FraN’s braiding

Fran (whose real name is Francesca) grew up in Italy and had never even thought about braiding, until she started experimenting with kids’ hair as an au pair in Australia. Since then, it has become a real passion! She also loves the fact that she found a way to tame her own crazy hair! She is a primary school teacher, a writer and a freelance translator. Fran loves the outdoors and travelling more than anything else!

Braids are really in right now — and there are tons of different kinds of braids and braiding techniques to get inspired by. Some will keep your hair tidy, others will transform it into a work of art — while others will do both! If you don’t have much time to spare for creative braid hairstyles – don’t worry. Even with a basic loose French braid you can create countless trendy styles in no time at all! [click to continue…]