Victoria Scott

Victoria Scott AIT is a Clinical Trichologist from the North East of England. As a member of the Institute of Trichologists London, Victoria is a true Follicle Fanatic. She holds regular clinics locally at the multi-disciplinary health center, The Achilles Centre Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, and holds pop up clinics in and around Lincolnshire itself, educating and guiding hair practitioners and patients alike. A personal/private stylist, with a closed client base, Victoria has been at the forefront of hair since she was just 14. She had her own Salon at 23 and has been a hairdressing tutor also. Victoria believes that Education is the pillar for all, and sharing is most definitely caring. Her obsessing with all things nature is extremely prominent, also the love of biology and the natural similarity of hair and all living things.

Does COVID cause hair loss? The short answer is yes! There has been an influx of diffuse shedding concerns from April 2020 to the current day, and there are more and more people sharing their disdain over the lost clumps of hair with the hashtag #covidhairloss. Read a clinical trichologist explain why there is a connection between COVID and hair loss and what your response should be.

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