40 Сharming Short Fringe Hairstyles for Any Taste and Occasion

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#3: Short and Sweet Bob with Bangs

These blunt bangs show up in the most popular Pinterest pictures occasionally. They’re a great way to keep hair completely out of the face, while sticking to the same arched shape. The below-the-earlobes length blends beautifully with the jaw line.

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These days many women on the go prefer short hairstyles with fringe. They are easy to style at home and there’s always a solution to flatter your face shape and enhance the beauty of your facial features. Our review includes short haircuts and hairstyles with short and elongated bangs, interesting hair color solutions and hair texture ideas for straight and curly hair. You will be surprised at how different you may look with short hair, changing the style and length of your fringe.

The Brightest Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Let’s check the ideas.

#1: The Flapper Reborn

This bob, complete with a full bang is a take on the iconic Flapper look of the early 1920’s. Imagine a long pearl necklace, shapeless mid-calf dress, and a real good time on the town! Keep the bottom one length with tapering only in the back. The arched shape of bangs above the eyebrows pairs well with the cut.

#2: Long Pixie Cut

Looking for a fresh style for short bangs haircut? Check out this pixie cut! Shorter layered hair in the back keeps it tidy, and the bangs swept to the side give some extra dimension to the cut above the ears. Trim the edges with scissors to texturize.

#3: Short and Sweet Bob with Bangs

These blunt bangs show up in the most popular Pinterest pictures occasionally. They’re a great way to keep hair completely out of the face, while sticking to the same arched shape. The below-the-earlobes length blends beautifully with the jaw line.

#4: Fire Engine Red Tapered Bob with Bangs

An asymmetrical bob with blunt straight bangs is a good solution for thick hair. The bangs create a smooth line all the way across the forehead and help to get rid of the bulk around the face. The angles of the cut are well-balanced, giving structure to the bottom line. A fabulous, clean style!

#5: Asymmetrical Annie Pixie Cut

Haircuts with short bangs do not have to be smooth and sleek! No ma’am! These uneven short bangs show off more of the eyes and definitely make a statement! The asymmetrical sides and back create an almost fluid appearance, like you’re ready to take on anything!

#6: Fun Full-Bodied Bob with Bangs

Any cute short, curly look is better with bangs! And this bob proves it, creating a smooth point cut bang that rests just above the eyebrows. The lush waves create a wonderful texture and show off the layers, enhanced by highlights and lowlights.

#7: Magenta Bob with Medium Bangs

For a look that works with short to medium bangs and straight hair, this is THE go-to style! Create some medium length jagged bangs and style the front pieces of your bob playfully flipped (not necessarily both inward).

#8: Sweet Bob with Side Swept Bangs

These side swept bangs pair beautifully with the highlighted tousled layers. Who said short bangs hairstyles can’t be one-of-a-kind? When you don’t know what else you can do to customize your bob, frost the ends, adding highlights, to finish the look!

#9: Shaggy Pixie Cut with Bangs

Short styles for fine hair that is wavy are easy, because the hair sits naturally, and the shorter length makes it simple to style and maintain. The feathered texture like in the photo is sassy and very flattering for both young and mature women.

#10: Sleek and Sexy Long Bob with Bangs

Styles with bangs for black women are very popular, and this is a great example! These straight bangs and long bob perfectly frame the face, with the accurate curve that brings out the eyes and cheekbones. The subtle highlights are so flattering!

#11: Platinum Blonde Bob with Side Curtain Bangs

Looking for something with side bangs? Then this is the style for you! A very pale platinum is popular in short haircuts, and we love this hair color solution here!

#12: Long and Choppy Takes the Cake

Now this is something… completely different! A layered, off-center, long choppy bob with a slanted fringe creates a great look to complement a round face. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this one! Just toss out the ruler and see what happens.

