28 Layered Pixie Cuts Full of Style and Allure

What’s great about a layered pixie cut is the ease of styling. With a good haircut, you can pretty much enjoy a low maintenance wash-and-go while also looking your best. Ready to give it a try? Here is a layered pixie cut guide with 28 looks to use as your haircut inspiration! From soft femme hairstyles to tomboyish sharp looks, we have all the options to consider.

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#1: Blonde Bombshell Layered Pixie Cut

This blonde pixie is soft, elegant ang girly, as bombshell baby blonde and the soft pixie shape make a great combo. This haircut is a nice step into the world of layered pixie cuts, because the softness of the shape is complimentary to many face shapes.

Layered Blonde Pixie Bob

Instagram / @hirohair

#2: Layered Pixie with Edgy Vibes

This look screams cool girl. What’s nice about this pixie cut is that it has two levels, and the short areas are kept neat and sharp. The top it a little longer and disconnected from the shorter length, which gives a cool understated hidden edge to the haircut. It’s worn here with a little texture without being too spiky.

Layered Brunette Pixie with Side Bangs

Instagram / @anhcotran

#3: Tomboyish Pixie Cut

This short tomboyish layered pixie cut goes great on those of you with small facial features. Also, it’s really showing off the eyes and cheekbones. The cute bangs and the natural movement in the hair makes it a super easy to style – in this case, less is more.

Medium Brown Short Pixie with Wispy Bangs and Layers

Instagram / @giboazhair

#4: Long Layered Pixie Cut

This look is styled very nicely! It falls forward onto the face and the edges are soft, framing the forehead and the eyes area beautifully. The overall hairstyle has a bit of length through the layers, giving the wearer bouncy volume in the hair. Blow dry and finish off with a gentle hair spray, and you are good for the day.

Long Gray Pixie with Dark Root and Textured Layers

Instagram / @lcs.hairdesign

#5: Clipped Blonde Pixie Hair

The shaved sides give this ultimate cool girl blonde pixie a sharp, on point look. We love that the blonde tone remains warm and under-toned with a little darker root coming through. The shadowy effect adds another element to the haircut and it’s simply too cool.

#6: No Fuss Cowlick Pixie Cut

This look is simple and effective. The sides are buzzed super short and taken quite high. The length on the top is floppy around the fringe area because of a strong growth pattern in hair, and there’s more texture in the back. A great example of how to embrace your cowlick while going short.

Short Messy Pixie with Shaved Back and Sides

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

#7: Layered Curly Pixie Cut

This look is a great way of getting rid of unruly thick curls and simplifying your hair styling regimen while still keeping some length on top. Curly hair tends to be dense, so a layered pixie haircut is the perfect solution! Keep the curls longer on top to help them coil and give you that trendy curly bangs.

#8: Layered Waves and Feathered Edges

This layered pixie haircut is a great way of softening the harshness of hard lines throughout the hair. We love the feathery effect on the neck line, and the natural texture through this look is simply beautiful. Working with natural texture is a winning way to create something stylish.

Pixie with Wispy Layers for Naturally Wavy Hair

Instagram / @lcs.hairdesign

#9: Alternative Cropped Pixie

Do you like something a little more striking when it comes to a layered pixie cut? This look is made beautiful with length around the ears and textured-yet-boxy bangs. Combining the look with a dark hair color gives a striking alternative feel to the pixie hair. The layers worked into the cut look very cool.

Layered Pixie with Thick Bangs and Pieces in Front of Ears

Instagram / @nataliarok

#10: Copper Pixie with Layers

Due to the chic autumn hair color, this pixie haircut is giving us strong fall vibes. The fiery copper is paired nicely with a classic pixie to make a strong but chic statement. Trending at the moment, the color is sure to give your layered pixie an element of fire this season.

#11: Wispy Layers in Pixie Short Hair

Check out the movement in this haircut! This layered pixie look has dreamy whimsical vibes. The hair is almost floaty, giving it length and movement. This look is great on fine hair types but can also be created by taking weight out of thicker locks.

Messy Long Pixie with Feathered Layers

Instagram / @joeltorresstyle

#12: Layered Pixie with Mod Vibes

Taking you back to the nostalgic 60s, this pixie look has it all: curtain bangs, length in front of the ears and a little length on the neck too. This look works very well with hair that has a wave or natural kink. We love the idea of mixing the old into the new and having a layered pixie that is modern and vintage at the same time.

Choppy Pixie with Layers and Balayage Highlights

Instagram / @esther_hairtamer

#13: Undercut Pixie with Layers

You can see that this girl has super thick hair, which is probably why she chose an undercut pixie, which also gives her hair a strong shape. Taking the underneath hair off is a great way of getting rid of thick hair that is hard to style and adds a sassy shape around the head.

