Nikki Goddard
Updated on February 15, 2023

There’s no wonder that pixie cuts have been such a popular choice with women of all ages for the last several decades. Besides being a truly statement cut, a youthful pixie is relatively low-maintenance. The right pixie will flatter virtually any hair type, giving an extra lift to thin hair and reducing the excessive thickness of thicker manes.

If you have thick hair, a pixie cut could be your way to go. And if you seek to add an edgy note to your style, an undercut pixie has you covered. This cut is incredibly versatile – colors, lengths, and the size of the undercut can be combined into hundreds of unique looks. Long story short, below are 20 awesome examples of undercut pixie for thick hair to get you inspired.

1. Let’s Go Copper

This eye-grabbing pixie looks extremely youthful and fresh due to voluminous bangs and the vivid copper hue. A longer undercut makes this hair look close to a classic pixie – a great choice if it’s your first undercut and you don’t want to go too bold.

2. Add Some Drama

If you’re into styles that can seamlessly combine femininity and edginess, consider getting a side-swept undercut pixie. While the former gives a vibe of a genuine lady, the latter will reveal your inner rebel. And yes, pay attention to subtle highlights all over this hair – they can magically make your eyes shine.

Side Swept Undercut Pixie with Subtle Highlights

Instagram / @courtneyparamour

3. Rock Like a Rock Star

Is there a rock star hiding somewhere deep in your soul? It might be high time to let it out. Great news is that it’s a breeze with a piecey pixie with undercut. Besides freeing you from the excess weight of your thick hair, it helps achieve a statement look.

4. A Case for Blondes

Blonde hair colors are loved for looking hot and feminine, and if you’re brave enough to combine a cutesy blonde pixie with a bold undercut, you’ll get a really mind-blowing combination. It looks gorgeous, but remember to stock up on the right products to keep this heavily side-swept top in place.

Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs and Dark Shaved Sides

Instagram / @senad_image

5. Striking Contrast

What about getting a pixie bob with a super short undercut? Beyond helping to tame thick tresses, such a combination is a perfect way to make a statement. Enhance it all with shadow root and blonde highlights here and there, and go turn heads!

Long Undecut Pixie for Thick Hair

Instagram / @diegomarcsant

6. Look at the Bold Side

If your thick mane comes with a powerful personality, a pixie cut with an ultra-short side undercut and super-long bangs should make your heart skip a beat. Shorter layers at the top are fantastic at reducing the bulk and adding airy volume.

Inverted Pixie Bob for Thick Hair with Shaved Side

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

7. A Case for an Undercut Newbie

Undercuts are tempting you, but you aren’t absolutely sure about getting one? Well, you can always start small to test if this daring style really fits you. Go for a longer undercut but keep it contrasting with the rest of your hair to be noticeable.

8. Undercut Fade

Looking for something totally unique and fresh? An undercut fade with a shaved design hidden under longer tresses of a pixie bob is a truly head-turning option. It’s always your choice to reveal your daring fade or to wear your pixie bob straight and sleek.

Pixie Bob with Hidden Undercut for Thick Hair

Instagram / @yuukiabe_doux

9. Spiky Attitude

Sharp lines, spiky top, and an elaborate fade undercut help create a daring but yet elegant style. No bangs or layers, meaning this is the most low-maintenance pixie for thick hair you could ever imagine.

Short Spiky Pixie for Thick Hair

Instagram / @alexpaixao.educ

10. Messy Perfection

Long messy layers coupled with a bold undercut look truly outstanding. The sliced layers do an awesome job at reducing the bulk of this thick hair, while the undercut blends into baby hairs in the front, feeding into the trendy undone look.

Pixie with Long Layers on Top and Cropped Sides and Back

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

11. Hot & Cute

If you seek to spice up your blonde pixie with long side-swept bangs, try adding a nape undercut. The whole thing is destined to look hot and cute at the same time, driving fascinating looks.

Long Platinum Blonde Pixie with Nape Undercut

Instagram / @dekappervannu_

12. Wear It Pompadour

A bit of extra volume in the front never killed nobody. It helps create an awesome look and beautifully emphasize your facial features. A nape undercut is what you need to make your amazing top stand out.

13. True Elegance

If your dream pixie has to be ladylike but bold, here’s an idea to make it finally happen with you. Perfectly styled see-through bangs and soft choppy layers at the top create that elegant vibe, while ultra-short undercut adds edginess you might be looking for.

Pixie for Thick Hair with Skin Fade Undercut and Textured Fringe

Instagram / @ittaribeiro

14. Seamless Transition

For an office-approved look, go for a longer top with a disconnected undercut but keep it the same hue to keep the contrast subdued. This classic pixie is a wise choice if you aren’t into spending too much time styling your hair.

Textured Pixie with Undercut for Thick Brown Hair

Instagram / @lydie.hairartist

15. Dreamy Pink

No matter our edginess levels, we girls will always remain girls inside. You can make your undercut pixie radiate a distinctive girly vibe by dying it pastel pink or lavender. To add depth and volume, play with layers and shadow root.

Pearl Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs and Shaved Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @courtneyparamour

16. A Daring Combo

A curly pixie is all about femininity and cuteness Still, when you combine it with a daring undercut, expect to have all eyes on you! An undercut pixie with curtain bangs is a sure way to tame unruly thick curls and help you make a statement.

Undercut Pixie for Thick Wavy Hair

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

17. A Pinch of Platinum

If you’re looking for a solution to flatter thick hair and a round or square face shape, an edgy pixie with long side bangs and side undercuts is what you need. Longer layers create added volume on the top, while the undercuts remove the bulk from the sides, resulting in a flattering elongating shape.

Pixie with Long Side Bangs and Shaved Undercut

Instagram / @hair_by_pedro

18. An Option for a Lady

While pixies are renowned for that sweet youthfulness they can inject in any look, getting an undercut pixie calls for a bit of consideration whether it would be an appropriate choice. Good news is that you don’t have to choose between the low maintenance of an undercut pixie and what they call an age-appropriate cut: just keep an undercut a bit longer and enjoy the best of both worlds.

19. All Eyes on the Nape

Super thick hair allows for undercuts with a particularly interesting, velvety structure that helps achieve quite a unique look. Your elaborately undercut nape will look even more outstanding if you give it a deep shade like this dark chocolate brown.

Messy Short Pixie with Curtain Bangs and Fade

Instagram / @y_ctrl_

20. Join the Faux Hawk Tribe

Wondering what could be more daring than an undercut pixie? An undercut pixie mullet giving you’re the Mohawk look! It delivers an absolutely edgy vibe and looks good with any hair type, including curly or wavy hair. A great choice to complement your individual style.

Curly Pixie Mullet for Thick Hair

Instagram / @roshan_hairlove

An undercut pixie is your way to go if you seek a low-maintenance way to tame your thick hair. In addition, this cut looks really edgy and cool, so you’ll never suffer from the lack of attention.