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Published on March 30, 2022
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3. Messy French Braid Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail with Messy French Braid


Dutch braids are often an obvious option for the braided crown and side ponytail. But don’t underestimate the power of the classic French braids. Some loose strands framing the face coupled with waves make this look incredibly romantic. So, try a French braid on your next pony and see if you don’t become a fan!

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Among multiple ways to wear long hair, a side ponytail hairstyle is one of the most popular. Fair enough, as this hairstyle is super simple and very cute. What is more, you can easily adapt a side ponytail for a night out just by adding some texture and accessories to your everyday office-approved ‘do.

Effortlessly Chic Side Ponytail Hairstyles

If all those John Hughes movies taught us anything, it’s that we can’t all be Molly Ringwald. But that doesn’t mean we can’t mimic the hairstyles of her prime with our own twists and tricks. So, if you want to be a current-day ‘80s princess, here are some modern takes on the side ponytail that are totally fresh and perfectly updated.

1. Fancy Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail for a Wedding Party


This version of the side ponytail requires a bit more time and effort than others, however, the outcome is a million times worth it. An hour’s or so curling and twisting job results in this romantic hairstyle, suitable even for a prom or wedding.

2. Bubble Ponytail

A bubble ponytail is a great option for ladies with straight, curly, or natural hair. Unusual and matching well both casual looks and fancy dresses, a bubble ponytail hairstyle is super easy to do. Just place 4-6 bands at equal intervals down your ponytail’s length and carefully pull each section to create ‘bubbles’.

Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle


3. Messy French Braid Side Ponytail

Dutch braids are often an obvious option for the braided crown and side ponytail. But don’t underestimate the power of the classic French braids. Some loose strands framing the face coupled with waves make this look incredibly romantic. So, try a French braid on your next pony and see if you don’t become a fan!

Side Ponytail with Messy French Braid


4. Wavy Ponytail with Flowers

Deciding to add hair accessories to your side pony is a lively way to personalize your look with a dash of feminine flair. We absolutely love this cute wavy style adorned with a bright flower at the base.

Side Ponytail Hairstyle with Flower


5. Flip Twist Ponytail

Although it might seem so at the first sight, this low ponytail is nothing complicated. You need to twist two sections of hair and tie them with a band. Then, flip the small tail up and around the band. Next, combine all the hair into a ponytail right underneath a flipped section. Finally, wrap a small section of hair around the hair tie and pin it. Voila!

Flip Twist Ponytail Hairstyle


6. Low Braided Ponytail

This low ponytail with a side braid is all about style and elegance. A thin hair ribbon is a final touch that makes it look incredibly romantic. Steal this idea for special occasions.

Low Ponytail with a Ribbon


7. Wrapped High Ponytail

Looking for a fancy way to showcase your box braids? For a night out on the town, try a side pony stacked high on your head and wrapped at the base. Looks very cute, doesn’t it?

Wrapped High Side Ponytail Hairstyle


8. Low Side Ponytail Hairstyle for Shorter Hair

You needn’t have long hair to sport ponytail hairstyles. A shoulder-length is good to create a fancy side ponytail updo like this. Some pinned twists work like magic to transform a usual pony into a jaw-dropping evening ‘do.

Low Side Ponytail with Twists


9. Messy Side Pony

Messy, undone looks are very in right now. First – the messy bun, then – the messy beach waves, and now – the messy pony takes the stage. Consider this ultimately romantic hairstyle if you have long wavy hair.

Messy Side Ponytail with Loose Waves


10. Side Ponytail for Special Occasions

We’ll never stop saying that side ponytails are incredibly versatile. They can be casual and formal, flattering all face shapes and hair types. Defined curls and an elegant brooch can turn a side ponytail into a sophisticated wedding hairstyle.

Wedding Side Ponytail Hairstyle


11. Hot Wavy Side Ponytail

What makes a ponytail so fun and personal is that you can create practically any variation you like, in this case, it happens to be the side ponytail. This wavy ponytail resting on one shoulder is classic, understated and universally flattering.

Blonde Wavy Side Pony


12. Blonde Braided and Twisted Ponytail

You should never be all twisted up… unless it’s your ponytail that’s doing the twisting. This twisty pony is ideal for weekend fun or when you want to spice up an understated outfit.

