Claudine Penedo

Claudine Penedo is a yoga and massage therapist based in Valley Village, California. She is also an inspiring older model and actress, who - through the use of marketing and media - aims to shift the society’s views on age and the process of getting older. Claudine’s favorite hairstyles embody elegance and sophistication. She is a firm believer in embracing your true self, whether that’s through your hairstyle, following your passion - or both.
Natural Gray Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Ever see a woman proudly flaunt her natural gray hair and think “I wish I could do that!”? Well, you certainly can! Young women dyeing their hair ash gray has become the hottest trend – while older women are embracing their natural long silver hair as a sign of self-acceptance. Whatever your reasons for having gray hair – it is definitely one way to push the status quo. Read on to find out how I started embracing my long gray hair, how I look after it – and why I love it!

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