Marrah Troyer

Marrah Troyer has been behind the chair for 10 years now has loved getting to connect with like minded individuals. That's why The Hairdressers Magic Mentorship and course were born. Marrah loves getting to work with her students one on one in her mentoring program to guide them in the right direction. She knows the exact steps stylists need to take to have amazing clients, understand mindset transformation, color placement, branding, client building and all things business! Oh and how to make more money and work with favorite brands! Marrah is very passionate about this industry and she cannot wait to see how far her students go!

Nowadays, it isn’t enough to just be amazing at doing hair to be the busiest and most requested stylist. With every hairdresser showcasing their work on Instagram, clients have a buffet of stylists to choose from. A quick picture of your clients’ hair or a casual post isn’t going to have your ideal clients start flocking to you. It takes a lot more thought and a little more planning to become the most requested stylist. [click to continue…]