50 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

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A long bob, or lob, as it is commonly referred to, has continuously been dubbed the hairstyle of the year. It is a much deserved recognition because the style manages to be flattering for a variety of different face shapes, hair textures and complexions. To put it simply, lob is classic and universal. Find the perfect variation for you in our gallery below.

Long Bob Hairstyles

Lobs are beautiful in any texture – straight and sleek or wavy and messy. You can wear your lob as a downdo, or lift your locks up in a sort of updo or half-up hairstyle – so many options and there’s always a quick and easy styling method, depending on your hair type.

#1: Choppy and Wavy Lob

This stunning look is amazingly easy to style. Use a large barrel curling iron with no clamp and wrap large sections of hair around once or twice, holding on to the end of the piece so that it doesn’t get curled. Curling just the midshaft means super short styling time.

#2: Asymmetrical Long Bob

This long bob gets its edginess from the front pieces that are quite a bit longer than the rest of the layered strands, about two and a half inches. The peekaboo blond highlights that frame the face and lighter ends make this not only trendy, but incredibly flattering. Keep hair soft and touchable with smooth styling creams.

#3: Easy Wear Bob

This adorable cut is short, sweet, and simple. Slight layers are cut in to smooth out thick hair and give body. The absence of a bang—and instead side-swept hair that is only a little shorter than the longest layer—makes this a definite cool girl look.

#4: Long A-line with Ombre

Styles with uneven length are so fun to rock. You get the ease of short hair, while still having it long enough to tuck behind your ears. What’s more, you’ll have an air of mystery. The ombre effect is expertly done. Not only are the transitions on point, but the tone is just right.

#5: Artfully Unkempt Lob

We love us to have some attitude, and long bob hairstyles have attitude in spades. For an extra chic factor, shoot for bed head. How? Let hair air dry until its damp then blow dry it upside down. Next, add crimps with a straightener (twist it slightly) for some imperfect texture. Add some texturizing cream and you’re done.

#6: Blond Bob with Darker Roots

The lob works oh-so-well with is the darker roots look. It’s the grown-up version of grown-out hair and it’s purposefully not trying too hard. The combo of the light blond and the brown (and all the colors in between) is beautiful.

#7: Messy Chic Bob

For a messy bob with this much volume, make sure to ask your stylist for layers that are shorter in the back. The balayage with thin highlights makes for a more natural look. No need for curling irons here. Just use a large round brush during your blowout.

#8: Trendy Tousled Bob

This long bob cut gets its shape from layers that are slightly shorter in the back and from pieces left longer in the front. If you’re looking for a no-heat solution to waves, spray hair with a salt spray, then braid just the top half of your hair. Leave in for a few hours, then deconstruct.

#9: Highlighted Long Bob with Side Bangs

Side-swept heavy bangs with peekaboos give a modern edge to this lob. Bright blond highlights liven up the entire look. Volume removal with a straightener can be essential with thick hair.

#10: Long Bob with Classy Copper Curls

The sunlight is hitting these copper tones beautifully! Twisted locks reveal soft brown hair underneath and lighter ends. This look is a great way to incorporate natural-looking highlights. Girls with medium-brown to light-brown hair can easily pull off this color.

#11: Platinum Diva Lob

Long bobs look great in trendy white blonde hues. We’re pretty sure that all of our favorite divas (and our most fashionable friends) have tried this. Grown out roots keep it from being too high maintenance, which is everyone’s least favorite thing about blonde. Blunt ends keep it modern.

#12: Pastel Pink Lob

This multi-toned pastel pink is truly beautiful. Peach, pink, and pale yellow come together for one sweet look. Lobs, when done right, have lots of personality all on their own. But choosing a pastel color definitely ups the game. To pull it off, shoot for sleek, frizz-free hair by using serums on the daily.

#13: Straight Bob with Side Bangs

This straight bob is one of our favorite styles. Long side bangs highlight the cheekbones and give it a sexy, flirty look. The caramel color with dark under layers gives the style dimensionality—elevating it way above your average bob. After blowing out to create the shape, straighten and perfect.

#14: Sleek Long Bob with Side Part

This city-chic lob haircut is a cool customer. Ashy blond meets champagne blond for a style that is tone-perfect. To keep everything spot on, choose cool-toned clothes too. With thinner hair, it is easier to create a sleek, blunt edge cut. Swingy, playful locks for the win!

#15: Gorgeous Cardinal Lob

This dazzling shade of red is a fabulous way to stand out. Mostly an all-over color, dimension is provided by absentmindedly curling hair so that it changes the way the shade catches the light. To do it, curl strands in the middle but leave them straight on the end.

