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Updated on December 18, 2023

A deep side part can instantly create a dramatic look featuring impressive extra volume. Unlike a usual side part, a deeper division starts about one inch to the side where your hair parts naturally. Scroll down for the best tips on how to style your cut with a deep side part and the selection of hairstyles to start off with this type of parting.

Who Should Wear a Deep Side Part?

While the middle part is definitely in trend now, there are many occasions where a deep part would be a better option. One of the most common reasons to style a deep side part is to add body to fine, thin locks. Use some volumizing spray or get a large body wave with a round brush or a large-barrel curling iron for a sassy deep side part hairstyle.

Deep Side Part Lob for Thin Hair

Instagram / @rodrigues_ricardo

A deep side part creates instant volume at the top of your head, which also makes it ideal for visually elongating round face shapes. This short hair with a deep side part is the ultimate proof. It is also a nice way to camouflage a strong square jaw. Use a blow dryer, aiming directly at the part to hold it in place and create definition.

Deep Side Part Short Hair Style

Instagram / @huecolorstudio

Adding deep side parts to middle-length and long curly hairstyles can help you avoid a triangle haircut look. Side swept style is also an excellent way to show off your natural curls.

Weave with a deep side part is an extremely popular protective style for beauties with natural hair. Add some Hollywood waves to the long straight hair, and the red carpet is yours to conquer.

Another good reason to style a deep side part is to change up your look without any dramatic haircut. Just look at this carefree tousled look! The nice layers on one side are nothing but the ends of the long bob flipped over to the opposite side. Fine hair may be slippery, so you’ll have to use some salt spray to add texture and then fix the style in place with a strong hold spray.

Hair Flipped to One Side for Volume

Instagram / @brianaguilarhair

Deep Side Part Hairstyles

Want to style a more intricate hairstyle featuring a deep side part? Here are 10 ideas with my step-by-step tutorials.

1. Braided Baret Updo

Who needs a hat when you can make one with your hair! Easily achieve this braided beret updo by sectioning off a part in the front by deep parting your hair to one side and then parting it behind your ear on the heavier side! Then braid the front part and pin it up in a circular motion leaving a bit of the braid down onto your forehead! Make a circle bun in the back and pin, and your upstyle is done!

Two Buns Hairstyle with Deep Part

2. Spanish Flower Updo

It is easy to achieve this beautiful Spanish-inspired style by parting your hair on one side and then gathering your hair off to another one. Make a 5 piece braid to the end of your hair and add an elastic.

Then begin to wind your hair up being careful to keep it on one side of your head. Start with the top of the braid and pin as you go (I use @frenchieshairpins because they are fuzzy and never slip out). Then wind hair around and around until you reach the middle, tuck the end of your braid inside the middle part of the braid – it should look like a flower! Then find any flower clips and arrange them in your hair how you wish! Spray your hair for better hold.

Spanish Inspired Hairstyle for Long Hair

3. Chinese Staircase Braid

If you want a super unique braid that will make you stand out, this is the one for you! Simply start with a deep side part and add a mid to low ponytail. Then begin by taking a small piece of the ponytail and tying it around the ponytail, keep adding tiny pieces tying knots around the ponytail all the way to the end. Add an elastic and you are done!

Sleek Braided Hairstyle with Deep Parting

4. Butterfly Clip Braid Updo!

Clips are all the rage in 2024, from big ones to small and cute like the ones below! To make this butterfly clip braid updo, get a deep side part and braid 3 strand braid making sure you braid it off to one side. Then fold the braid under and pin crossways on your head. Then add your clips to each end of your braid updo.

Braided Do with Deep Side Part

5. Deep Side Part Queen Inspired Updo

Part your hair on one side. Take a small piece of hair at the nape of your neck, clip away the rest of your hair. Then make 2 twist braids, cross-cross them and pin to head. Begin braiding a lace braid letting the hair hang loosely over the forehead, braid to your ear, then, to the ends.

Gather the rest of your hair and make two three-strand braids. On both braids, braid 4 inches down then on the inside of the braid ONLY, pancake the braid to make it fuller but only on the inside. Add elastics, then take one of the braids and pin the braid on top of your head, making sure the braid stands on its side but only on the top of your head. Pin the braid flat to your head on the sides of your head. Make a small bun in the back out of the ends of your hair.

Then take the second 3-strand braid and pin it the same way only when pinning in the top of your head, pin it to the first braid so it sticks up higher than the second braid and looks like a crown. Then pin the braid flat to the sides of your head and make a bun in the back. Take the lace braid and pin it across your head making a small circle on the opposite side. Your Queen inspired updo is done!

Intricate Updo with Several Braids

6. Bobby Pin Art Upstyle

2024 is the year of wearing your bobby pins proudly! Start by parting hair off to one side. Then begin making your pattern across the heavier side. You can personalize your pattern! Pin your bobby pin pattern from part to your ear. Section the part behind your ear and twist it into a ballerina bun. Then take the front part of your hair and wrap it in a circle around the bun in the back. Pin well, and your style is complete!

Side Updo with Bobby Pin Design

7. Unique Knot Upstyle

Part hair in deep side part on one side. Then, working in sections, begin tying knots down the head staring with the side part. You can pin as you go, make as many rows of knots as you like. I made three rows.

Do the same thing on the other side of your head. Since you have less space, 2 rows will work fine. Then take all of your hair and tie as many knots as you can pinning the hair as you go if necessary. Make a low bun in the back, spray your hair, and you’re done!

Twists Hairstyle with Deep Side Part

8. Headband Braid

It is possible to make a beautiful braid headband using only your hair and a few pins! Part your hair off to one side. In a V-shape, take a section of hair at the nape of your neck and braid it into a four-strand braid.

Spray the top of your hair. Then place the braid around your head adding one pin at the top. Pin the end of the braid at the nape of your neck, under the rest of your hair. Now, you have a headband!

Simple Hairstyle for Long Hair

9. Mixed Braid Hairstyle

Make a deep side part. Then, make a Dutch braid on one side of your head and a French braid on the other side! Once you reach the back with both braids, gather the two braids together and begin making a fishtail braid. The key to this style is to make sure every braid you do is a little different! Once you finish the fishtail braid, add an elastic, and your style is done!

Mixing Different Plaits in One Hairstyle

10. Big Scrunchie Updo

Scrunchies are literally everywhere! I personally love the big ones the best! Make this scrunchie updo by parting your hair on one side, making a low ponytail. Then braid your hair into your favorite kind of braid! Make a simple braid bun in the back, pin well and add the scrunchie over the bun! How easy this style is?

Scrunchie Updo with Deep Side Part

As you could see, a deep side part works for any hair type and hair length. Whether you want to style a deep side part bob to add oomph and show off your best features or tame your long thick hair in a smart updo, a deep side part will sure come in handy. For long hair styling tips, follow my Instagram @elizabethyateshair and YouTube channel.

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