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Updated on May 01, 2023
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12. Highlighted Perm Bob Haircut

Perm hairstyles are versatile and appealing. Take, for instance, this style. This curly perm boasts bouncy curls with a bit of texture at the top. The dark roots are broken up by blonde highlights, which adds depth and allows the spirals to standout.

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We have some very specific memories stored when asked “What is a perm?” This is usually asked by a younger person who has not had a chance to experience permed bangs, big hair, and Aqua Net which are better to be left in the 80’s. Instead, let’s say “hello” to the cool modern hairstyles for permed hair!

Perm Hair Update

Modern perm is not restricted to extra voluminous frizzy hair of the past. Now you can vary the size and tightness of your curls ending up with a personalized hairstyle that does not shout “Oh, yeah, it’s a perm!”

1. Dynamic Irregular Perm Waves

Curls are anything but regular and symmetrical. In fact, the thing that makes curly hair so mesmerizing is that it’s never the same anytime you style it. A perm will give you permanent waves, and because of the irregularity of curls, you may enjoy completely new hairstyles everyday!

2. Shoulder-Length Medium Perm Curls

These bouncy shoulder-length curls don’t look like the old perm hair at all. The mane is healthy and free of frizzies, and the subtle highlights add definition and texture, contributing to the overall sense of volume and thickness.

Shoulder-Length Brown Perm Hair With Highlights

Instagram / @jewelssims

3. Over 40 Perm Lob for Gray Hair

Loose curls are voluminous and flattering on most women. They frame the face and neck softly camouflaging imperfections that come with age. The side part and peek-a-boo bangs do an excellent job in this direction.

Gray Perm Lob With Loose Curls

Instagram / @soraverly

4. Medium Perm Hair with Highlights

There are many curl pattern options for medium length hair because you have enough length to do tight or loose curls, and you don’t have to worry about them being too heavy around your face. Curly bangs can sometimes look childish, so pin them back to show off your face.

shoulder length perm hair

Instagram / @sammyyhelms

5. Permed Bob

Don’t be afraid of too much volume or texture in short perm hairstyles. As long as you have layers throughout your cut, you don’t have to worry about it looking like a poodle or being too curly. This is a way to keep you cut looking current.

perm for medium thick hair

Instagram / @channiespink

6. Spiral Perm Style for Fine Hair

The modern perm is much more wearable, and it can be styled with a deep side part. This parting helps soften features and complement your appearance, plus it gives the illusion of a thinner face. Go for a spiral perm to get these classically curly tresses.

Medium Chocolate Perm Hairstyle

Instagram / @dogancammm

7. Beachy Blonde Waves

Nothing says boho beach babe like long blonde waves! This wavy perm is perfect for someone wanting a low maintenance, natural-looking coif that’s full of volume and personality. TIP: Layers throughout will help cut down on the poof!

Long Brown Blonde Perm Hair

Instagram / @mirkatarvainen

8. Off-Center Curly Highlighted Hairstyle

There are many different types of perms, so you are not restricted solely to super kinky ringlets. You may opt for a wavy perm that sits nicely when kept at the shoulder length. Part your hair a little off center to let the loose curls fall where they may.

Wavy Perm For Medium Hair

Instagram / @lucyjacobi

9. Perm Bob with Large Curls

If you’re looking for a short hair perm with big curl, you can find it in the pretty, slightly messy chin-length bob. The shapely tendrils roam around the face and add a sassy edge to the feminine hairstyle.

10. The Traditional Perm 2.0

These days women with perms are showing off new ways to rock them, with the future in mind. These skinny curls snake around to give volume, depth, and body to the shoulder length hair. Bangs in front offer a glowy effect, as the whole face in accented by bright blonde curls.

medium blonde perm hairstyle

Instagram / @salon_grace

11. Long Blonde Balayage Shag with Perm Waves

It’s every girl’s dream to have permanent waves that look very natural. So why not give the beach wave perm a try? Perms for long hair tend to ooze shaggy, 1970s vibes, perfect for hair with a bright blonde balayage. With this style, don’t be afraid to let your natural roots show.

Blonde Loosely Waved Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairbytk

12. Highlighted Perm Bob Haircut

Perm hairstyles are versatile and appealing. Take, for instance, this style. This curly perm boasts bouncy curls with a bit of texture at the top. The dark roots are broken up by blonde highlights, which adds depth and allows the spirals to standout.

13. Black Layered Perm Waves

Wavy perm can provide an exciting twist to ordinary straight hair because it adds extra body and life to otherwise flat and dull strands. The locks look natural and shiny and can be parted on the side or in the middle, depending on your mood. The hairstyle is also long enough to pull up into a bouncy ponytail or a loose curly updo.

