading purple into blue with hints of lavender, this electric indigo ombre not only pops against black hair, but it also has dimension and softness.

11. Icy Blue Lob

Are you a dark haired babe who wants to go blue? Consider this cool-as-ice ombre look. The contrast between your naturally dark locks and this icy, light blue shade will make them POP! Pairing with waves helps add even more color dimension.

12. Dark Blue to Light Blue Ombre

Newsflash: you can rock ombre hair without the roots being of your natural color, and this blue ombre hair is proof. Staring with a deep, navy blue base, the hue lightens as it trickles down the length like a stunning waterfall we’re going to chase, no matter what TLC says.

Blue Balayage For Brunettes

Instagram / @bescene

13. Cobalt Blue Balayage

The more you look up blue ombre, the more you realize it’s often paired with greenish shades. These colors just blend well together, as pictured below. And as always, pairing your ombre with loose curls lends well to the multi-tonal look, adding playful dimension and touchable texture.

Medium Black And Blue Ombre Hair

Instagram / @morasalon

14. Green-Blue Gradient Hair

Look closely at this magically colored coif and you’ll notice several colors have been used to create this bright look. Blue meets green and results in a sea of luscious turquoise waves we want to ride.

15. Black Hair with Blue-Gray Tips

Blue hair doesn’t need to be loud, and this black hair with blue ashy ombre is a good proof. Opting to color just your tips in a subtle blue shade that’s closer to your natural hue is the perfect way to achieve the edge and uniqueness of blue hair, but in an understated way.

Subtle Blue Ombre For Brown Hair

Instagram / @hugosalon

16. Unicorn Hair

What’s purple and blue and turquoise all over? Unicorn hair! You can’t help but smile when looking at a multicolored coif like this. If you’re ready to go the unicorn route, make sure you’re prepared for the upkeep…and the onslaught of adorning stares, of course.

Blue To Teal Ombre Hair

Instagram / @pinupjordan

17. Gray to Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Fading from granny-gray to icy-blue, this fresh and modern ‘do screams hipster grandma (in the best way possible)! The cool-girl color choice is made even trendier paired with this popular blunt, wavy style.

Gray To Pastel Blue Ombre

Instagram / @sunny_bescene

18. Low-Maintenance Blue

The perfect way to add blue without the fuss and upkeep is demonstrated here with this pretty ombre blue hair. Choose a shade of blue that makes a beautiful combo with your natural color, and ask your stylist to balayage the color in, this way it will fade out slowly and last until you chop your colored strands off.

Black Hair With Blue Balayage Highlights

Instagram / @mizzchoi

19. Oil Slick Pastel Blue Ombre

These cascading curls gradually fading from brown to blue are the stuff dreams are made of. The prismatic pastel blue color and hyper-shine give a cool oil slick appearance to these long, luscious locks, which we imagine belong to a badass mermaid princess.

Pastel Blue Balayage Highlights For Black Hair

Instagram /

20. Moody Blue Ombre

We can’t stop staring at this moody mane. Dark blue and black roots fade into giant, bouncy, ice-blue curls, creating an allover mesmerizing look. Remember, a color this intricate and perfect takes a true artist to achieve, so always make sure you do your homework before choosing a colorist.

Long Black To Pastel Blue Ombre Hair

Instagram / @colordollzbytoni

21. Bright Ombre Bob

Ombre doesn’t always have to be gradual. This brown and blue hair features almost a straight line between the two colors. The sharp change of color lends particularly well to certain hairstyles, as we see here. The topknot is in the spotlight thanks to the bright cobalt strands against the dark brown roots. Short blue locks have never looked cooler.

Bright Blue Bob With Brown Roots

Instagram / @janine_ker_hair

22. Cool-Toned Ombre Hair

If you have naturally black hair, consider an ombre color choice like this one. Dark roots seamlessly fade to light tips thanks to navy and silver balayage strategically painted into the hair, creating multiple shades in-between. This results in a multi-dimensional, iridescent look that’s made twice as gorgeous when styled in long, giant waves.

Blue And Gray Ombre For Brunettes

Instagram / @hairloungenyc

23. Black and Blue Combination

The combination of jet black and cobalt blue sounds stark and edgy. So, if you want to infuse a feminine touch back into your look, pair such bold color combos with loose curls. They will soften the overall look, creating a sassy-but-sweet appearance.

Bright Blue Balayage Highlights

Instagram / @hairbysuzanne_

24. Ash Blonde Hair With Blue Tips

Are you a blonde looking for just a tiny pop of color in your life? This blonde and blue hair is a quirky way to achieve just that. It’s as if you’ve dipped your hair tips into a can of paint, but in an intentionally cool way.

Ash Blonde Hair With Blue Dip Dye

Instagram / @hairbymisskellyo

25. Blue to Purple Ombre

Shades of blue and lavender melting seamlessly into shades of purple…could these locks be any dreamier? A look this detailed will take many hours, and maybe even days to achieve, but as you can see, it’s worth the wait!

Blue To Purple Ombre Hair

Instagram / @melissaannvp

26. Sea Princess Ombre

Blue and purple and teal, oh my! Clearly inspired by the ocean, these balayage ombre locks reveal the flow of shades, which together create a mane of a Sea Princess.

27. Lavender Strands with Pastel Blue Tips

This fresh and modern lob was super trendy on its own, but the pastel lavender to blue ombre brought it to the whole new level of cool. Soft lavender strands are washed into blue tips, creating an allover soft yet edgy feel.