Braided and Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle


13. Elegant Side Ponytail Updo

It’s simply incredible how you can add festive vibes to your look by having a loose side ponytail. Just spice it up with shiny curls, sophisticated twists, and loose face-framing strands to get this ultimately elegant updo.

Sophisticated Side Ponytail Updo


14. Rock-Diva Side Ponytail

Here’s something for ladies who are in search of a bit edgier version of side ponytail hairstyle. The drop-dead gorgeous diagonal French braid is adorned with a chain that creates that bold hard rock vibe, while the messy ponytail provides a sharp contrast completing this edgy look.

Side Ponytail with Chain


15. Curly Ponytail with Braided Side

We simply adore how fabulously soft curls can transform a usual side ponytail. Add some details such as a side braid and a sparkling brooch, and you’ll get an exceptionally attractive hairstyle. And yes, don’t shy away from using extensions — they help get extra fullness and achieve that incredible look.

Curly Braided Ponytail


16. High Side Ponytail for Natural Hair

While ponytail hairstyles do an excellent job in taming long hair, a side ponytail is especially loved by the natural hair owners. Fair enough, as textured hair makes for a naturally great ponytail because you don’t have to worry about adding extra curl or depth.

High Side Ponytail Hairstyle


17. Fishtail Braid Low Ponytail

You don’t need to have extremely long locks to get a beautiful side ponytail updo. This awesome bridesmaid hairstyle featuring fishtail braids and loose curls is another proof for a ponytail to work on any hair type and various hair lengths.

Braided Low Ponytail


18. Office-Approved Braid Side Ponytail

If you have to keep it formal but crave to look different, consider adding a diagonal Dutch braid to your office-approved side ponytail. Hide the elastic under a hair strand for an absolutely flawless look.

Blonde Braid Side Ponytail


19. Cool High Ponytail

Get this awesome party hairstyle by simply gathering your luscious small box braids in a high ponytail. Then, wrap a greater part of braidlocs around the base for an edgier look.

Cool Box Braids Ponytail


20. Romantic Side Ponytail

Side ponytail hairstyles can be incredibly glamorous. Save this image and show it to your hair stylist when creating your next jaw-dropping look for a wedding party.

Romantic Ponytail Hairstyle with Loose Waves


21. Cascading Braided Pony

Go medieval on your hair and pair a braided side pony with luscious, lovely curls. Secure the braid just behind your ear and only tie about ¾ of the hair length with an elastic band. Allow the pony and the rest of the loose hair to cascade down the side of your neck for an ultra-romantic ‘do.

Long Curly Ponytail With A Braid


22. Loosey Goosey Ponytail

Sometimes you just have to let your ponytail hang free! After braiding your hair low, messily, and loose along the nape, bobby pin the braid behind the ear and allow the hair to hang freely and fall onto your shoulder.

Blonde Messy Braid And Side Ponytail


23. Tangled and Twisted Ponytail

Messy hair is great hair! Show unruly curls who’s boss by throwing them into a soft side pony. This immediately makes your hair manageable and looks polished and elegant.

Brunette Messy Side Ponytail


24. Intricate And Messy Ponytail

When you take the styling techniques from both messy and intricate hairstyles and combine them styling your side ponytail, the result can be unexpectedly cool. Check this half-up fishtailed pony. The long, exaggerated wisps of hair escaping along the side and the back add to the messy look. However, the intricacy of the fishtail braid that’s thrown to one side is what really creates the lasting impression.

Messy Boho Ponytail with Fishtail Braid


25. Twisted And Pinned Blonde Ponytail

Certain ponytails require more skill and commitment than others, and this side version is a perfect example. Everything from teasing, twisting, and pinning to curling and back-combing is utilized in this detailed and drama-filled style that is definitely worth all of the styling time required to achieve it.

Wavy Side Blonde Ponytail


26. Twisted Front Curly Side Ponytail

Hey, there is nothing wrong with adding some hair extensions to come up with the hairstyle of your dreams. This side ponytail creation incorporates extensions to achieve the desired length and volume for the lovely ponytail with soft waves and a twisted front.

Formal Curly Side Ponytail


27. Criss-Cross Side Pony

Take a break from your typical side ponytail and add some criss-cross action to the mix. Simply overlap sections of hair and pin them (so the bobby pins don’t show) until you hit the base of the neck. Tie the pony, and you’re good to go!

