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Looking for genuine product reviews and truly lucky finds to perfect your hair routine? In the world of mass consumerism and daily marketing attacks, it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here at we believe in shopping smart. Every day we try new products, do deep researches and write honest reviews to help you navigate in the world of chemistry and bright packagings. Visit this category to get reliable and trustworthy information about all kinds of hair care and styling products, because healthy and beautiful hair requires a competent approach!

One of the products that help your locks look healthy is hair oil. Many women think oils are not for them at all. They just don’t realise each hair type has different requirements. You need to know what works for you! Here, you’ll find the best oils for your hair type, recommended by a professional stylist. [click to continue…]

We asked 9 beauty and fashion influencers to review only ONE hair product they literally can’t live without. “Sounds like an article I would love reading myself and can’t wait to see what the other responses are!”, said Jenny Welbourn, our first heroine. [click to continue…]

Solid shampoo bars have become popular due to zero-waste bloggers. Plastic-free packaging and a minimalistic set of ingredients are obviously good for our planet, but do these shampoo bars actually work? We reviewed the highest-quality products according to online ratings. Keep reading to know all the pros and cons, and learn from helpful reviews! [click to continue…]

Oil-based hair care is a thing now. But the problem with most hair oils is that we respect the naturalness of ingredients but don’t see the same kind of wow results we get with toxic hair products stuffed with harsh chemicals. That’s why we decided to review some luxury oil-based products beauty influencers swear by. Also, we’ll be talking porosity levels and why they matter when choosing a hair oil, so keep reading! [click to continue…]

Seeing split ends on your hair is a dreaded sight — but trimming it can mean losing the length you’ve waited long to achieve. Which is why, you may be on a hunt for the best product for split ends — whether it’s preventative, or one that fixes split ends that have already appeared. In this post, you’ll find out the answers to all your burning questions on the topic – as well as what the best split ends remedies on the market are.

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The best hairspray is the one that meets definite criteria: it must give enough hold, smell pleasant and be flake-free. Some girls also expect to get volume or heat protection. We have ten products that work beyond expectations and a full guide to modern hairsprays. Leave unruly strands in the past!

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Heat damage may be the reason for dry and lifeless locks, so you are right that you always or at least sometimes opt for air-drying. And you are even more right that you are searching for the air-dry products. Skipping them would be your biggest mistake. Find out all secrets of proper air-drying and reveal the best air-dry hair products recommended by stylists!

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Looking for the best clarifying shampoos? First, you have to be sure you really need one of them. The question is not as simple as you think and has a lot of pitfalls.

Read expert explanations and check the list of purifying products that effectively remove buildup and don’t dry out hair.

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Bumble and Bumble is a premium range brand, so be ready to discover some seriously amazing products in this article. To tell you the truth, it was hard to choose the top 7 among so many options, but we did it. So, meet the best Bumble and Bumble products for every hair type. Time to entrust your locks to professionals!

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Using a hair dryer on curly or wavy hair can often result in an unfixable frizzy mess. However, with the help of hair diffusers, you could rock hassle-free curls every day. It’s time to leave those curl creams and pomades behind, because diffusers are your all-in-one tool for bouncy curls.

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