Pastel Purple Choppy Bob

Instagram / @mizzchoi

28. Blonde Hair with Mint Blue Tips

Going for a boldly colored ombre creates all sorts of opportunities to look unique. Take this idea, for example. The milkmaid braids are made much more visually interesting thanks to random pops of turquoise.

29. Denim Ombre Hair

Fan of ashy, pale tones? Then meet your perfect ombre match! Starting with black hair, fading to ashy blonde, and ending with navy blue, this denim ombre mane is as cool as your favorite pair of Levis, and we imagine it’s just as fun to rock.

Ash Brown To Blue Ombre

Instagram / @evalam_

30. Kinky Short Hair with Blue Tips

Thought you couldn’t try ombre because of your mega-tight spirals or short hair? Think again! This blue ombre coif proves that your kinky, defined curls magnify the power of colored ends, resulting in a fun and funky head of hair that’s full of personality.

African American Teal Ombre For Natural Hair

Instagram / @curlfactor

31. Dark to Light, Purple to Blue Ombre

Blue, plum red and purple all come together into an ombre hairstyle worth a queen—a queen of fantastical realms, of course! Attempting to recreate this look, do keep in mind that ombre hair requires peroxide bleaching, which might further damage previously dyed hair. You may want to opt for hair extensions to experiment with new unnatural hair colors.

32. Messy Bob in Pastel Hues

Sometimes colored hair can look fake like a costume—usually single process colors with no dimension. But, this ombre blue color looks like it could have grown straight from her scalp. The key is to melt different shades together to create fluidity and depth.

33. Blue Jeans Gradient Hair Color

Yes — denim hair is a thing now. This dark blue ombre mimics the varying colors in your favorite pair of blue jeans. While the clothing may be classic, this look isn’t, which makes it perfect for the woman looking for an edgier style.

34. Aquarius Bob with Dark Roots

Most people think that mermaid hair is only for long flowing locks, but this style shows that’s not the case. All you really need is texture to show off the variations in color; the wavy hair mimics the carefree waves of the ocean.

35. Medium Electric Blue Ombre

If you think you can’t achieve bright blue ombre hair on the black base, think again. In fact, this is actually a transformation from a light copper and red style. Going darker can make damaged hair look more vibrant and healthier.

36. Denim Blue Lob

Take a cue from your favorite item of clothing and rock a faded bob that looks like a worn pair of jeans. Get cheeky with your styling and pair with a trendy denim-on-denim outfit.

37. Vintage Styled Ombre Look

Up for making a statement? Take a cue after the model pictured here. Nearly three quarters of her hair is dyed blue, in a lovely dark-to-dark transition. Her very long hair, in a spectacular shade, looks amazing when styled diva-ish.

38. Long, Straight Hair with Blue Ombre

What we like about this style is how natural the blue streaks look, when blended into the dark brown hair. The model opted for subtle highlights of blue nearly all the way up to the top to connect seamlessly with the radically bleached and dyed tips. Since bleaching takes its toll on the health of one’s hair, this is a less damaging approach to the blue ombre look.

black hair with blue ombre

Instagram/ @lysseon

39. Ombre with Blue Dip Dyed Tips

Asian ladies will hopefully find inspiration in this look. It features dip-dyed tips, with the shade of blue extending half-way up the length of the hair. These contrast beautifully with the natural shade of pitch-black hair that the model chose to preserve.

40. Half Black Half Blue Hair

Aside from the soft natural waves that this model features, there’s another particularity to her style of ombre – 50/50 color distribution with a muted transition between the two hues.

If any of these looks inspire you, feel free to try them out—but do find a good colorist beforehand. Most of them are too complex to attempt at home, especially if you’ve got long hair and/or are considering adding extensions. Remember that this popular look does require bleaching. Moreover, if you’ve had your hair dyed before, you will want to revert to your natural color before trying ombre. But even with all these issues, we are sure you’re going to love your blue ombre hair!

black into blue ombre for long hair Black To Teal Ombre Bob With Purple Roots Black Hair With Blue Highlights Brown To Pastel Blue Ombre Black Hair With Pastel Blue Ombre Black To Teal Ombre For Medium Hair Long Dark Brown Hair With Purple Ends black into blue ombre purple to blue ombre Purple Balayage For Black Hair Black To Blue Ombre Bob Blue Balayage For Brunettes Medium Black And Blue Ombre Hair Black Layered Hair With Blue Balayage Subtle Blue Ombre For Brown Hair Blue To Teal Ombre Hair Gray To Pastel Blue Ombre Black Hair With Blue Balayage Highlights Pastel Blue Balayage Highlights For Black Hair Long Black To Pastel Blue Ombre Hair Bright Blue Bob With Brown Roots Blue And Gray Ombre For Brunettes Bright Blue Balayage Highlights Ash Blonde Hair With Blue Dip Dye Blue To Purple Ombre Hair Teal And Blue Balayage For Black Hair Pastel Purple Choppy Bob Teal Dip Dye For Blonde Hair Ash Brown To Blue Ombre African American Teal Ombre For Natural Hair long dark brown hair with blue ombre Blue To Teal Ombre Lob With Black Roots Black And Blue Balayage Hair Long Teal Bob Brown To Indigo Blue Ombre Subtle Blue Balayage For Black Hair light brown hair with turquoise blue ombre black hair with blue ombre black to blue ombre for layered hair black and blue wavy hairstyle