Nikki Goddard
Updated on December 21, 2023

Some things just never go out of fashion and never let us down. And a bob hairstyle is one of them. Endlessly versatile, it can look anything between sleek perfectly styled and an edgy fierce hairdo. But it’s not only how you style your bob, it’s also about the way your hair is cut. Texturing is achieved by removing bulk from specific areas and creating subtle layers toward hair ends. The result is textured bobs with excellent shapes and vibes! Check out the best examples below.

1. Medium Textured Bob with Highlights

Bob hairstyles are perfect for fine hair as they add substantial volume and renew the shape. To recreate this look, get a textured cut and reinforce the effect by highlighting the streaks of your hair with soft shades of golden blonde.

2. Choppy Bob Haircut

The trick for this chin-length bob lies in the choppy ends. Styling tip: don’t curl the whole lock. Spare the tips to create a cool carefree vibe and a hairstyle that works for all occasions.

3. Bob with Long Side Bangs

You can totally stay longish with a bob cut! If you need a ponytail option or are scissors-shy, opt for a swoopy blowout bob with curtain bangs to ease your way onto the bob land.

4. Balayage A-Line Bob

Shorter in the back, this reinvented version of a bob cut has a slight bevel that frames your face beautifully and works for any hair texture. Balayage is a fantastic way to add depth and visual interest to textured bobs.

5. Medium Length Choppy Bob

If you are in for an effortlessly natural hairstyle, try a messy bob with soft face-framing layers. The sliced ends maintained a groomed look and give off a subdued relaxed vibe.

6. Short Stacked Bob with Baby Bangs

One way to introduce playfulness to naturally dark hair is by getting a short blunt bob stacked at the back. Featuring cute bangs, this textured bob is both feminine and invigorating.

7. Maroon Choppy Layered Bob

Layered cuts are terrific when it comes to pumping up your naturally thin hair. Choppy layers add texture, while a beautiful shade of maroon will make your hair shine.

8. Romantic Blonde Bob

A casually styled bob has a delicate mellow vibe. Take a break from heat styling to protect bleached fine hair and simply apply some mousse scrunching and twisting the tresses to boost texture and create soft beach waves.

9. Wavy Choppy Bob with Sunkissed Highlights

What separates a good haircut from a spectacular haircut is that your hair always looks wonderful, even if you don’t spend hours styling it. Choppy bobs like this one allow you to simply flip the hair to encourage a tousled relaxed look.

10. Textured Bob with Bangs

Looking for ways to accentuate your face shape? Try adding bangs. They work as an instant facelift: your jawline and cheekbones look crisper and your eyes bigger.

11. Textured Bob for Thick Hair

Textured hair is easier to style because bulky areas that might cause problems for styling are removed. Rid of extra weight, your hair shows natural texture without being curled. Add face-framing layers to lighten up the facial features.

12. Short Choppy Bob with Bottleneck Bangs

This textured choppy bob works best for finer hair as it boosts the volume and paired with gentle bottleneck bangs has a face-framing effect. This cut makes your mane look fuller and unlike a blunt bob is super low maintenance.

13. Ginger Round Bob

Make your hair stand out with a hot and spicy vibrant color. Take it even a step further with a round jaw-length bob. To emphasize its voluptuousness, blow your hair with a round brush for the right balance of shape and texture.

14. Inverted Bob

This inverted just-below-the-jawline bob gently angles forward elegantly outlining your face. The geometric shape of a textured bob provides a frame, granting your face more structure.

15. Wispy Blonde Bob

Bob haircuts don’t necessarily have to be sleek. Bring in some lazy chic into your look with the right layering. To nail the look, add some soft waves as if your hair was blown out by the wind.

16. Radiant Red Bob

Less harsh along the bottom, this version is a more relaxed take on a classic bob cut. It looks best if cut an inch or two below the jawline to retain the shape. Want more oomph? Throw in a bold color!

17. Choppy Long Bob

Long bobs are becoming more and more popular because they give you so many styling options. Use a curling iron to create a bendy hairstyle with loose waves throughout to take your long textured bob cut to the next level.

18. Curly Layered Bob

Flirty and easy to wear, this curly bob features layers for added volume and movement. Apply a dollop of light curl cream and diffuse your hair on medium heat and speed. A light hold spray will keep the coils soft yet defined.

19. Choppy Blonde Bob

At your next hair appointment, ask your stylist for a little layering to bring about a tousled carefree look, or opt for textured ends to remove extra bulk. A choppy haircut makes the blonde hue bright and lively, inviting a play of light on your locks.

20. Layered Choppy Bob with Short Bangs

To obtain this textured finish, add some square layers to neutralize the roundness of the facial features and modernize the shape. Layered cuts like this one create a tiered effect, distributing the bulk evenly throughout the haircut.

21. Short Bob with Highlights

Choppy bobs with piece-y ends just below the chin unveil your neck and allow you to play with the parting. To further enhance the look, lighten up the dark base with some honey-blonde highlights.

22. Voluminous Curly Bob

Elevate the infinite elegance of a bob haircut with your unique curls. You can experiment with curly bangs or side-swept face-framing tresses. The bouncy ringlets create movement and add visual interest to solid hair color.

23. Gradually Layered Bob

Softly layered cuts require little styling and are great for women with finer hair. Brown mixed with blonde highlights and strands twisted in different directions will supply you with a brand-new look every day.

24. Choppy Inverted Bob

Bring life into your straight hair with a textured bob and teasy highlights in warm shades of blonde. A tilted shape allows you to enjoy long locks while having short hair at the back.

25. Stacked Bob with Feathered Layers

Spiced up with a ton of volumizing square layers, it’s a perfect bob for fine hair. In this particular cut, the layers are stacked at the back and gradually get longer toward the front. The top layer is feathered for a lightweight look of the cut.

26. Layered Bob with Wispy Bangs

Style with your natural texture for an easy wash-and-go look with a chill vibe. A collarbone-grazing haircut with gradual layers works wonders with naturally wavy hair, softening the look, while strategically placed highlights add dimension.

27. Straight Choppy Bob

Trendy and laidback, this short bob gives you a plethora of styling choices. Change from sleek, smooth, blown-out hairstyles to textured air-dried or curled ones. The red-brown tone of this short bob is just breathtaking.

28. Textured Bob with Natural Waves

A delicate feminine look is readily achieved with textured bobs. Opt for a natural color and subtle layers to bring in desirable texture and create movement.

29. Stunning Long Bob

Long bobs do best on medium to thick hair and are a perfect fit for those who like the feeling of more hair. Blow dry it smooth with a volumizing mousse to achieve bigger, sexier proportions.

30. Textured Lob with Messy Waves

Longer bobs are ideal for getting that sexy right-out-of-bed look. Use a curling wand with a 1-inch barrel diameter and make sure to protect your hair from heat before styling. A spritz of a hair spray and you are ready to go!

If you still haven’t tried any of the textured haircuts, maybe it’s the right time to take the plunge. Bob haircuts are attention-grabbing and put focus on your face. They offer you ease of styling, versatility, and timeless chic.

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