#16: Sunset Ombre Long A-line

Of the many styles of lobs you’ve seen, you may not have encountered this particular brand of ombre. The trend has progressed enough that stylists are doing it their own way—not keeping it to natural colors. The purplish-toned red fades to an orangey-red and then to a soft peach hue. So pretty!

#17: Caramel and Gold Bob

The number one thing that stands out about this look is color! Long bob haircuts always look great when styled with that messy, undone finish. But when done in caramel and gold, it’s almost too amazing to stand. With shorter locks, going light is a lot easier, as you can get regular trims and not have to worry about split ends.

#18: Sandy, Ash-Toned Lob

This lob is lovely. Side part? Check. Barely there layers? Check. Blunt edge? Check. What sets it apart is the ashy tone. Gold colors look horrendous on the wrong girl. With certain skin tones, like olive, sandy blondes are far more successful.

#19: Bob with Body and Volume

This cute little number has so much volume! This is the kind of haircut that will have you running your fingers through your hair all day. Twisty locks and long bangs that fall into the face are universally flattering. To style, blow hair up and forward so that it falls to the cheek-skimming gorgeousness.

Choppy Brown Bob With Pastel Purple Balayage

Instagram/ @richiemiao

#20: Smooth Cinnamon Bob

A lob haircut is a great way to let a solid color shine. Because simplicity is a huge element of this cut, all-over color coupled with straight locks becomes very chic. If you have medium skin tone and freckles, please, oh please, try this color. It’s…yes you guessed it…everything.

#21: Bob of Colors

Love to be blonde but enjoy the easy maintenance of brown hair? Get the best of both worlds with this two-toned lob that brings texture and fun to otherwise mundane hair.

#22: Textured Lob for Round Faces

Ladies with baby faces or round cheeks tend to gravitate toward styles with a slimming effect. A side part directs the hair to fall over the cheeks to showcase the longer middle section of your face. Wavy hair also keeps the style from being too slick, which further emphasizes a round face.

#23: Messy and Smoky Ombre Waves

A smoky gray and black blend is a popular color combo this year. While in past decades finding one gray hair would be traumatizing, now it is fully embraced by women both young and old. This color combination gives off the ultimate “hipster chic” vibe.

#24: Cute A-line Cut And Trendy Marsala Hair Color

Red hair can be super sophisticated and not the bright Ronald McDonald hue that may first come to mind. This reddish-brown color packs a punch and illuminates your look without relying on the shock value of a Crayola-inspired color. Complement your chic color with flirty, tousled layers.

#25: Growing Hair Long

A long bob hairstyle is ideal for hair that is in that awkward “growing out” phase. If your hair isn’t quite long, but you’re hoping to head in that direction, a lob can bring style to the otherwise unattractive phase of hair growth.

#26: Messy, Wavy Bob Style

Don’t have a lot of time in the morning? Well then you’re in luck, as “just crawled out of bed” hair is actually trending right now! While the look is usually accomplished with a bit of effort and styling product, you can also just wake up and see what there is to work with.

#27: Vibrant, Long and Red

Who says blondes have more fun? Prove them wrong with a vibrant red-orange hair hue that’s sure to turn heads. A bob cut will help accentuate layers and curls.

#28: A Bob for Thin Hair

If your hair tends to be on the finer end of the spectrum, don’t fret – a long bob is actually the perfect style for you. Hair will be thickened up underneath, providing a boost of volume that will bring you both glamour and confidence.

#29: Kinked Long Waves

Hair that is shoulder length or longer can try out this fun kinky wave that is actually achieved through the use of a flat iron. Instead of pulling the iron straight down, bend it when you reach the earline and then continue to straighten as normal. If your hair is exceptionally long, you may want to do more than one bend along the way.

#30: Icy Ombre Bob

Thanks to a particular Disney princess, cool icy colors are currently trending. Even young girls are loving the chilly yet beautiful appearance that comes from going grey. A long bob haircut can be worn straight or curled – or as is the case below, a combination of both.

#31: Long and Straight to the Point

Bob haircuts sometimes still carry the stigma of being short and thick – that couldn’t be further from the truth with today’s lob styles. This hairstyle is as simple as it gets with a center part and stick straight strands – what you probably don’t notice however, is the great boost of volume that comes from the angled cut.

#32: Bob is Feeling Blue

Hair chalk is so much fun to experiment with, and it doesn’t come with any sort of risk – the color washes out whenever you tell it to. A long bob combined with a splash of color that couldn’t possibly come from Mother Nature is a fun addition to any style update.