#13: Slick Ricki Medium Length Angled Bob with Bangs

We love this monochromatic color of dark hair, and the straight across bangs complement the lines of the face very well, bringing out the eyes. A collar-bone A-line bob accents the neckline and gives an impression of long hair.

#14: Two-Tone Short Bob with Bangs

Short straight hair has many advantages. It doesn’t require any particular tricks like pinning, tucking or braiding to look beautiful as it is. Short bangs give a careless youthful look that is a pleasure to wear and a breeze to style if you’ve got the right cut.

#15: Straight Blonde Bob with Thin Bangs

Delicate shades of blonde hair are always in fashion…always! This cut stands out with its extra straight fringe and the chopped bottom line.

#16: Red Textured Pixie Cut with Swoop Bangs

These swoop bangs make a bold statement with very short hair, and you won’t have to say a word. Unless someone asks how you created that awesome hairstyle, of course! These chunky overtones in magenta and rust give you a funky fresh look every time you open your eyes. Style with a lift at the roots and define the ends for the perfect multi-tonal feathers.

#17: Desert Sunset Ombre Long Bob

This ombre coloring added to bob haircut with short bangs gives a brighter look to red hair. The blonde babylights for framing brighten the face, creating a very soft feminine look with a zest. Add side bangs plus complimentary earrings, and get the look set for success!

#18: Short and Pointed Angled Blonde Bob

These front bangs are for those who may not want to commit to a full stack of pancakes. The back is stacked to control the length, but some of the strands from the part are left longer (to be combed forward and give some height).

#19: Coal Black Angled Bob with Bangs

A great idea when looking for how to style black hair is this amazing sculpted style. A short stack in the back makes it a simple look to maintain. Create a curved line by leaving just a bit of length in front at the ends and molding those pieces with a product and comb.

#20: Dark and Moody Bob with Bangs

Hairstyles with short bangs will be popular for many years to come. If you have dark hair, you’ll look great with a monochromatic bob. Style with a product like mousse or texturizing spray for an effortless texture and frizz control.

#21: Curly Pixie With A Short Fringe

You may think that fringe doesn’t look good on curly hair, but Audrey Tautou proves us it does. The actress is wearing the short arched fringe that is a signature feature of her short hairstyles. This choppy pixie for curly hair is adorable!

#22: Short Fringe With Cute Flicks

The universal pixie of Robin Wright looks unique thanks to the fun flicks in her bangs. These will add movement to your fringe and liveliness to your hairstyle in whole. You may pair this type of bangs with short or medium hair.

#23: Cool Short Hairstyle With Fringe

Jaimie Alexander’s edgy bob looks ultra chic thanks to its special texture and lovely A-line silhouette. It’s made on the base of a razored bob with the length at the nape. Medium-length side bangs are the optimal compliment to the look.

#24: Blunt Platinum Bob

A short straight bob with horizontal bangs is a classy hairstyle in any hair color. Lil Mama uses a platinum wig. Some stylists now refer to a wig as to a new type of accessory that helps you to change cardinally whenever you are in the mood.

#25: Short Side Fringe Hairstyle With Highlights And Extra Shine Finish

We often style short hair with lots of texture and definition, but it may look great in sleek hairstyles as well. Alexia Rasmussen wears a short haircut with elongated side bangs, side-parted and styled smooth and sleek with a flat iron.

#26: Shaggy Bob With Extra Short Fringe

When you choose to style a mind-blowing hairstyle, extravagant in silhouette, texture and color, you may come up with something like this. Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land goes for a style that lets her feel free of any conventionalities. Scuba blue hair color, shaggy texture and cropped bangs are exactly what’s needed!

#27: Short Blonde Hairstyle With Soft Point Cut Bangs

Michelle Williams is the embodiment of femininity in this photo. Despite the short hair length, the actress looks very tender. The neat side-swept fringe only enhances the feel of the utmost softness and harmony, this look oozes.

