20 Ways to Style Bangs Waiting till They Grow Out

Changes help to shake things up and find our iconic looks. Alas, our hair experiments are not always a success. Whether you want to get a rest from your bangs for a day or two, regret cutting one, or just cannot find time for the much-needed trim, there are 20 hairstyles that will help you hide your fringe and get it away from your face while it is growing out.

Best Hairstyles for Hiding Bangs

Here you’ll find some amazing examples of how to style bangs in the way no one will ever suspect you have one. Try these ideas to hind the outgrown bangs that has lost its form and gets into your eyes. Also, feel free to use them to try on new bangs-free hairstyles even if you’re satisfied with your fringe.

#1: Dutch Braid

These cute Dutch braids are the best at concealing the truth of having bangs. That’s why remember the 1st rule: if you dream about hiding your wily fringe, master the art of braiding. Make your braids tight or lush, depending on your mood and outfit.

#2: The Coco Braid

Here’s an ingenious plan to hide the bangs and open your face, imitating a headband. Braid your hair like this, and you’ll fall in love with all the comfort and loveliness. Plus one to the list of your favorite hairstyles, especially if your soul strives for beautiful transformations.

Thin Headband Braid For Fine Hair

Instagram / @the_braid_bar

#3: Natural Bouffant

Sometimes you just need to see your boring bangs in a new light to diversify the whole hair styling routine. Try to divide it in the middle into two sections and make an easy bouffant with the help of a rattail comb. Fix the result using any firm-hold spray.

Long Messy Hairstyle With Bangs

Instagram / @laurendunnhair

#4: Ear Cuff

Also you can hide your fringe by imitating ear cuffs – extra fashionable accessories. Just braid both sections of your bangs and attach them above your ears with some invisible bobby pins. Optionally, you can pierce these braids using special little rings or pendants.

Pierced Braided Ear Cuff

Instagram / @sarahpotempa

#5: Pin-Up Style

If you have a problem of growing bangs, do not ignore various hair accessories that can help you to wake up your inner stylist and create such a lovely pin-up hairdo. Pay attention to bright and catchy pieces which are highly popular this season: headbands, clips, etc.

#6: Ninja Bun

Buns can bring all your hair together, including those disobedient bangs, on the top of the head. Moreover, such topknots look amazing as casual and evening hairstyles. Add a few artificial strands of any color to create a more futuristic and interesting updo.

African American Top Knot

Instagram / @tappintobeauty

#7: Braided Topknot

As we’ve already mentioned, braiding is the best way to hide your bangs, and this cute braided half-up bun is a perfect hairstyle for achieving the bold forehead and a completely new chic look. Look awesome and stop worring about your growing fringe.

Two Braids And Top Knot Half Updo

Instagram / @the_braid_bar

#8: Deep Side Parting

This hairstyle seems to be created especially for you and your annoying bangs. A deep side part allows to connect the fringe with the rest of your hair. Such a sexy and classy hairstyle is perfect for parties when you want to try on new hair ideas without worrying about bangs.

Medium Messy Side Part Hairstyle

Instagram / @loepsies

#9: Two Little Topknots

A half updo can also hide the fringe and make you look extra stylish and modern. Divide your hair into two sections and make these cute braided buns small, almost childish in size. Little braids will help you to hold the bangs more effectively, though they’re not necessary.

Two Half Up Knots

Instagram / @jesstamazing

#10: Bobby Pins

If you need to get rid of bangs, try to use simple bobby pins of any color and size. Choose accessories paying attention to their functionality, because such pins shoud hold on tight without leaving traces. By the way, wearing a lot of bobby pins is a new trend.

Curly Hairstyle With Crossed Bobby Pins

Instagram / @ninarstyled

#11: Curly Mohawk

Your bangs can successfully become a part of this cute curly mohawk. Form this hairstyle however you like with the help of bobby pins, modeling paste and finishing hairspray. You can leave separate curly strands falling down to look sexy as never.

Mohawk Updo For Curly Hair

Instagram / @unityhair

#12: Halo Braid

This romantic hairstyle can look casual or festive, depending on your outfit. The Halo Braid is popular among the top hair stylists and girls who want to style their growing bangs in the most stylish ways. Actually, you can watch a tutorial and implement this braided halo at home.

Fishtail Headband Updo

Instagram / @hairbyamandablass

#13: Fancy Baby Hairs

The idea of braids and tendrils is quite brave and flashy, which makes it perfect for parties and street fashion experiences. Wear messy braids or another appropriate “background” to complete the cute and bold solution for baby hairs.

Braids With Curled Baby Hairs

Instagram / @ninarstyled

#14: Headbands

Wearing headbands is the most obvious way to hide the growing bangs, so you should stick to some pieces you really like to make your life easier. Buy a couple of casual basic headbands for everyday use and more festive accessories to wear for special occasions.

Medium Hairstyle With A Headband

Instagram / @amberrosetheron

#15: Bangs Up!

If your hair is short, but you still need to open your face and change the hairstyle you got bored with, try to make a brave pompadour using firm-hold hair styling products. Voluminous bangs look much more interesting and stylish.

Short Pastel Undercut Hairstyle

Instagram / @circlesofhair

#16: Brushed Back Hair

With the help of the right gel and spray, you can brush your bangs back and forget about them at least for one night. Moreover, all celebrities have already tried on classy sleek hairstyles. It turns out that high fashion can sometimes be useful and functional!

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Instagram / @justinemarjan

#17: Puff

Also you can lift your bangs and make a little puff that looks very glamorous and chic. Actually, you can wear this hairstyle every day waiting your fringe to grow out again. Use simple clips of the same color as your hair or little hair jewelry pieces.

Half Up Hairstyle With A Bouffant

Instagram / @alexthaohair

#18: Head Wrap

Here’s one more cool idea to hide your bangs. You can choose any headpiece you like or even wear different wraps every day to emphasize your creativity and individual sense of style. The success secret here is to pair head wraps with your clothes properly.

Yellow Head Wrap Idea

Instagram / @amberrosetheron

#19: Super High Pony

High ponytails also perfectly solve the problem of growing bangs. And these little braids can make any simple pony look cuter and more stylish. The hairstyle is suitable for many hair lengths and can be done with extensions, so you should surely keep it in memory.

African American High Braided Pony

Instagram / @mamaslaced

#20: Messy Twists

If your bangs are long enough for such manipulations, twist them into this perfect messy hairstyle. It looks very romantic and suitable for literally any occasion. Curl your ends to create a more complete image.

Wavy Half Updo With Twists

Instagram / @circlesofhair

Styling bangs till they grow out is a tricky business. The longer they grow, the less you know what to do. But this can be turned into motivation to wake up your inner hair stylist. Anyway, stay cool!

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