#14: Bold Color Layered Pixie

The styling of this pixie is almost mohawkish, giving it a punky rock element, while the green color gives some mermaid vibes. We like the way the model has a peek-a-boo color through the longer bangs, and we are all for people expressing their creativity through a hairstyle.

Edgy Green Pixie with Spiky Styling

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#15: Cute Pixie Crop

This layered pixie haircut is super chic, super cute, and super classic. Opt for a bit tousled styling and add in a bold pair of Chanel shades, and fabulous French girl look is here to come.

Cute Face Framing Pixie Cut for a Round Face Shape

Instagram / @brianaguilarhair

#16: Gradient Color Layered Pixie

This look has been tailored to suit the woman’s hairline. The unusual point in the neck has a vampy feel, but looks very cool. You can create this with a natural hairline or shave the shape in to give your pixie cut the edge over the rest. Also, the fire gradient color on short hair is an ultimate stunner.

Layered Pixie with Gradient Color and Asymmetrical Bangs

Instagram / @beto_fariaa

#17: 90s Layered Pixie Cut

We just love this classic layered pixie hair, worn brushed to one side and styled with a matte texturizing product to create separation and depth throughout the hair. Another short cut that’s all about texture and elegance.

Highly Textured Pixie Haircut with Wispy Bangs

Instagram / @rodrigocintra

#18: Mullet Pixie Look

So, this look has a lot of fun in the back! The bangs perfectly sit above her eyebrows, showing them off as a feature. The texture in the back has a mullet feel and the short side tie the look together by keeping it neat.

Pixie Mullet with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

#19: Baby Bangs and Flippy Layers

This look is very cute. Cropped baby bangs, paired with the movement in the model’s hair, create cuteness to die for. This lived-in texture works well on medium to fine hair with a natural curl. Go with light flexible styling paste for styling.

Layered Pixie Cut for Thin Wavy Hair

Instagram / @shaye.hair

#20: 80s Rebel Pixie

This 80s pixie hair cut shows a statement contrast in lengths. The fringe cascading over one side gives a rebel feel. At the same time, it is very easy to maintain and also works with a multitude of hair types.

Undercut Pixie with Long Layers on Top

Instagram / @elaynabrookehair

#21: Dusky Shades Layered Pixie Cut

This choppy pixie shouts everything trendy. The layers are cut with strong shape giving a sharpness along with the shaved sides. Soft blocks of dusky and pearly tones applied over platinum blonde make the texture stand out.

Ash Blonde and Lavender Androgynous Pixie

Instagram / @brianaguilarhair

#22: Long Top Pixie with Layers

Dark hair, short cropped sides and messy swoopy bangs framing the face – isn’t this cut pretty epic? With longer layers on top that are blended with the sides and back, you may style your pixie as neat or edgy as you want to.

Pixie Cut with Blended Layers and Flipped Over Long Top

Instagram / @joeltorresstyle

#23: Buzz Cut Layered Pixie

This has to be the boldest look on the list, and we love it. It’s super daring and would be very easy to manage daily. Paired with a nice set of earrings, it is certainly a head turner.

Female Skin Fade Pixie with Short Bangs

Instagram / @salsalhair

#24: Curled Long Pixie

Do you like creating those sassy waves with a curling iron? Well, the pixie cut doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your experiments, just keep those layers a little longer and learn some short hair curling hacks. Master those mini-irons, and you will be set for impressive volume and styling fun.

#25: High-Definition Layers

Considering an undercut for that clean line between the different lengths? Or maybe a blocky color that is high in fashion right now? This look may be the statement layered pixie cut you’re looking for!

Dark Red Layered Pixie with Short Undercut

Instagram / @bailey_aesthetics

#26: Face Framing Wolf Cut Pixie

This looks with face framing soft bangs and texture throughout is great for those of you who want a messy pixie cut feel. The bangs are shorter in the middle with the hair pushed outwards, creating a curtain bangs effect.

Grown Out Pixie Look with Shaggy Layers

Instagram / @torrie.hart.hair

#27: Tapered Layers Pixie Hair

The super short female fade worked into tapered sides is very 80s and wearable for a lot of face shapes. The length on top with a mohawk styling adds impressive height, elongating the face. Bold and fun!

#28: Cool Black Pixie with Long Bangs

The cut is a classic and timeless layered pixie but it also features length at the front for a soft feminine look. The longer bangs can be parted or swept to either side, which makes this cut great for those of you who like short yet versatile hairstyles.

Short Black Layered Pixie with Long Fringe

Instagram / @donovanmillshair

Layers work wonders when it’s time to create the right volume and shape in pixie short hair. Show your dream style to your stylist and let them create the hairstyle that is flattering and reflects your character.