#28: Short Hair, Fringe, A-Line Silhouette

Valorie Curry looks like a teenage girl with short hair. Her haircut and hairstyle are inspired by the chic looks of Twiggy – model, actress and style icon of the ’60. The side fringe like Valerie’s goes perfect with short sleek hairstyles.

#29: Short Sleek Vintage Hairstyle With A Finger Wave

The short sleek hairstyle of Jessie J is reminiscent of the ’20. Short hair and glossy finger waves were very popular a hundred years ago… And they are still in demand, especially for red-carpet looks. Gel and hair clips will help you to recreate this passionate look from the past.

#30: Short Tousled Hairstyle

When you can’t decide whether to style your fringe straight onto the forehead or slanted, there’s one more idea – to lift it. Karen Gillan’s cute tousled hairstyle with teased roots will flatter any face shape, except long and diamond-shaped faces.

#31: Extra Short Fringe Hairstyle

Victoria Summer decides on the extra short length and rich monochromatic dark brown hair color to accentuate the cool tone of her skin and icy blue eyes. The first impression you get from the look is that of the Snow Queen. Victoria’s fringe was finished by the deep point cutting technique.

#32: Thick Cropped Poker Straight Fringe

Rooney Mara’s fringe is ideal for brunettes with dramatic looks. Women with dramatic appearance have faces with predominance of straight vertical and horizontal lines – eye-brows and eyes, lips, facial contours. The strict horizontal bangs flatter such faces immensely! The actress often pairs this statement type of bangs with a low pony or a sleek knot at the nape and bright red lips, of course!

#33: Edgy Short Haircut With Fringe

A fringe can either complement your hairstyle or serve as its accent. Halle Berry’s edgy pixie is enhanced by the sharply angled fringe. Styling this haircut shaggy with a definition for the feathers, you’ll get an impressive short hairstyle to turn heads.

#34: Short Blonde Hairstyle With Jagged Bangs

Jaime Pressly’s hair style is getting shorter and shorter with every new cut, but the new image really flatters the actress. Her pixie with a short fringe highlights the beautiful feminine features of Jaime’s face. She looks gorgeous even when she doesn’t smile.

#35: Textured Pixie With A Neat Fringe

Ginnifer Goodwin is an invariable participant of any review with short hairstyles. No other celebrity with a round face can wear a pixie in so many versatile and cute ways. This time it’s a textured style with a lift at the roots and a neat side-combed fringe.

#36: Short Layered Hairstyle With Fringe

Short bob hairstyles may look equally showy with long or short fringes. The type and length of a fringe is chosen according to your face shape. Cameron Diaz has a round face. She opts for long swoopy bangs that look great with her layered bob.

#37: Short Curly Hairstyle With Fringe

The hairstyle of Dutch model Saskiade Brauw is a good example to demonstrate how a graded fringe may add volume to fine locks, especially when you do the right styling. The accent here is made on the layered texture.

#38: Short Hairstyle With Long Fringe And Dimensional Hair Color

A short layered haircut plus a dimensional hair color is a guarantee of a gorgeous hairstyle. Chelsea Kane’s cut is easy to style with a root volumizer or mousse for added volume. The side point cut fringe looks absolutely authentic in this style.

#39: Short Grunge Style With A Side Sweep

A grunge hairstyle is a perfect hair idea for a party. Kristen Stewart’s short haircut features a cool asymmetry and fabulous shattered texture with edgy ends. When styled with a side sweep, the bangs blend with the angled locks.

#40: Collarbone Bob With Slanting Bangs

Ryan Simpkins knows that a bob with elongated front pieces in combination with side bangs has a slimming effect and suits girls with a round face shape. You may slightly curl the ends inwards for the added softness and tenderness of the style.

A fringe is a crucial part of your hairstyle that lets you change each time you change its length and style. Sleek or tousled, straight or curly, horizontal, side or arched, short or long… Which type of short hairstyle with fringe has caught your eye today?

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