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Tee Nguyen
Updated on December 20, 2023

Asian hair is thick, straight and monotonously dark. When it’s short, it tends to stick straight out. When it’s long, it just hangs down, usually heavily. This is why you may need some inspiration and easy-to-follow tutorials to start experimenting with your hair. Keep reading for 20 stylish hairstyles that perfectly suit your Asian bob haircut.

1. Space Buns with Curly Tendrils

Extend time without washing your hair with these fun buns. By the way, day-old hair gives better hold. Wrap the hair loosely around the bun, which gives it a fuller look. For smaller buns, wrap the hair tighter.

2. Red Carpet-Worthy Look

Turn your classic curls into another elegant hairdo. I usually part my hair to the right, but to switch it up, I flip it to the left. Use any accessories that make you feel festive and sophisticated.

3. Top Knot Plus Your Favorite Scarf

Get even more from your Asian bob haircut by playing with scarves of different textures and colors. Double face-framing tendrils will help make this hairstyle even more interesting and charming.

4. One Scarf, Multiple Styles

In this video, I share several effortless ways to dress up your bob with the same scarf. Optionally, you can secure the final look with some invisible bobby pins and play with the texture of your hair.

5. Creating Side-Swoop Bangs

The trick I like to use to freshen up the hair is using oil-blotting sheets with powder. It’s perfect for absorbing the oils. I used low heat and power on the Dyson since my hair was dry. Also, if you let the hair cool on the brush for a few seconds, this sets the curl.

6. Bubble Braids for Dirty Hair

My arms do get tired when braiding my own hair. This is the alternative method. It’s easy, cute, and keeps the hair away from my face. Also, I like the bubble look because it gives dimension to my dark Asian hair.

7. Messy Soft Waves and a Center Part

This is one of my go-to looks for special events. Around the hairline, always direct the curl away from the face. I like to make the ends straight so the hair doesn’t look shorter. Optionally, you can clip the middle section to give a little lift on top.

8. Little Accent Braids

I love subtle, but noticeable looks. I’m continuing from the previous video, adding small braids and pretty hair pins. Once you achieve those perfect soft waves, get creative with accessorizing your hairstyle.

9. Glam Waves for Dates

Every girl should have her own recipe of perfect waves. Here’s mine. Wrap and twist the hair around the wand. Remember that the more you brush, the softer the curls. And don’t forget to secure the final look with your hairspray of choice.

10. Cute Rainbow-Shaped Bun

Gather all your hair and leave two front pieces out. Use a hair tie. Pull your hair halfway through on the last loop and wrap the tail around the band. Tuck the ends and secure with bobby pins. Finally, pinch and pull hair for shape and balance.

11. High Ponytail with Rhinestones

This hairstyle is super easy. You can replace rhinestones with pearls or any other decorative elements. And my favorite trick is to fill the hairline using eyeshadows and makeup brush. An Asian receding hairline is a common issue.

12. Festive and Shiny

Part the hair to one side. For the side with less hair, pull the hair behind your ear and secure it with bobby pins. Apply gel and start placing the rhinestones in the hair. Grab the rest of the mane to the parted side. Begin curling the hair with a 1-inch curling iron. Finish with hairspray.

13. Quick Bun with Deep Side Parting

Short bob and stubborn Asian texture shouldn’t get in your way to trying out classy high buns. You can always secure excess strands with fashionable barrettes and hold the beauty in place with a hardworking hairspray.

14. Mini Space Buns

Cute and effortless, this hairstyle is a perfect way to spice up your casual look. Turn off your inner perfectionist. Messy hair is still trendy, no matter if it’s for a summer festival or the grocery store.

15. Half-Up, Half-Down Bun

In this video tutorial, I’m starting with pre-curled hair and styling from there. The key is to create the desired shape of the bun. As always, practice makes perfect. If not, try using a different elastic and control the shape with bobby pins.

16. Hairstyle for Wearing a Hat

On days that I just don’t know what to do with my Asian bob haircut, I tie it up and throw on a hat. My favorite step that changes the whole look is to curl a couple of pieces in the front for a face-framing effect.

17. Edgy French-Braided Style

In this video, I’m incorporating bubble braids and simple three strand braids with different tendrils. Pick the option you like the most and try it out.

18. Super Voluminous Bob

Asian hair can be flat and boring. This is why I love hairstyles that make me feel different. Try following my tutorial to achieve big volume in your hair. The key is to make sure your hair is curled in the same direction.

19. Round Brush Blowout

I love giving myself a “round brush blowout” with my curling iron. Here’s an extra trick: I recommend applying hair serum for shine and softness.

20. Low Bun with Side-Swept Bangs

This hairstyle is not overly done, which is totally OK when you experiment with short hair. You’re already a hero. As you might notice, I believe side-swept bangs can be the best way to quickly transform the whole look.

I hope you found some new hairstyles to try for your Asian bob haircut. Follow me on Instagram for even more creative tutorials, tips and life updates.

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