Barbara O.

Barbara O. of Lush Braids by B was born in Nigeria, raised in England and now resides in France. During her childhood, she was surrounded by family members who wore their hair in different styles. Her fascination with the luxurious nature of black hair and the many diverse ways it could be worn, pushed her to become passionate about braiding and hairdressing in general. She is currently in hair school, learning the skills she will need in order to turn her passion for hairstyling into a full-time gig.

From the embarrassing flaking to the continuous need to itch, dealing with scalp psoriasis (suh-rye-ah-sis) can be very frustrating and can even lower self-esteem. Although there isn’t a cure for scalp psoriasis (which sucks), the great news is that there are products and scalp psoriasis treatments you can use to control your flare-ups. [click to continue…]