35 Gorgeous Fall Hair Colors Trending for Autumn 2021

Autumn brings a handful of gorgeous shades into the nature around us, and we are all too eager to fit in. Have you already started choosing from these lovely fall hair colors to upgrade your hairstyles?

We’ve put together the list of our top picks from the most prominent fall hair color trends of 2021, so you’re bound to find something you like, no matter what your base color is or what hairstyles you prefer.

Best Fall Hair Color Ideas

Scroll down to find some sophisticated reds, rich browns, and muted blondes that work best as fall hair colors. Get up to date with the latest hair color trends to turn heads this autumn.

#1: Chestnut Brown

This super trendy shag doesn’t need a special introduction, but the intense one-process chestnut shade does just that. One of the best colors for fall 2021, the rich warm brown is sure to make your hairstyle stand out.

#2: Golden Blonde

While blonde hair is a good choice no matter the season, dark and golden blonde shades prevail among fall hair colors. These caramel highlights look perfectly to the point on the natural dark blonde base.

Dark Blonde Hair with Highlights

Instagram / @romeufelipe

#3: Mysterious Copper Curls

If you like lighter shades of red that don’t look too artificial, then copper is definitely this fall’s choice for you. If you style your hair messy and curly with this color, the hue will look even lovelier and attuned to the fall setting.

Copper Fall Hair Color

Instagram / @chancellarwelch

#4: Delicious Chocolate

The greatest thing about chocolate color is that it looks natural and gives stunning definition to your features. Golden blonde face-framing highlights warm up the look perfectly. An elegant fall hair color idea for brunettes!

Brown Hair with Face Framing Highlights

Instagram / @hairbymickk

#5: Creamy Blonde Hair

Buttery blonde is among the best hair colors for dark skin that will make your curls and coils pop, without making the gentle hair structures go through several sessions of bleaching. Keeping the roots dark will make the hairstyle both trendy and low maintenance.

#6: Bronze Hair

Full of glowing golden tones, bronze is one of the most desired fall hair colors. Lighter cinnamon tones close to the face give the right accent to this style and serve a good reason to admire the colorist and the salon.

Bronze Hair Shades for Fall 2021

Instagram / @hairbymickk

#7: Dark Brown with Caramel Highlights

Gorgeous long dark brown locks with caramel highlights look just impeccable. Light golden brown complements every skin tone, which is a good reason to give it a try this fall.

Long Locks with Pretty Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @jeffersonbolina

#8: Copper Red

Red hair color has so many sassy shades to choose from! Opt for this lush copper red, and the falling leaves will get green with envy.

Red Hair Color for Fall

Instagram / @bescene

#9: Mocha Brown Hair Color

Mocha is a splendid darker shade from the chocolatey browns family that goes equally well with warm and cool skin tones. An interesting twist every brunette should consider during this fall and winter season.

Warm Dark Brown Shade

Instagram / @mizzchoi

#10: Bronde

Blending natural brown hair with dimensional blonde highlights is a great option for a brunette going blonde this fall. Ask your colorist to place the lightest color on the streaks framing the face. Melted roots make the look low maintenance and prevent major damage.

Dimensional Blonde with Melted Roots

Instagram / @hirohair

#11: Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice hair has literally exploded on Instagram a few years ago, and it still remains a good choice for the season when the pumpkin craze is nothing but normal. Get dark copper or golden tones for the base color to make the spicy balayage truly stand out.

Bright Ginger Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Instagram / @maeipaint

#12: Dirty Blonde with Dark Roots

Just have a look at this modern twist on ombre hairstyles! The transition of the dark roots into dirty blonde hair with platinum highlights is nothing but statement-making. The shag style gives away confidence and intentional carelessness.

Modern Blonde Shag

Instagram / @salsalhair

#13: Cappuccino Locks

Any brunette hair tone named by a coffee shade will make a beautiful fall hair color. Subtle blonde balayage and soft messy waves will help add dimension and interest to your locks.

Chocolate Hair with Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

#14: Natural Ginger

Dark ginger hair looks especially trendy this season. Not blessed to be born with an impeccable natural color like this? Ask your colorist for a dimensional reddish brown with bronze hues or just bring the image with you.

Natural Red Brown Hair

Instagram / @hairbyamberjoy

#15: Wishwater Blonde with Highlights

A dishwater blonde hair color is quite low maintenance, as it doesn’t get brassy so soon. However, if you choose to freshen it up with streaks of light blonde and platinum, do keep some toning shampoo at hand to keep the hairstyle looking its best.

Dirty Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

Instagram / @taylordidmyhair

#16: Mahogany and Copper Balayage

This beautiful color works wonderfully for medium to long hair, especially if you like hot hair colors and aren’t afraid of looking stunning and attracting attention. Choose your most flattering reddish-brown shade for the base, and step it up with highlights and lowlights in shades of the best fall hair colors – auburn, light copper, golden, or strawberry blonde.

Mahogany Fall Fair Color

Instagram / @alex.mercedesss

#17: Warm Brown Balayage

Warm brown balayage is perfect for brunettes looking to make a change and brighten their mane without actually going blonde. Chocolate brown and chestnut tones are among the trendiest fall hair colors to play around with.