Brunette Side Ponytail With A Criss Cross Detail


28. Perfectly Imperfect Side Pony

When in doubt, go for something old and faithful. A basic low-side pony is ideal for those days when your hair just doesn’t want to behave or you’re short on time. This style takes a minute or two and still delivers a polished look.

Loose Curly And Messy Brunette Side Ponytail


29. Braided Crown Pony

A braid and pony is a great way to show off your hair color and highlights. The plaited pattern showcases the dimension in your hair beautifully. So, if you just got your hair colored, throw it into a braided side pony and prepare for some compliments!

Crown Braid And Side Ponytail


30. Fancy Updo with a Side Pony

Side ponies aren’t just for casual attire! Get a little complex and create with three topsy-tail ponies on top of each other along the side of your head. Secure the bottom of the pony with an elastic band and curl the tips. Voila! Now you’re ready for any formal event.

Formal Side Ponytail


31. Beautifully Braided Ponytail

Some side ponytail hairstyles are princess-worthy … Disney princess, that is. Channel your inner Elsa (from Disney’s Frozen) and try out a lush braided ‘do that wraps around the back of your head and continues down the shoulder.

Back Braid And Side Ponytail


32. Romantic Ponytail

Dial up the romance with your hair! Perfect for a wedding or formal affair, a feminine twisted side pony is a great go-to updo. For extra pretty points, add some hair accessories like flower clips or a bedazzled comb to help show off your look.

Curly Side Ponytail With Twists And Flower


33. Pony and Dutch Braid Combo

These days, braids and ponytails go together like peanut butter and jelly. Keep that magical partnership going strong with a thick, full Dutch braid that wraps around the side of the head and ends with a curled pony. Ensure to tug at the braid to make it fuller and messier looking!

Side Ponytail With A Crown Braid


34. Pumped-Up Side Pony

Give your side ponytail some pizazz by wearing it nice and high. Backcomb the crown for a bouffant. Pull the hair up and secure it just to the side of the crown. Leave the two wide front sections of your hair loose and pin them under the pony. The result is a sleek and voluminous updo that’s a unique take on the classic high pony.

Long Curly Side Ponytail With A Bouffant


35. Topsy-Tail Low Pony

Go back to your childhood roots with a hairstyle from yesteryear. Try out the classic topsy-tail pony and let it hang to the side. It may be an oldie, but it’s still a goodie!

Messy Side Ponytail With Bangs


36. Pretty Plaited Pony

Get a side ponytail that’s very chic and very easy! All you have to do is tie your hair to the side and wrap it at the base. Then, grab a section from within your pony and braid it loosely. Spritz the braid with hairspray and allow it to hang loose.

Messy Blonde Side Ponytail With A Braid


37. Wavy Side Ponytail with a Crown Braid

The element of surprise is one of the best techniques utilized in the hairstyle world, meaning that your hairstyle can appear simple from one side and then offer a surprise from a different angle. That is what this flirty hairstyle does, as one side is sleek and slightly waved at the ends, while the other side presents a braided half crown.

Side-Parted Ponytail with Headband Braid


38. Sleek Ladylike Ponytail

Ponies are extremely flirty and girly, which means that pairing this hairstyle with a contrasting fashion choice works wonders. Modest ponytails perfect for the office, however, can be a tricky decision. Still, some of them fit the bill so well that you won’t have a moment to hesitate whether to style them or not on a busy morning. Simple, sleek and chic are the best words to describe this ladylike side pony that can easily take you from the office to cocktails with your co-workers.

Simple Side Ponytail for Medium Hair


39. Faux Hawk Ponytail

Go a little bit rock ‘n’ roll with your side pony by creating a cool faux hawk. Style a Dutch braid down the middle of the head and pull at its parts so it transforms into a mohawk-like shape. Now all you need is a guitar and some backup singers!

Braided Mohawk With Ponytail


40. Wavy Free-Flowing Messy Ponytail

Besides having envy-worthy hair that looks like you just stepped out of the salon, one of the best things about a great hairstyle is that it’s easy to achieve. Sure, expertly sculpted and coiffed hair looks amazing, but for the average woman who doesn’t have the skill set or the time to complete it, simple and stylish-looking ‘dos are essential. This effortless blonde ponytail features twisted sides and backcombed tresses that help form the ponytail with a feminine look – and that’s easy to achieve.

Side Messy Ponytail with a Twist


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