20 Icy Light Blue Hair Ideas

There are countless different hair colors to choose from. We don’t just mean blonde, red and brown. We are also talking about embracing different rainbow colors. Think purple, pink and of course, blue. Blue is one of the most popular unnatural hair colors.

Cool and Fun Light Blue Hair

Darker blues are stunning, but there is something very cool about light blue hair. It adds an icy finish to your look. If you’re unsure about whether you want to go for aqua hair or powder blue, or a combination, check out these 20 different dye job ideas for inspiration.

#1: Aqua and Bright Blue Hair

This two-tone hair color looks like the sea thanks to the mix of the bright blue layers on the top of the head and the soft aqua shades flowing towards the ends. The loose braid with wavy texture only enhances the likeness.

Cobalt Blue And Aquamarine Hair Color

Instagram / @caitlinfordhair

#2: Soft Turquoise Twist

Want to try an icy blue hairstyle but aren’t ready for an almost-white look? This light blue hair is fairly saturated, yet it still has the same pastel feel as some paler shades. Plus, it is stunning in braided styles.

Teal Hair Color Idea

Instagram / @chitabeseau

#3: Angled Blue Bob

An icy blue dye job is a perfect way to enhance a haircut. This bold blue color works fantastically with the straight, angled bob. The hint of dark roots adds a little more edge to the style.

Pastel Blue Bob

Instagram / @christinakreitel

#4: Turquoise and Blue Short Style

When you first glance at this sassy ‘do, you think that it is one solid color. Once you inspect it, you notice the way the colorist has blended some cobalt blue underneath the turquoise layers to give the style more dimension and visual interest.

#5: Dark Blue to Light Blue Ombre Waves

This is a good option for girls who are intimidated by a full head of light blue hair. The roots start off denim blue-black and lighten up midway down to baby blue.

Pastel Blue Ombre Highlights

Instagram / @stephengarrison

#6: Aqua and Purple Retro Waves

The colorist has seamlessly blended the soft purple and aqua tones to create a multidimensional hair color. Blue hair is a very modern look, but it still works nicely in vintage-inspired hairdos, as seen here. The waves and hair rose look modern and retro at the same time.

Pastel Blue Hair With Purple Highlights

Instagram / @glamiris

#7: Blue and Orange Half-and-Half Hair

A split hair color is perfect for those who cannot make up their minds between two shades. For the most striking finish, choose two opposite hues on the color wheel, like they did with this blue and orange look.

Half Blue Half Copper Hair Color Idea

Instagram / @haileymahonehair

#8: Bouncy Blue Curls

Make your light blue hair dye work to your advantage by asking your colorist to create a look that plays up the texture of your mane. Here, the cobalt blue highlights woven in with the aqua base give the illusion of even more body.

Teal Hair With Purple Highlights

Instagram / @hairbybrie_z

#9: Gray Locks with Bright Blue Underlayer

Combine gray hair with light blue locks to tick off two hair color trends in one look. The bright blue underlayer is a surprising finish to this long ‘do. Play around with different hairstyles to reveal as much blue as you desire.

Gray And Turquoise Hair

Instagram / @hugosalon

#10: Braided Blue ‘Do with Undercut

Wherever you look at this edgy hairstyle, there is an interesting element to observe. The long hair blends light blue with pale green in a loose braid. Add in a carved undercut and you’ll get one cool look.

Pastel Blue Undercut Hairstyle

Instagram / @isaac4mayor

#11: Blue and Aqua Straight Style

A straight haircut doesn’t look simple when light blue hair color is involved. Without any layers or complicated twists, all you see is the way the darker blue tones have been dissolved in the lighter ones.

Medium Straight Pastel Blue Hairstyle

Instagram / @joeydoomdoom

#12: Metallic Blue and Gray Updo

Brights and pastels are two popular looks within the colorful hair trend, but this curly updo gets a unique metallic finish thanks to dustier tones. The gray highlights help bring out the cool finish in the blue streaks even more.

Curly Pastel Blue And Gray Updo

Instagram / @kenraprofessional

#13: Blue, Green and Yellow Buns

Your blue hair can be just the starting point, as proven by this funky look. The blue base gets more of a tropical vibe thanks to the balayage in aqua, bright green and yellow hues. The mini buns are a fun way to show off the colorful look.

Messy Knots Mohawk Updo

Instagram / @glamiris

#14: Blue Ombre with Striped Stencil Design

This light blue hair look is a great option if you’re a natural blonde. The style starts out platinum at the roots then gradually gets bluer. The contrasting blue and purple striped hair stencils are a surprise element.

Reverse Blue Ombre

Instagram / @mvtoribriggs

#15: Blue Roots to Silver Ends

This reverse blue ombre style shows that a gradient hair color looks good no matter what way you do it. The platinum ends are so pale – they almost look white, and they really make the blue hue pop.

Blue To Ash Blonde Reverse Ombre

Instagram / @natnatkittycatt

#16: Violet, Blonde and Blue Ombre

Just take a look at this gorgeous color. This is a unique twist on ombre hair. It features brown, violet, blonde, light blue and bright blue. Each of the colors is noticeable, but they all blend together thanks to the mastery of the colorist.

Blonde Hair With Blue Balayage

Instagram / @pinupjordan

#17: Shades of Blue Loose Hairstyle

Light blue to dark blue ombre isn’t the only solution for pastel blue hair. Here’s your proof that light blue hair isn’t restricted to one or two colors. Apart from silver, you can also throw some light blue and purple streaks into the mix.

Pastel Blue Hair With Gray Highlights

Instagram / @rebeccataylorhair

#18: Cobalt Blue to Turquoise

This dreamy look will make anyone a fan of blue ombre hair. The transition from the cobalt blue roots to turquoise ends is very smooth because of the way the shades melt into each other seamlessly.

#19: Blue Hair with Lilac Highlights

Blue and purple fall next to each other on the color wheel, so it’s no surprise that they look beautiful in a dye job. The lilac highlights play up the coolness of the aqua blue base.

Blue And Purple Messy Updo

Instagram / @theodoraraptis

#20: Dark Roots for Icy Blue Hair

Here is some gorgeous mermaid hair. Just look at those long, pastel waves. The light blue hair gets some unexpected edge thanks to the black roots.

Long Pastel Blue Hair With Dark Roots

Instagram / @zhichao3am

Whether you go for teal, aqua, baby blue or an ombre look, you cannot go wrong with light blue hair. There are so many different shades and color combinations that you’re guaranteed to find one that suits you.