Dani Caldeira

Hair Colorist and Care Specialist for over 8 years, Dani Caldeira holds a Bachelor degree in Hair Therapy and has been working in famous salons and with hair experts since the beginning of her career. Originally from Brazil, she became a world explorer, working with people from various cultures in different locations such as São Paulo, Sydney, London, Kuwait and Doha. With a business career background, Dani considers every hair appointment as an experience! Consulting with her clients thoroughly to design and achieve their “Dream Hair”, combining modern lifestyle and uncomplicated care routines. A mix of specialized knowledge, attention to detail, good energy and deep fondness for her work are all key ingredients. “Designing a hair color is not only a technique, it is also a way to empower women and give rise to truthful beauty”!

Throughout our modern lifestyle and busy days, maintaining a healthy and uncomplicated hair care routine can be quite a challenge. Among all the steps we try to follow in our daily hair care, do we really remember or understand the importance of applying a heat protector before using a hot styling tool? If you have skipped or forgotten this step before, we all did, let an expert explain why you shouldn’t.

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