Tee Hsu

Tee has been a Los Angeles-based hairstylist for nearly nine years, after falling in love with working with hair. She gathers inspiration through a multitude of creative outlets, such as fashion and cinema, whatever she finds fascinating at the time. Tee also attributes inspiration to the clients that she has in her chair and makes them feel beautiful. Tee loves to create beautiful braided styles and lots of updos, which is prevalent in the work that she shares on her Instagram.

Static hair is no one’s best friend. We have all had this hair-raising experience when the strands stick straight up and you look like you have been electrified. Don’t worry, you can fight the vexing issue with just a few tips and tricks. Understanding what causes static in your hair and how to tame the annoying flyaways will sure save you from having a bad hair day every now and then.

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