Nikki Goddard
Published on July 30, 2022

While a pixie haircut is renowned as a timeless style, a blonde pixie has all the rights to be considered iconic. Many celebrity trend setters, such as Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, Pamela Anderson, Anne Hathaway, and Miley Cyrus turned to a blonde pixie cut for their dramatic transformations, making countless headlines. If you feel like joining the blonde pixie club, explore our exciting compilation to find your best fit.

Blonde Pixie Cuts To Get You Inspired

Apart from being surprisingly low-maintenance, blonde pixie cuts are incredibly versatile. You can experiment with different lengths and types of bangs, go sleek or piecey, or leverage accents like undercut or highlights. In addition, a blonde pixie cut is a great way to express your personality — there are options to flatter both romantic ladies and restless gamines. Just find the proof below!

1. Choppy Layers

If you are blessed with stick-straight tresses but want your new short hair to be more on the voluminous side, consider getting a choppy pixie with longer layers on top. Long choppy layers go a long way toward adding extra volume to straight hair.

2. Low Maintenance Pixie Cut

Although pixie cuts are known for being low-maintenance, there are some virtually zero-maintenance options. If you don’t want to break a single sweat styling your short hair, take a look at this short dark blonde pixie — this might be what you need! Air drying usually suffices to keep short layers in place.

Choppy Dark Blonde Short Pixie

Instagram /

3. Long Pixie with Deep Side Part

If you crave to try a short haircut but would prefer a more gradual transition between short and long hair, a long pixie is certainly your best bet. This one looks exceptionally voluminous and dynamic due to the deep side part and dark roots that add depth and dimension.

Dark Long Pixie with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @celiofariaoficial

4. Choppy Blonde Pixie with Bangs

While pixie haircuts pair well with all hair types, the benefit a short pixie can provide to thick hair can’t go unnoticed. A short pixie helps reduce the excessive thickness, resulting in light, voluminous tresses.

5. Icy Blonde Pixie

This is a great example of how beautifully a pixie cut can work on fine hair. The messy top is all about volume, providing a feeling of fullness. The icy blonde color, which is lighter than the woman’s skin tone, makes this short hair stand out. If you consider icy or platinum blondes for your next transformation, remember about purple shampoo to help your color last longer.

Messy White Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

Instagram / @jhonyveiga

6. Short Pixie Cut

If you have a regular face shape, all short pixie cuts will look great on you, even very short ones like this. Both the cut and the blonde shade are a perfect way to draw attention to your facial features and easily create a cute or bold look, depending on your current mood.

Short Blonde Pixie with Root Shadow

Instagram / @shorthairforlife

7. Blonde Pixie with Buzzed Sides

Pixie hairstyles embrace a wide palette of moods they can express, from romantic and feminine to bold and daring. This is obviously the bold case! Everything you need to go that damn bold and hot is to ask your stylist for an undercut.

8. Spiky Blonde Pixie

What about some extra texture to make your pixie stand out? If you don’t mind, juice up your pixie cut with a piecey top — it looks absolutely stunning on blonde hair! Still, remember that a piecey pixie calls for some extra minutes in front of your mirror in the morning.

Razor Cut Blonde Pixie with Spikes

Instagram / @joelhiatt_hair

9. Super Short Pixie Cut

There’s no easier way to draw attention to your beautiful features than getting an extremely short pixie cut, indeed. And there doesn’t exist a more outstanding way to rock your pixie than dyeing it blonde! Steal this idea if you don’t mind turning heads.

Black Woman with Extremely Short Light Blonde Hair

Instagram / @thastylist18

10. Classic Pixie with Curtain Bangs

This blonde pixie cut with curtain bangs does an amazing face-framing job, accentuating this lady’s beautiful facial features and drawing attention to her lovely freckles. What is more, such a haircut is a breeze to maintain, except for the occasional trim.

Medium Blonde Pixie with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @sarajonotsergio

11. Long Asymmetrical Pixie

A long pixie is an excellent choice if you seek a compromise between a cropped cut and long hair. This platinum blonde pixie looks incredibly feminine thanks to the side-swept bangs, plus, it’s fairly easy to style — use a round brush and a blow dryer to keep that awesome asymmetry in place.

Platinum Blonde Pixie with Long Hair on Top

Instagram / @anhcotran

12. Blonde Pixie Bob

As its name suggests, a pixie bob haircut combines a bob and a pixie, resulting in a beautiful hairstyle that is all about femininity and cuteness. Pixie bobs are loved for the added versatility they offer — they allow you to create more different hairstyles.

13. Messy Pixie Haircut

A choppy blonde pixie is a perfect match for a busy lady. It doesn’t require much maintenance and looks effortlessly stylish. To make your short hair more voluminous, ask your hairstylist for choppy layers on top.

Short Length Blonde Wolf Cut

Instagram / @blackbirdxrenee

14. Feathered Pixie Bob

If you’re looking for ways to tame your thick tresses, it makes sense to consider a feathered cut. Feathery layers reduce thickness and extra weight, resulting in lighter tresses and more volume. In addition, long layers allow hairstylists to effectively adjust the cut to different face shapes, like these long, side-swept bangs that cover the forehead, perfectly balancing the girl’s elongated face.

