Maryam Salih

Back in 2015, Maryam started her journey and passion toward becoming a holistic hairstylist, dedicated to revolutionizing hair care. Her passion became a reality in 2018 through launching what is now known as HairByBrazy. From her youth she was interested in the transformative power of haircare within the black community. From middle school, she showed a massive interest in hair and haircare and completed her high school community hours working in a local hair salon where she began to learn about the hair care industry. Starting with her sisters and close friends she become a self-taught braider, and her desire to support her friends and family extended to all her clients that she met as the years went on. She’s always had a passion or hair since she can remember herself and built her own business off it. She’s a specialist in knotless braids, braids and hair extensions. Maryam has recently launched her own product Infused Rice Water to promotes hair growth and repair. Her desire to support her clients towards feeling more confident after braiding their hair has been a blessing in itself but her ultimate goal is to make her clients feel more confident with their natural hair, rather than covering their hair with protective hairstyles because they aren’t happy with the length or healthiness. And to persuade individuals to wear box braids for the sake of style or to take a break from their hair. HairByBrazy’s mission to support all hair types is the driving force behind her dreams. Future plans to develop all-natural hair products for all hair types are already underway. The goal to integrate beautiful hairstyles with nourishing and healing hair products is the main focus of HairByBrazy. Here, we believe that everyone’s hair is beautiful as it is, and we are simply guides to help bridge the gap between beauty and self-love through natural haircare and hairstyles.

Braid-ups often run in the hundreds and nothing can be more disappointing than accidentally buying a brand that gives you an allergic reaction or even buying the completely wrong products that end up damaging your hair instead of protecting it. Through trial and error and years of experience, I have found 8 of the best braiding hair options that you and your stylist will obsess over.

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