Katherine Page

Katherine is a medical student. She has a passion for all things wavy and curly hair! She used to straighten and fight her hair daily until she learned about the Curly Girl Method in 2017 and finally started embracing her waves. In 2018, Katherine began an Instagram page to share her journey and learn alongside others! While she loves all things hair, she aspires to become a pediatrician or cardiologist, so she studies hard in medical school right now. Outside of school, Katherine loves painting and jogging. Last year she ran her first full marathon and is currently training for a half! "Life is about balance and doing what you love, so I enjoy investing in school, wavy hair, hobbies, and loved ones as much as possible!"

Wavy hair is so unique and beautiful, but it can be hard to figure out how to style it. One day, it might look springy and even have some spirals, and the next, it could be nearly straight. Ever notice a different wave pattern in different sections of your hair? Me too. (Why is it curlier underneath?) How do I prevent it from looking stringy, but still achieve soft, defined waves without frizz? Keep reading for my ultimate guide, inspired my the curly girl method! [click to continue…]