Long Pixie with Frosted Tips

Instagram / @hirohair

15. Super Chic Pixie Cut

This tapered pixie haircut can’t go unnoticed — the bold combination of colors and its mind-blowing texture are sure to drive envious looks. Bold blonde highlights create a feeling of movement on red hair, while the long bangs add some drama to this style.

Dark Red Pixie with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @myguiltycrown

16. Short Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

If you are used to approaching your appearance in a practical way, a short pixie with multiple layers can be a way to go. While pixie haircuts flatter all hair types, they work wonders for fine tresses, providing more volume and creating an illusion of thickness.

17. Pixie Mullet

A pixie mullet cut is another hybrid version of a classic pixie, the difference being that it features longer layers at the back. Paired with blonde hair, a pixie mullet makes for a bold, eye-catching look without compromising the low-maintenance profile characteristic of short pixie haircuts.

18. Long Blonde Pixie Quiff

A long blonde pixie offers an immense array of styling options, allowing you to change your look whenever you wish. Comb it back for a sleek retro hairstyle, part it in the center and tuck tresses behind your ears, or go deep with your side parting for fullness and volume like in this pic. Not to mention, longer layers let you go wild with hairstyles for short hair, starting with headband braid and ending with a statement accessorized ‘do for a party.

Long Pixie Quiff Hairstyle

Instagram / @presleypoe

19. Ashy Undercut Pixie

This ash blonde pixie combines straight glossy layers on top and shaved sides, boldly declaring that the lady wearing it has a strong personality despite looking effortlessly feminine and classy. The cool blonde shade looks particularly elegant and beautifully complements the girl’s complexion.

Shoulder Length Hair Short Platinum Blonde Before and After

Instagram / @cameronkepford

20. Wavy Pixie with Side Undercut

The most daring haircut on our list, a dirty blonde pixie with a faux hawk is an outstanding way to rock short hair. In addition, the undercut is a great way to tame naturally thick and wavy hair. The recipe is simple: buzz the sides and let your waves thrive on the top!

Asymmetric Wavy Pixie Buzz Cut on One Side

Instagram / @kasdoeshair

21. Tousled Pixie Cut

This pixie with tousled layers is a real stunner. What is more, this haircut and metallic silver hue are especially popular with older women, since they help them look youthful and stylish without incessant touch-ups of graying hair or spending hours in front of the mirror.

Rooted Metallic Blonde Pixie for Thick Hair

Instagram / @hairbyhanvancity

22. Hot Pixie Mullet

Without any doubt, a blonde pixie mullet is the sexiest low-maintenance option you could ever imagine. Just a couple of minutes daily, and you’ll rock a hot, edgy look wherever you go. When styling your mullet, make sure you keep your hair voluminous on the top and the nape but tighter on the sides.

Short Butter Blonde Mullet

Instagram / @jayne_edosalon

23. A-Line Pixie Bob

An A-line pixie bob is an awesome way to show off your beautiful blonde hue. It helps effortlessly achieve amazing volume and create various hairstyles by experimenting with parting and hair accessories.

Stacked Pixie Bob with Long Layers

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

24. 90’s Short Hair

This stunning cut with a definite 90’s vibe is worth considering if you love copying the 90’s trends. The cut features blonde hair on top and black hair underneath, creating a striking contrast due to the nape undercut. Steal this look if you don’t mind having all eyes on you.

High Contrast Black and Blonde Pixie Hair

Instagram / @anhcotran

Regardless of your hair type, there exists a blonde pixie that’s just right for you. The right texture and length can work wonders accentuating your best facial features and balancing your face shape. In addition, a blonde pixie cut is a surefire way to show off your personality, be you an elegant lady or a woman with a forever rebellious teen soul.

Dimensional Blonde Pixie with Neat Side Bangs Choppy Dark Blonde Short Pixie Dark Long Pixie with Chunky Blonde Highlights Textured Blonde Pixie with Straight Bangs Messy White Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair Short Blonde Pixie with Root Shadow Ash Blonde Pixie with Bangs and Faded Sides Razor Cut Blonde Pixie with Spikes Black Woman with Extremely Short Light Blonde Hair Medium Blonde Pixie with Curtain Bangs Platinum Blonde Pixie with Long Hair on Top Deep Side Parted Pixie Bob with Blonde Balayage Short Length Blonde Wolf Cut Long Pixie with Frosted Tips Dark Red Pixie with Strawberry Blonde Highlights Very Short Honey Blonde Pixie with Sunkissed Highlights Silver Blonde Pixie Mullet Long Pixie Quiff Hairstyle Shoulder Length Hair Short Platinum Blonde Before and After Asymmetric Wavy Pixie Buzz Cut on One Side Rooted Metallic Blonde Pixie for Thick Hair Short Butter Blonde Mullet Stacked Pixie Bob with Long Layers High Contrast Black and Blonde Pixie Hair