Charlotte Grainger
Updated on January 17, 2024

Every now and then we get an itch for something new. You may well be thinking about redefining your image. This time, why not take things to a whole new level? Never fear — there’s a whole host of daring, intriguing trends that you may want to try for yourself. Ideal for these warmer months, the shaved pixie cut will shake up your style in one swift chop. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Pull Off the Shaved Pixie

Since way back in the early 2000s, pixie hair has become and remained one of the major trends for fashion-forward women. It’s only very recently, though, that the shaved aesthetic has become part of the makeup of this one. Whether you opt for a full-shaved side or just a little indent here and there, there are plenty of ways to make this work for you.

1. Modern Buzz-Cut

This take on the classic buzz-cut allows you to unleash your wild side without it being too extreme. Reminiscent of the ‘70s and 80’s punk scene, it takes an edgy, strong lady to pull this one off. Try a shocking white color tone to take it to the next level.

2. The Sleek Crop

Here’s a shaved pixie cut ideal for day-to-day life, whether you’re heading to the office or hitting a bar for some post-work drinks. With one side shaved and the other slicked back into healthy, shiny looking locks, there’s so much to adore about it.

3. Swept-Over Style

Celebs such as Ruby Rose and Miley Cyrus have previously rocked this one. It is not for the faint of heart. This cut portrays a strong and powerful image; hence it suits a lady who is truly in control of her mind and destiny.

4. Textured Undercut

Blonde and pastel tones, as well as two-tone looks are in trend, so why not get on board? The juxtaposition between the severe undercut and the softer here creates an interesting dynamic. It’s extreme but, somehow, it works.

5. Powder Pink Pixie

Short, choppy styles like the classic pixie offer you the chance to experiment — fancy getting ultra colorful? Paired with a shaved nape and some creative sheer indents, this style can be set off effortlessly. You’re free to play around a tad with shaved sides pixie cuts. Try powder tones to figure out what works.

6. The Feathered Cut

For a more casual take on the pixie, you may wish to opt for some subtle feathering. Natural colors such as browns, blondes, and even grays tend to complement this one. It’s worth considering your face shape here — slim, petite faces are ideal.

7. Chic Curled Mohawk

It’s time to get glam. This rocky look is underpinned by undeniable class. The soft curls along with the metallic dye create a visual masterpiece. The locks have been gently teased to one side yet still left to roam free.

8. The Boyish Cut

A shaved sides pixie cut is the epitome of ambiguity. The asexual trend has surged in popularity over the last few years with celebrities such as Cara Delevingne championing it. It’s no great wonder then that so many people are now opting for simple boyish locks such as the variant seen here.

9. Asymmetric Undercut

Queen of the mods — this ultra-contemporary undercut is polished yet carefree. It’s the tiny details here, such as the indented patterns, that set this one apart from others. Notice the waved back locks here.

10. Quirky Quiff

And now, for something a little bit different. This flexible chop can be worn two ways – swept back in a sleek quiff or forward in a flattering fringe. Opting for graduated shaving makes this uber feminine.

11. Short and Snappy Haircut

Creating texture within a shaved pixie style will always be majorly flattering, especially if you happen to have a rather pixie-like stature. The naturally falling strands along with shaved sides make a striking statement.

12. Pixie with Paneled Color

Whilst paneling your color may seem very ‘90s, it’s making a comeback with this new-wave version of the fad. The shaven undercut with detailing sets off the colored top layer; just like a real piece of art.

13. Subtle Moho Hairstyle

Pixie cuts are on trend, but you definitely have a certain freedom to wear them as suits your personality. The slight moho flick is original and daring. Still, the feathered sides add a level of femininity.

14. The Sassy ‘Updo’

There are two separate levels here; the shaved nape with artwork and the sophisticated, tousled ‘updo’. You may think that they are completely opposing themes, yet they work to complement one another, adding a sassy nature to the classic cut.

15. The Swept-Back Cut

Swept-back locks scream femininity and glamor, but you don’t always have to grow super long hair to rock this look. Adding some shaven sections along with a little length on top means that you can work it without the hassle.

16. Asian Shaved Pixie

This maverick take on a classic short women’s hairstyle is determined to turn heads. While keeping certain fullness to the hair, the radical cut will allow you to unleash your inner free spirit. Ideal for both work and play.

17. Pastel Pink Pixie Undercut

To dye or not to dye — that is the question? If you’re ready to experiment with your image, coloring your hair brightly will just do the trick. Opting for a half shaved pixie cut — the shaved back of head and unkempt top – offers a punky twist to the ladylike tone.

18. Cascading Curls with Shaved Undercut

Adding texture to a pixie cut can be particularly challenging, especially when you take much of the length off. If you’re having trouble with this look, try some tousled curls that drop heavily to one side. Elegantly charming.

19. The Shaven Detail Haircut

The shaven style lends itself aptly to creative hair art. Choosing to include an ‘out there’ design within the makeup of your hairstyle may seem like a leap, but it’s worth it when it looks as whimsical as this.

20. Cropped Cut

You can work this crop cut with either only one side shaved or a complete undercut. What’s more, blowing the top layer of hair out adds the smooth and glossy effect of our dreams. Face it, you can never go wrong with a simple shaved sides pixie cut like this one.

The cardinal rule when it comes to paying homage to the shaved pixie cut is to add a hint of your personal style to it. It’s not merely about lobbing off your locks and leaving them dull and plain. Instead, you can create a sense of fun and freedom with your hair that’s as unique as you are. Go ahead — dare to chop.

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