Longer Wavy Perm Hair

Instagram / @magiccitybeauty

14. Large Loose Perm Curls

If you have a more classic vision and prefer big, loose permed styles, you’ll love the look of these large bouncy curls. Spiral perms aren’t for the faint-hearted, for you’ll have to wear this hairdo with all the confidence of an ‘80s pop star! To make the perm look a little bit more natural, run your fingers lightly through your locks to separate some of the curls.

15. Shoulder-Length Ash Blonde Perm Hairstyle

A short hair perm is a great way to amp up the natural volume in your hair. Lovers of the tight curl are already flocking to hair salons to get this style. Finding the right length when dealing with perms can be tricky, but as a general rule of thumb, you should always anticipate about half an inch of shrinkage.

Curly Perm For Thick Hair

Instagram / @moxiehairsalon

16. Medium Layered Curls with Bangs

The medium perm creates cute shaggy ringlets that extend down to the clavicle, and the golden blonde highlights add definition to each tendril. Curly bangs frame the face. Tighter curls look best on medium layered hair.

Medium Perm With Body Wave

Instagram / @susanleestylist

17. Silver Fox Perm

Silver hair already makes a bold statement, but take it to greater heights (literally) with mountains of giant curls! This perm hair was achieved using a larger rod, resulting in big curls that gorgeously snake all around the head.

18. Shrinking Curls

Great for medium hair, these spiraled curls start loose and get tighter towards the ends. The subtle blonde highlights create depth, which helps make it look like you have twice as much hair as you actually do… yes, please!

Medium Wavy Perm

Instagram /

19. Beautiful Perm Lob for Gray Hair

This gorgeous gray permed hair retains a youthful appearance. The white combover frames the face and creates some flattering extra height to elongate and slim down the face. The lowlights add a natural touch of color and contribute to the sense of fullness and depth.

Gray Permed Hair With Lowlights

Instagram / @lamastre

20. Loose Wave Perm

Beach wave perm and spirals immediately make thin hair look more voluminous. If the final result you want to achieve is shorter hair — go for bouncy curls. Beach waves will be a better fit for those who like more casual and effortless looks.

21. Short Bob with Body-Boosting Curls

The modern bob is rather waved and tousled than sleek and perfectly straight. Permed hair gives the much needed update to the classic cropped style. A body perm provides natural root lift that won’t fall throughout the day. Keep the layers simple with this style, for the curls will give you all the volume you need.

Curly Permed Bob

Instagram / @vitoanthonysalon

22. Bob with Thin Roots-to-Ends Perm Curls

Not into huge, thick ringlets? Thin, abundant curls can provide you with the same amount of volume as the typical large chunky curls do. You can achieve this ‘do with a diffuser attachment or with a perm. The latter option is for low-maintenance girls.

23. Long Dark Wavy Hairstyle with Highlights

In case you have naturally fine hair that needs a bit of lift, consider a body wave to provide extra texture and volume. If you’ve once had your straight hair in a tight spiral perm, you know you lose a lot of length in the process. Choose to perm your hair in looser, wider curls and gain all the length back with a decent level of bounce and visual interest added. The black curly hairstyle looks healthy and shiny.

Long Shiny Spiral Perm Hairstyle

Instagram / @jlm_hairsalon

24. Tousled Wavy Perm Bob

A lob haircut is a great base for a perm. Whether you opt for a straight hair perm or loose perm curls, you’ll get a cute hairstyle that doesn’t need additional styling, unless you have a favorite product that makes your hair even more beautiful. Then apply a dab of your styling solution and be ready to shine through your day.

Long Bob With Loose Perm Curls

Instagram / @sabrinafunz

25. Long Layered Perm Hairstyle

Do you look in the mirror at your long wavy hair and feel like it’s missing that extra “oomph”? That’s because styles for long hair usually focus on the length instead of emphasizing healthy shine and overall shape. A light perm enhances your natural curl pattern without sacrificing the length you’ve achieved. Your long brown hair appears luxurious and full of volume, and the bronze highlights add some lovely shimmer.

Perm Hairstyle For Long Hair

Instagram / @rodrigovizu

26. Asymmetrical Messy Perm Bob

Women with thick, unruly hair should go with the flow and embrace their independent nature. Perm hairstyles are the perfect solution. Let your wild curly ringlets crown the head and tumble in the front in a peek-a-boo fashion. The ash brown color is enhanced by the beautiful white-blonde highlights that run through each loopy curl.

Asymmetrical Bob Perm Hairstyle

Instagram / @mahrithemaven

27. Side-Parted Lob with Tousled Curls

A messy curly perm is a carefree style you can choose when looking for a new hairdo. Part your hair deeply to the side and let some curls fall into your face for a sassy peek-a-boo effect. Don’t worry about your curls being perfectly shaped, because the messier, the better!

