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Krista is a writer and designer with a passion for bringing beauty into everyday life. From fashion, to interior design, to health and beauty she loves browsing new trends and finding ways to incorporate them into a timeless style. Did we mention she is a hair geek? Yes, she is.

Krista is a writer and designer with a passion for bringing beauty into everyday life. From fashion, to interior design, to health and beauty she loves browsing new trends and finding ways to incorporate them into a timeless style. Did we mention she is a hair geek? Yes, she is.


20 Gorgeous Examples of Rose Gold Balayage

Rose gold balayage is the love child of the subtle highlighting technique and an up-and-coming sumptuous shade. Balayage uses a sweeping method to paint the hair without using foil. This natural approach allows the choice of fun colors, such as rose gold, which is a tempting consideration for brunettes, redheads and blondes likewise.

by Krista Ehret
January 15, 2024

20 Head Turning Haircuts and Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

For all of the lucky ladies out there who have been blessed with long thick hair, you understand that this blessing can sometimes feel like a curse. Thick hair is a great privilege but also a great responsibility. Let's face it, those locks require more of everything. More product, more time, and more patience. However, your efforts and dollars are rewarded with a gorgeous end result that leaves your fine haired friends green with envy.

by Krista Ehret
December 26, 2023

35 Inspiring Long Layered Bob Haircuts

The traditional bob as we know it came on the scene in the 1920s and has remained a go-to staple in hairstyling ever since. Today, there are many modern takes on this classic. One of the most universally flattering is the long layered bob. It possesses the sassiness of its predecessor, but without the commitment of going too short. Plus, the layers add a new level of movement. It really is the perfect transition cut if you're easing your way from long to short hair or just looking for a seasonal switch up.

by Krista Ehret
December 21, 2023

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30 Stylish Ways You Can Wear Long Layered Haircuts

Layers are a year-round trend that can refresh your tresses easily, giving them a beautiful texture and feathery lightweight. Working great for any hair texture and density, layering does magic on your long locks, but pick the hairstyle wisely to make the most of it. Check out these 30 long layered haircuts and create a flattering and dynamic look without compromising your hair’s length or volume.

by Mary Allen
July 12, 2024

15 Haircuts with Layers on Thin Hair for Instant Magic

Layered haircuts give an instant lift to your hair and add interest to the overall look, but it’s not as easy with thinner hair types. Whether short, medium, or long, your fine strands will benefit from styles with softer layers or face-framing pieces. But these are not the only options you can play around with. Try one of these 15 haircuts with layers on thin hair to enhance the natural volume and texture of your strands and enjoy your brand-new self!

by Mary Allen
July 11, 2024

30 Flattering Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones

If you’re keen on a hair color change, the first thing worth considering is how it matches your skin. While various shades of blonde, red, and brunette can look differently on warm and cool complexions, having a good photo reference is not enough. You should ensure you can slay it! Test out one of these 30 hair colors for warm skin tones to enjoy a new gorgeous hue that definitely fits your appearance!

by Mary Allen
July 09, 2024
Boys and Men

15 Trendy Mod Haircuts for Men in 2024

Taking its inspiration from British indie musicians, the mod cut retains its popularity nowadays, helping gents express themselves and their love towards 60s rock vibes. Mixing round angles and textured layers, mods balance between elegance and boldness, just like the music they are associated with. Modern mod haircuts for men can be adjusted to suit different hair lengths and textures, and here, you will find the ideal style for yourself!

by Mary Allen
July 06, 2024

2024 Hair Color Trends – 35 Hot Shades Women Obsess Over

While last year was all about bold color blocking, the 2024 hair color trends focus on seamlessly blended shades with accents on rich or pastel tones. From bright blonde and copper to deep chocolate and maroon, from face-framing highlights and babylights to hairline balayage and solid coloring with root touch-ups. Choose whatever strikes your fancy!

by Mary Allen
July 05, 2024

10 Short Hair Braid Styles for Black Hair to Try in 2024

You may think that short hair is limited with hairstyle options but not when short braid styles for black hair enter the stage. Ranging from classic cornrows to more intricate goddess braids and twists updos, protective hairstyles for black hair have lots of potential for self-expression. Check these 10 fresh ideas of short braided styles to find the perfect look that helps you accentuate the striking beauty of your natural hair!

by Mary Allen
July 05, 2024

15 Lavish Cashmere Blonde Hair Ideas for 2024

If you’re after soft and luxurious blonde shades, you can’t miss the cashmere blonde hair color trend grabbing everyone’s attention this season. Seamlessly weaving cool and warm tones, it creates a harmoniously blended blonde dimension that looks effortlessly charming and sophisticated. Check out these 15 hot ideas and choose the one you’re smitten with!

by Mary Allen
July 05, 2024

15 Twilighting Hair Trend Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss

We love natural-looking trends in hair coloring, and twilighting is one of the hidden gems you can explore this season. Combining balayage with babylights, the twilight hair brings you everything one can wish for – glow, depth, and dimension. The only thing yet missing is picking the shades to flatter your natural hair color and complexion. Let these 15 latest twilighting hair trend ideas spark your imagination and inspire you to create your own delightful and unique hair color mix!

by Mary Allen
June 29, 2024

20 Elegant Hairstyles with Bangs for Black Women

Black bangs haircuts often make a sweeping-off-my-feet impression. This article is going to give insight on 20 different hairstyles with bangs for black women that are not only flattering but also fun and classy!

by Uneek Rogers
July 05, 2024

30 Versatile Half-Up Half-Down Braids for Any Taste

While some trends come and go, braided styles dominate in all fashion magazines, capturing the attention of influencers and celebrities. We offer you to go further with embracing this look and try one of these 30 most flattering and stylish half-up half-down braids. Take some time to explore and feel what fits your mood the most, and enjoy the stunning makeover!

by Mary Allen
June 22, 2024
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