#33: Long Directional Waves

Curl your hair to the back of the head rather than up to the top, and you will reroute waves into a new, fun direction that will accentuate any cut. Best of all, this will work on both thick and thin hair, and the longer your length, the more stunning it will be.

#34: Flaming Bob

Show off your flaming hot personality and sex appeal with this hairdo that incorporates shape, texture and color for a stunning final look. This will work well on many different ethnicities – so pick a hue of red or orange that will really illuminate against your natural base color.

#35: Classic Blonde Bob

No one can say no to a sideswept blonde hairstyle that softly frames beautiful facial features. This is ideal for girls who like to wear their hair shoulder length or shorter, and if your hair is of medium texture, you’ll have an easier time pulling this one off.

#36: Long Layers

This long bob haircut gives thinner hair a new lease on life with multiple layers and strategic highlights. A perfect, low maintenance style for ladies growing out their locks.

#37: Grey and Gorgeous Bob

Jump on the young grey bandwagon and work your hair into a bob cut that brings shaggy length without chaos. Choose a purplish grey hue that looks youthful while still sporting that modern style.

#38: Bob with Blunt Edges

Long bob hairstyles are very popular right now, especially since they work with virtually any hair type. Straight or curly, thick or thin – a lob can be manipulated into a beautiful finished product on any head.

#39: Medium to Long Style

Keep your medium to long length hair tousled and modernly messy with the help of a haircut that provides plenty of shape and body. This is especially important if you have fine hair – this cut will beef it up without going overboard.

#40: Bob with Classic Waves

Keep things vintage with beautiful, perfectly set waves that seem to float above the shoulders. A darker underneath color brings even more dimension and style to this classic throw back look that works on a variety of hair textures.

#41: Side-Parted Asymmetrical Lob Haircut

An asymmetrical bob can sometimes veer towards edgy in certain crowds. If you need to polish up your look instantly, simply tuck pieces behind your ears. Surprisingly, this simple action completely changes your entire appearance bringing it from mysterious to approachable.

#42: Strawberry Blonde Lob with Wispy Ends

Strawberry blonde hair is the perfect blend between blonde and red. A long blonde cut plays so well with this girl’s gorgeous green eyes. If you are a green-eyed beauty looking for a classic look, you can’t go wrong with this color/cut combination.

#43: Wavy Hairstyle for Brown Hair

In modern interpretation bob is often styled in beach waves. With some sea-salt spray a shoulder length bob is transformed from a serious style into a carefree look with an effortless vibe. It is a perfect everyday look.

#44: Messy Jet Black Cut with Volume

A stacked style gives hair a boost of volume by using a fair amount of layers throughout the back. This look takes the fullness to the next level with messy strands and a subtle side bang. If you are looking for tips on how to style your long bob haircut, try backcombing slightly and setting with a light hold hair spray to achieve the chic tousled effect like in the photo.

#45: Graduated Long Bob Haircut

Graduated looks can refer to color or cut, and in this case it refers to both. The color pattern alternates platinum blonde and light golden brown streaks, and the layers create the lovely rounded shape of the cut thanks to skilful graduation. The result is a sassy cut for a sassy lady!

#46: Sleek Blonde Bob

Try a cool-toned color with light layering. The middle part frames the face without covering up too much or getting in the way like a side part might.

#47: Side Part with Babylights

A shaggy hairstyle is perfectly bohemian and it’s a great fit for a woman who prefers flowing dresses as well as a simple t-shirt and jeans combo instead of pencil skirts and bodycon outfits. Gradual lightening also lightens your overall look.

#48: Cute Cut For A Confident Girl

This hairstyle may not be particularly edgy, but it means the beauty and confidence it oozes. It is a timeless style that remains relevant. It suits a woman who wants to look good without seeming like she is trying too hard.

#49: Choppy Bob with Nape Undercut

From the front this seems like a simple chin-length cut with bangs, but the back view tells a different story. This lob haircut is perfect for a woman with a conservative job who wants to let loose on the nights or weekends. Simply pull your hair up into a ponytail to instantly change your style statement.

#50: Medium Cut with Side Bangs for Thick Hair

Thick straight hair appears full without needing too many layers or colors, just a light side bang. It is a simple look that has the ability to work just as well in casual places as it would in formal gatherings; a must-have style for a socialite who has places to go.

Long bob hairstyles can work for any occasion that life may throw your way. They showcase a confident look that does not require much maintenance. The best part is that you can still rock a ponytail, which is definitely important for busy women today. Whatever your preference is, there is a perfect haircut here for any woman.

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