Messy Wavy Perm Bob

Instagram / @mrsnickjonas716

28. Natural Looking Mid Perm Hair

This perm is closer to a natural appearance than other styles, so if you’re a fan of naturally curly hair, you are free to go for it. Although many people dread the frizziness, natural perm hair is easy to manage and maintain. Plus, it suits all face shapes.

Above-the-Shoulders Thick Perm Hairstyle

Instagram /

29. Gray Perm Bob with Blonde Highlights

If you’re old enough to have some gray hairs, you’re probably also old enough to remember the time when getting perms meant a head full of super-tight curls. Things have changed over the years. Now it’s possible to try a perm that leaves your hair with textured loose waves and none of the unwanted kinks.

Wavy Perm For Gray Hair

Instagram / @capellisalon280

30. Blonde Perm Hair with Thin Defined Curls

It’s no question why perm hair is particularly common among those with naturally curly hair. The treatment calms frizz, allowing your hair’s texture and natural definition to really shine through. Opting for small, thin curls gives you the wet hair look without ever touching water.

Wet Look Perm Hairstyle

Instagram / @segroshairport

31. Short Curly Perm

Short styles are super cute when they are curly. Since you get to choose your curl pattern, be sure to opt for large curls so they don’t look too wiry or immature. Also, don’t forget to incorporate layers — especially around the nape of the neck — to provide definition.

messy perm bob

Instagram / @cpmanyhatsstylist

32. Bob with Thin Perm Curls

Not into huge, thick ringlets? Thin, abundant curls can provide you with the same amount of volume as large chunky curls do. The style is quite low maintenance: just dry your perm with a diffuser attachment for a sassy wash and go style.

Side-Parted Wavy Perm Bob

Instagram / @susanleestylist

33. Short Messy Perm Bob with Side Bangs

A short bob is effortlessly cute by itself, but it has to be carefully styled so that it won’t look like a downright mess. Use this idea as an inspiration for your own style, and stun everyone with your beautiful perm hair. The hairstyle will suit all hair types and lengths!

Short Black Perm Bob with Bangs

Instagram / @dipietrotodd

34. Wavy Perm with Deep Side Part

A good makeover can change your appearance for the best and even make you look younger. Have doubts? Then check out this gorgeous side-parted bob with a natural curl pattern! It is stunning how permed hair and the mahogany color revived this porous, fine hair. The curling process will make your locks look shorter than it is, so you’d better not cut them before getting a perm.

Short Perm Bob with Bigger Curls

Instagram / @megmdoeshairs

35. Curly Perm Pixie Bob

Traditional perm perfectly matches with blonde highlights or balayage. However, we highly recommend you be careful with bleached short permed hairstyles, as they may cause hair woes if done the wrong way. Ask your hairstylist to repeat this beautiful curly pixie bob without damaging your locks.

36. Short Rounded Perm Bob

Here’s another fabulous perm hairstyle for adding volume to thin hair! With the spiral starting at the roots, this neck-length round bob looks extremely voluminous. Besides, defined ringlets always look sexier than loose waves.

37. Spiral Perm Hairstyle with Bangs

Perming hair is all about making the hair look full and voluminous while also highlighting hair texture. This style is an ideal example of classy, flattering perm hair for thin tresses. Also, it’s a great proof that curly bangs rock.

38. Medium Cut with Tousled Perm Curls

For medium hair, you don’t want to go with too tight curls when choosing a good permed style for your texture. With hair of this length, it’s best to opt for a loose wave rather than coiled curls. Your hair will be easier to manage on a daily basis.

Medium Curly Perm Bob

Instagram / @chelseavowell

39. Copper Wavy Hair with Blunt Ends

Looking for a way to add gloss and dimension to your copper locks? Try this modern perm and a gorgeous golden copper hue. If you feel tired of using a curling iron to create loose waves and bring extra volume and shine to your lob, wave perm can be a great solution.

Blunt Bright Bob with Perm Waves

Instagram / @curlcult

40. Medium Shaggy Perm with Bangs

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a perm… This style enhanced with a warm copper tone could pass for natural. Soft spiral curls that go from root to tip provide a delicate, natural impression. Warning: people will ask to touch!

Copper Midi Shag with Perm Curls

Instagram / @malloryonhair

41. Short Partial Perm Hairstyle

At the core, perm hairstyles help create more defined locks, and this doesn’t always mean coiled curls. Here, we have a naturally wavy hair texture that has been enhanced with a perm half-length down. The ’do looks relaxed yet stylish and elegant.

Short Breezy Perm Bob

Instagram / @aoi_ofhair

42. Loose Curls for Straight Hair

If you are not a fan of a straight perm but don’t want curly hair either, consider loose natural-looking waves, like in the photo. It’s a great way to add texture and body to thin hair. You’ll walk away with perfect beach waves without the use of a sea salt spray.

