20 Cute Fall Hair Colors and Highlights Ideas

Autumn is here, and we are eager to make some pretty changes to our looks. The best thing to start with would be choosing from these lovely fall hair colors to upgrade our hairstyles for a complete wow effect. We’ve put together this list of our top picks from the most prominent hair color trends of this year, and you’re bound to find something you like no matter what your base color is or what hairstyles you prefer.

Fall Hair Colors Ideas

You will surely find here some sophisticated reds, rich velvety browns, complex blondes, as well as gorgeous ombre and highlights ideas.

#1: Mahogany with Tangerine Underparts

This beautiful color works wonderful for medium to long hair, especially if you like hot hair colors and aren’t afraid of looking stunning and attracting attention. Choose your most flattering reddish brown shade for the base, and get the ombre bits in shades of the best fall hair colors – auburn, light copper, golden, tangerine or strawberry blonde.

#2: Half Red Half Blonde

For this style, you will need shorter layered hair, like in the photo. Choose warm tones and light shades from reds and blondes for a fully awesome colorful effect. You can also expect to obtain some wonderful copper shades in the middle, where the two main colors meet. It will make fallen maple leaves pale in comparison!

#3: Cool-Toned Gray Blonde

Hair color ideas designed for blondes usually all revolve around warm and yellow-ish tones. The cool toned blonde with darkened roots and platinum ends looks exquisite and sophisticated. This is precisely what makes it one of the most interesting ideas for this fall. Time to revive the platinum blonde and voluminous medium bobs from the 80s, for a super power-charged look.

#4: Black Hair with Burgundy Ombre

With Marsala being the top color of the year, all shades of red wine as solid colors or in combinations with other hues make wonderful choices of hair colors for fall. Here is one of the best color ideas for brunettes this season.


#5: Curly Chocolate into Caramel Ombre

This gorgeous blend of browns is ranging from dark chocolate roots to golden brown tips, and it can successfully complement any skin tone. We’d recommend it more for those with naturally dark hair colors because it will let you avoid the growing roots problem.

#6: Dark Cherry Highlights

Highlights over dark hair colors often involve dramatic-looking blonde strands, but one of the hottest hair color ideas of this year suggests highlights of dark wine tones. Your hair will look as if it’s touched by a gorgeous and luscious dark cherry shade. Again we recommend this idea for brunettes with naturally dark hair.

#7: Delicate Chestnut Ombre

This warm brown ombre doesn’t stand out as too daring, so it’s perfect for brunettes looking to make only a small change instead of experimenting with the wildest color ideas. Brown chocolate and chestnut tones are among the trendiest hair colors for fall.

#8: Cool-Toned Medium Brown

This is another example of a gorgeous cool-toned look, one of the most interesting hair color ideas for brown hair you could possibly try. Talk to your stylist to find out what color combination you need to obtain such a refined shade.

#9: Burgundy Highlights

So, what else interesting is there in hair colors trends? Again, if you’re not looking for a big change in your looks, consider obtaining this hot hair color for brunettes with the addition of burgundy highlights. The rich cherry coke color looks wonderful on long thick locks!

#10: Cool Blonde Highlights for Light Brown Hair

Here’s another example of adding cool tones to warm toned hair. This highlighted composition is a very interesting pick from the fall hair colors 2021. It will look particularly beautiful if your hair is rather long and you curl it up to allow all of those cold platinum and grey highlights to shine through and set each other off.


#11: Mysterious Copper Curls

In case you like lighter shades of red that don’t look too artificial, then copper is definitely this fall’s choice for you. If you style your hair all messy and curly with this color, the hue will look even lovelier and attuned to the fall setting.

#12: Cute Red and Blonde Highlights

Why not to go all the way with your fall-themed highlights and do both blonde and red at once? You will certainly look stunning, and the cute combination is also among hot hair colors of this fall.

#13: Delicious Chocolate Ombre

The greatest thing about this chocolate ombre is how smooth and soft it looks: both browns are delicious, and they blend harmoniously. This is a classy ombre variation of dark hair colors and an elegant idea of fall hair colors for brunettes.

#14: Classy Dark Brown

Just a simple, natural-looking and classy dark chestnut brown to enhance the contrast of your looks if you have dark brown or bright-colored eyes. It’s certainly ideal for brunettes who don’t plan a radical hair color change.

#15: Copper Blonde Curls

A nice color, resembling warm caramel or dulce de leche tones, flattering for blondes with green or blue eyes. If you style your hair curly after getting it dyed in this color, you’ll definitely be sporting one of the hottest hair color trends of this fall.

subtle copper red ombre

Instagram/ @hairbykarissa

#16: Pure Silver Gray

You’ve probably seen the gray color trend popping up in your news feed since last year, and, surprisingly enough, this cool silver tone is one of the best hair colors for fall you could possibly choose, if you have the courage. It’s easier for blondes to give this wonderful idea a try.


#17: Warm Chocolate Afro

Just look at how warm, delicious and chocolate-like this color looks! Everyone sporting a short to medium Afro should try it this fall, in order to become a new hair sensation everyone will be talking about.

#18: Beautiful Copper Blonde

The advantage of this great color for blondes is that it looks very natural, and it’s basically the best fall-attuned version of a strawberry blonde with more red in it. Feel free also to try it if you’re not a natural blonde.

#19: Funky Lavender-Toned Copper

The basic copper hair gets a purple make-over in one of the most sophisticated fall hair colors 2021 brings. Sport it over a month and then switch back to your usual copper or brown if you get bored with it.

#20: Golden Caramel with Highlights

The last entry on our list is these gorgeous and angel-like long golden caramel locks, ideal for blondes and for brunettes. You should definitely try it if you’ve noticed soft lighter tones to look good on you (usually such a light golden brown compliments many different skin tones).

This was our list of top fall hair colors for 2021. No matter which one you choose to experiment with, we’ll sure you’ll make a great choice. Some of the listed ideas work better for dark hair colors and others are more suited for blondes, but virtually everyone can find a pretty color trend in this list, to make their hair in tune with natural fall colors.

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