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Updated on February 13, 2024

Does it seem that you just can’t get away from a greasy scalp even after washing your hair? Does oil build up on your roots leaving your style looking dull and lifeless? There are many factors that weigh in, but the answer is often as easy as switching your shampoo, too. Say goodbye to greasy strands with one of these shampoos for oily hair.

What Helps with Oily Hair?

Your hair follicles produce an oil called sebum. As it starts to build up at your roots, it leaves your hair feeling greasy and looking oily, which is why you need to remove the excess oil by shampooing your locks. But what if washing your hair doesn’t make it feel clean, or it gets greasy as soon as on the very day of washing?

First, exclude the things that can make your hair oily and greasy too fast. Anything from over-conditioning to using a dirty hairbrush or overreliance on dry shampoo can cause hair to accumulate dirt and give you a greasy hair feeling.

Next, you need to understand that too frequent washing can only make the matters worse, as it makes the scalp want to compensate for the loss of natural oils by overproducing the sebum. Thus, it is vital to look for a shampoo for oily hair that would gently cleanse and clarify your roots while normalizing the oil production.

Which shampoo is best for oily hair?

When choosing a shampoo that will work for you and your hair, consider what ingredients it has and what hair issues it solves. Mind that drugstore shampoos may contain harmful chemicals that provide a squeaky clean feeling by aggressively stripping hair of all protective natural oils and often clog scalp pores. Some of the best shampoos for oily hair, on the contrary, are meant to exfoliate the scalp and bring effective relief to your oily strands. Here are some of the best to try!

1. Desert Essence Organics Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo

Lemon Tea Tree will do wonders for your greasy roots, revitalize your scalp, and prevent future oil buildup. This moisturizing shampoo for oily hair removes oil without drying out your hair and doubles as a volumizing shampoo for fine, oily hair.

The Australian tea tree oil involved in the shampoo’s formula gently washes away any excess grease without stripping it of natural moisture. The maca root helps strengthen and protect your locks from any future damage, and the lemon peel extract loosens up the oils at your roots so that they are completely dissolved.

2. African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Deep Cleansing Shampoo

If you’re looking for an effective deep cleansing treatment for frizzy hair types, this paraben-free African Black Soap shampoo for oily hair will ideally work for your locks. The product is uniquely formulated to clear out residue hiding in the roots and soothe an itchy scalp.

When used regularly, this African Black shampoo rinses out nearly all excess oils from your strands and leaves them soft and shiny. The hair will feel fresh and restored with this mild, non-irritating formula, making it a perfect fit even for a sensitive scalp. Apply to wet hair and massage at the root to create an ideal environment for healthy hair.

3. OGX Extra Strength Refreshing Scalp + Teatree Mint Shampoo

Treat your irritated scalp and limp hair to a spa-like cleansing and conditioning experience with this nourishing, sulfate free OGX refreshing shampoo that gives you the deepest clean without any harmful chemicals.

The product contains tea tree oil and peppermint extract to naturally brighten hair and remove excess sebum from your roots. It also washes away buildup and nourishes the scalp, giving your locks a healthier look and feel. Using this affordable shampoo will put body and shine back into your dull greasy hair.

4. Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate Free Balancing Shampoo

Whether you want to strengthen your fine hair or save your color treated hair, the Aveeno formula will do miracles for your strands. This shampoo clears out any germs that get caught in your hair, thus clearing up your greasy hair. Moreover, it soothes the sensitive skin of the oily scalp and normalizes sebum production.

Enriched with oat extract and apple cider vinegar, this shampoo cleanses and corrects excessive oiliness, reinforces shine from root to tip, and promotes hair growth. After shampooing, your scalp will be rigorously clean and feel nicely comfortable, and of course, this product smells so good!

5. Degrease Clarifying Shampoo for Oily Hair and Oily Scalp Care

If you suffer from flaky, oily hair, look no further than this all-natural solution. One of the best de-greasing shampoos on the market, this natural dandruff treatment prevents excess oil production and grease buildup from your scalp by washing out pores and making them smaller.

Maple Holistics’ shampoo reduces your hair’s oil production by restoring your natural level of sebum secretion. The antioxidant-rich formula promotes all-around healthy hair and provides relief for an itchy, oily scalp. In addition, it also smooths frizz, nourishes color treated hair, and promotes hair growth.

6. Bumble and Bumble Sunday Clarifying Shampoo

This Sunday Clarifying Shampoo by Bumble & Bumble is great for thick or thin hair types. It deeply cleans oily skin and greasy hair, removing product build-up, dirt, and pollutants. In addition, the shampoo works as a preparatory cleanser for chemically treated hair. You can use it once a week as a weekly detox.

7. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two for Oily Hair Types

This is one of the most popular clarifying shampoos among the options that suit oily scalps. Formulated with natural-based ingredients like jojoba leaf extract and white ginger, the Paul Mitchell Shampoo helps to wash out excess oil and minimize future oil production to tamp down greasiness over time.

For best results, apply a dime-sized amount from scalp to ends and leave on for one to two minutes. Then rinse until your strands and roots are free of shampoo and repeat once a week for the most effective oil control. Ideally suits for thick hair and damaged hair.

If you have been hopelessly suffering from oily roots and dulled shine, the fix lies within one of these top seven shampoos. These products are the best of the best and produce unbelievable results. Ultimately, it’s critical to know your own hair and which shampoo for oily scalp will best maintain your hair’s health and beauty.

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