Subtle Brown Balayage

Instagram / @mikaatbhc

#18: Dark Red Hair

Every colorist will confirm that the requests for dark red tones start rising as soon as the fall season is approaching. While deep reds are often used to upgrade natural brunette and black hair, you may experiment with something new and add copper or caramel highlights to the base shade.

Red Hair with Highlights

Instagram / @rachel_redd

#19: Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is light enough to brighten up your look. Still, it’s not too bold or showy, but rather in the mood of cozy fall evenings to spend with tea and a hot slice of an apple pie.

Honey Blonde Bob with Framing Layers

Instagram / @nothingobvious

#20: Black Hair Balayage

Unlike the spring or summer season that can stand any hair color experiment, each autumn establishes the trend for calmer, more natural shades. Fall 2021 is not an exception. It doesn’t mean you should not consider getting a dye job, though. Elevate your hairstyle with a new tint or subtle balayage to look gorgeous and in trend.

#21: Burgundy

Call out fall hair colors, and rich violet-red will be here to claim its rights. Intense vine shade is sure to step up your style instantly and help you turn heads all fall 2021.

Burgundy Hair Color for Fall 2021

Instagram / @hairby.ashleypac

#22: Honey Spills on Black Hair

The look makes us feel like this hair has been treated with yummy honey nectar. An excellent way to bring warmth and shine into your mane, without going too radical.

Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @jasblack

#23: Strawberry Blonde

This smart blend of cinnamon and strawberry blonde hues is definitely worth a trip to the salon. This is a perfect shade for a brunette going lighter for a fall hair color.

Medium Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Instagram / @arrojonyc

#24: Wheat Blonde

The harvest season is over, but the wheat shade continues to excite natural blondes. Neither ashy nor warm, this blonde tone definitely makes a good fall hair color.

Cool Blonde Hair Color

Instagram / @taylordidmyhair

#25: Dimensional Auburn

The modern take on ombre is placing lighter tones towards the bottom and around the face, keeping the crown shadowed. The dark red dipped in apple cider hair color is a great example and a winning hairstyle for fall 2021.

Apple Cider Hair Color for Fall

Instagram / @alex.mercedesss

#26: Cool-Toned Platinum Blonde

The cool-toned blonde with darkened roots and platinum ends looks exquisite and sophisticated. This is precisely what makes it one of the most interesting ideas for this fall.

#27: Dark Brown

2021 is all for one process color, so why not go for a deep, rich dark chestnut brown to enhance your natural shade. It’s certainly ideal for brunettes who don’t plan a radical hair color change.

Dark Brown Hair Color for Brunettes

Instagram / @hirohair

#28: Black Hair with Burgundy Ombre

All shades of red wine – as solid colors or in combinations with other hues – make wonderful choices of hair colors for fall. Here is one of the best coloring ideas that makes a new hair color both low maintenance and low commitment.

Red Purple Hair Color

Instagram / @hairhecker

#29: Chocolate Brown Highlights

Highlights over dark hair colors often involve dramatic-looking blonde strands, but one of the hottest trends of this year suggests getting subtle highlights in brown tones. Your hair will look as if it’s glazed with milk chocolate. Again, we recommend this idea for brunettes with naturally dark hair.

Medium Brown Highlights for Dark Hair

Instagram / @mikaatbhc

#30: Copper Blonde Curls

A nice copper blonde color resembles warm caramel and flatterers women with green or blue eyes perfectly. Create dimension with darker melted roots and add in chunky e-girl streaks, and you’ll definitely be sporting one of the hottest color trends of this fall.

Light Copper Hair with Chunky Streaks

Instagram / @cameronkepford

#31: Ash Brown

Cool-toned ash brown is one of the most interesting fall hair colors you can try to upgrade your natural color. Talk to your stylist to find out what color combination you need to obtain such a refined shade.

Mushroom Hair Color

Instagram / @hairbykacie1

#32: Cherry Cola

If you have naturally dark hair and don’t want to use any bleach on your locks, consider getting a dark auburn shade or the color like this, with more red undertone in it. The rich cherry coke color is great for brunettes and looks wonderful on long thick locks. Just wait for the autumn sun to make it pop with rich reds, and you will appreciate all the benefits this fall hair color can give.

#33: Creamy Blonde with Cool Highlights

This highlighted composition is a very interesting pick from the fall hair colors 2021. It will look particularly beautiful if your hair is rather long to allow all of those cold platinum and gray highlights to shine through and set each other off.

Dirty Blonde with Highlights and Shadow Roots

Instagram / @singi.vo

#34: Curly Chocolate into Caramel Ombre

This gorgeous blend of browns is ranging from dark chocolate roots to golden brown tips, and it can successfully complement any skin tone. We’d recommend it more for those with naturally dark hair colors because it will let you avoid the grown-out roots problem.

#35: Amber

The advantage of this great 2021 fall hair color is that it looks very natural. It is basically the best version of a strawberry blonde with more red in it. A safe bet for women with a pale skin tone!

No matter which one out of top 2021 fall hair colors you choose to experiment with, we’re sure you’ll make a great choice. Some of the listed ideas work better for dark hair colors and others are more suited for blondes, but virtually everyone can find a pretty color trend in this list to get their hair in tune with natural fall colors.

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