Trina Pagano

Trina Pagano is a physician in Women's Health from Ohio who strives to embrace healthy living and graceful aging. She is most at ease in the outdoors, whether hiking mountains with her family or gardening in solitude at home. She has found freedom and authenticity in revealing her natural silver curls and sharing this journey online.

After I committed to embracing my natural gray curly hair in 2017, I was not aware that it would require some changes to my (non) routine. My focus was on the grow-out and not on hair health. Needless to say, I was initially disappointed in my results. My silver locks were wiry, frizzy and dull. However, after some research, I made several changes to my hair care, and those efforts have paid off with healthy, shiny and defined silver curls. If you are frustrated with your natural locks, focus on your hair health and follow these tips to achieve silver-curl success. [click to continue…]