Savannah Lima

Savannah Lima is a full-time toddler teacher and full-time hair expert. She began her journey in the non-toxic beauty industry just last year, but has been growing her long, thick hair for more than six years. Savannah takes a scientific approach when it comes to educating others about hair and scalp health; she likes using biological perspectives to really explain to people how and why things work. She believes that anyone can love their hair. They just need the right products and tools to keep their hair healthy.

Recently, I found out that I had been wrong all my life. I thought dry scalp and dandruff were the same thing. I also learned that others thought the same thing, and I wanted to spread awareness of the dandruff vs.dry scalp problem so more people could fix their issue. Keep reading to understand the difference between the two and find the right treatment for both. [click to continue…]