Jasmine Hicks

Creative and passionate about her craft, Jasmine Hicks has been able to establish herself as a successful ambitious hairstylist over the past 7 years. Jasmine was on the path toward a career in nursing when she decided to pursue her true calling: beauty. She pursued her passion at the Aveda Fredrics Institute and, upon graduation and further training, she has become a well-known transforming and motivating Master Hairstylist and Certified Holistic Trichologist in Cincinnati, Ohio. This distinctive edge and her immense talent led her to her very own salon suite Blown Hair Studio.

Before I begin a service, one of the most common concerns spoken of in my chair is dandruff or an itchy scalp. As unpleasant as itchy scalps can be, they are not always caused by serious illnesses and can be treated with over-the-counter products. Let’s discuss some of the basic causes of a flaking, dry itchy scalp and get into some shampoos that can help.

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