Natural Loose Perm Waves

Instagram / @susanleestylist

43. Short Red Stacked Perm Bob

These curls look gorgeous and natural, so no one would be able to take one’s eyes off you! Make your style even more zealous by adding red highlights to your dark strands. This could be a perfect hair idea for thick hair.

Short Red Stacked Perm Bob

Instagram / @hairlekiini

44. Medium Bronde Curly Hairstyle

The tight curl style is very popular among those with thicker, coarser textures. The perm technique lets you keep the texture of your hair under control and avoid problems with styling, so you aren’t fighting with those unruly ringlets anymore. If you’re also looking to spice up your color, opt for blonde highlights and let some of your roots show through.

Spiral Curls Perm Hairstyle

Instagram / @dena_miranda

45. Perm Waves for Long Hair

If you’re crazy about curls, consider this hair perm. The hair is wrapped around the rod, creating a specific s-shape that is guaranteed to texturize your coif. For black hair with chocolate balayage, this style is a beautiful way to show off the dimension of your color.

Waist-Length Hair with Perm Waves

Instagram / @lamagiehairsalon

46. Spirals on Spirals

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a spiral perm… here’s another style that could pass for natural. Soft spiral curls that go from root to tip provide a delicate, natural impression. Warning: people will ask to touch!

Chestnut Brown Perm Hair

Instagram / @bianca.lux

47. Shoulder-Length Perm

Sometimes fine, shoulder-length hair requires some man-made pizazz, and a light, wavy perm is a great way to achieve this. Ask your stylist for a few layers to avoid too much weight at the bottom, and to keep the look current. TIP: It’s is a great option for camouflaging thinning hair.

Wavy Permed Bob

Instagram / @opop66

48. Acid Perms

It can be scary to use harsh chemicals on your hair. If you are in search of less harmful perms for medium hair, then an acid perm is the best option for you. Those who are new to this procedure should try it first because it lets you achieve loose s-shaped waves with less damage to hair than with alkaline perm.

long wavy perm hairstyle

Instagram / @hairbyanaelisa

49. Soft Ombre Perm

Probably the most desirable of permed hairstyles, a plain curl look is natural and suits many face shapes as well as different hair colors. By letting the curls float around the bottom, you can create volume that doesn’t overpower.

long hair with perm curls for the ends

Instagram / @siocleo

50. Short Soft Permed Bob

Perms may also produce modern disheveled curls. If you want something on the softer side, choose well-blended, subtle ringlets that work great with a bob. Opt for long side bangs that flow beautifully into the rest of your hair.

Perm hairstyles of shorter length are no longer your only option! Is your mind racing with ideas? Then, grab the phone, and make an appointment with your hairstyling expert today! Get ready for compliments from everyone who is brave enough to approach you!

Voluminous Wavy Permed Hair Shoulder-Length Brown Perm Hair With Highlights Gray Perm Lob With Loose Curls shoulder length perm hair perm for medium thick hair Medium Chocolate Perm Hairstyle Long Brown Blonde Perm Hair Wavy Perm For Medium Hair Short Hair Perm With Big Curl medium blonde perm hairstyle Blonde Loosely Waved Hairstyle Bleached Perm Lob Hairstyle Longer Wavy Perm Hair Perm With Large Bouncy Curls Curly Perm For Thick Hair Medium Perm With Body Wave Short-To-Medium Gray Permed Hair Medium Wavy Perm Gray Permed Hair With Lowlights Shoulder-Grazing Messy Perm Bob Curly Permed Bob Mid-Length Permed Hair Long Shiny Spiral Perm Hairstyle Long Bob With Loose Perm Curls Perm Hairstyle For Long Hair Asymmetrical Bob Perm Hairstyle Messy Wavy Perm Bob Above-the-Shoulders Thick Perm Hairstyle Wavy Perm For Gray Hair Wet Look Perm Hairstyle messy perm bob Side-Parted Wavy Perm Bob Short Black Perm Bob with Bangs Short Perm Bob with Bigger Curls Short Blonde Bob with Perm Curls Neck-Length Golden Brown Perm Bob Medium Layered Brunette Perm Hairstyle Medium Curly Perm Bob Blunt Bright Bob with Perm Waves Copper Midi Shag with Perm Curls Short Breezy Perm Bob Natural Loose Perm Waves Short Red Stacked Perm Bob Spiral Curls Perm Hairstyle Waist-Length Hair with Perm Waves Chestnut Brown Perm Hair Wavy Permed Bob long wavy perm hairstyle long hair with perm curls for the ends Curly Messy Perm Bob