8 Best Hair Straightening Brush Models That Actually Work

Hair Brush Straightener

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Sometimes getting ready can be fun, but most days, getting ready just needs to be done. The more efficient we can make the makeup and hair process on our way out the door-the better. Using a hair brush straightener to not only detangle and brush out hair, but also to straighten reduces the amount of time you have to fuss over your hair. This is something all of us could use to our advantage.

A brush that straightens hair is not only more efficient than regular brushing and straightening with a flat iron: it’s also super easy to travel with. The next time you prepare a bag, lighten your load with this two in one device. Knowing how easy and convenient hair straightening brushes are, it will probably make you wonder which ones are the best in terms of heat, speed, safety and price. We’ve researched the top-rated, best-reviewed and best-designed electric hair straightening brushes out there to help you find the the best one for you.

#1: DAFNI go Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Consider Dafni the OG of the straightening hair brush world as it was the first to ever hit the market. Though it’s a steep price with amost a $100 tag, it’s a reliable brand that was created in 2012 by 24-year-old Sharon Rabi and her senior electrical engineer father, Kobi in their families’ basement. The Dafni ceramic heated brush is excellent for thick, wavy hair and heats up in just one minute. The cord also rotates a full 365 degrees, so styling is made even easier and all hair-types can use it effectively. The best part is any of the black area of the hair brush doesn’t heat up, so your chances of any accidental burns is greatly reduced. And of course, it’s ceramic, which ensures an even heat.

Dafni Ceramic Brush

Price: $96.49, Photo: @dafnihair

#2: Apalus Hair Straightening Brush with Automatic Shut-Off

At a more modest price, the Apalus could be the best hair thermal straightening brush you ever use. It maintains a 365 degree heat throughout the entire brushing and straightening process. Girls with thick or more unruly hair can bump the temperature up to 450 degrees, even though the ball tips max out at just 125 degrees to guarantee a safety value. Finally, after 60 minutes this pretty and lightweight pale pink brush will shut off automatically, so you never have to worry once you leave the house. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments!

Apalus Hair Straightening Brush

Price: $29.99, Photo: @mjanesik

#3: Bestidy Hair Straightener Brush

Designed especially with sensitive scalps in mind, the Bestidy works gentle on your hair and peace of mind. For $70 on Amazon, it’s also easy on the wallet. The Bestidy brush boasts an LCD screen for adjusting temperature and an even quicker automatic shut-off time than the Apalus because after 30 minutes of no use, the Bestidy turns itself off. With a 360 swivel cord for easy styling, the Bestidy is perfect for those on-the-go mornings. If you have especially thick or texturized hair though, the Bestidy has the occasional Amazon review of a customer who can’t seem to get the brush to do the trick.

Bestidy Hair Straightener Brush

Price: $69.99, Photo: Bestidy

#4: FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush

The FemJolie is a best-selling electronic brush, so you can rest assured that tons of gals have tried this one and fallen in love. Just press the round button and it’s ready to work! This brush is known for getting hair silky smooth with its anti static technology and quick heat and professional heated steam. No frizz and no annoying curling.

It has a 360 degree cord rotation and is ideal for all hair types. What sets the Femjolie apart is it’s massaging silicone bristles that not only heat and straighten but can stimulate hair growth. Pick one up off Amazon and if there is any chance that the FemJolie isn’t for you, then you can return it in 60 days. It’s guaranteed for a full refund with no questions asked.

FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush

Price: $129, Photo: FemJolie

#5: Instyler Wet to Dry Rotating Iron

Instyler hair straightening brush may look aggressive, but it not only contains a heated brush for straightening but also a titanium barrel that’s able to give you the perfect blow-out. If that isn’t enough for you, keep in mind that this brush also works as a dryer by whisking water out of hair strands. This hair straightener brush is best if you’re truly in a rush thanks to its drying capabilities. Although it’s still a good idea to not use any tools on your hair when it’s super wet.

Let it air dry or blow dry it on the cool setting of your hair dryer for at least a minute or two. While the titanium of the barrel is durable and resistant, it’s meant for more heat and fastest intensive styling so it’s perfect for the days you may not want to just straighten your hair with a brush but want to add a bit of flair with curled ends or blown-out locks. Considering this tool can do so much, it’s price through Amazon and we feel it is essentially a bargain.

Instyler Wet To Dry Rotating Iron

Price: $86.22, Photo: InStyler

#6: USpicy Hair Straightening Brush

This ceramic-plated brush is sure to give you smooth and straight tresses. The USpicy flat iron brush straightener has a variety of bristle sizes in an alternating pattern that gives maximum heat coverage. This makes it great for especially thick, curly, unruly and long hair. The plate can heat up to 450 degrees but comes with 7 temperature levels for the simplest to toughest of hair straightening jobs. For just $40, the USpicy brush offers all of this: an LCD temperature screen and a 30 minute auto shut-off. If you’re looking to quickly lock in your strands ultimate shine, then this tool may be for you.

USpicy Hair Straightening Brush

Price: $39.99, Photo: USpicy

#7: AsaVea Portable Electric Hair Straightening Brush

This cute device is popular among straight hair lovers, as you can notice from thousands of good reviews. Thanks to expert-grade ceramic heating components, AsaVea brush takes less than 60 seconds to get as hot as 365-degrees Fahrenheit. It saves time in the morning when you have to do everything on the go. Also this smoothing hair brush is perfect to travel with, due to its small size and temperature autolock. Moreover, it has good anti frizz effect, which is especially important for women who always look for ideal ways to tame their hair. Don’t forget to apply heat protectant products before using electric hair brush in order to love your AsaVea device even longer!

Asa Vea Hair Brush

Price: $109.99, Photo: AsaVea

#8: MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

Due to special heat resistant glove and temperature lock function, MiroPure seems to be one of the safest ion hot tools. High density of nano comb brush and various temperature settings with salon high heat (450 F) make this hot iron brush look very professional, which is pleasant, especially for its modest price. The process is easy as 1,2,3. And yes, it’s absolutely safe. You can strengthen hair every single day without worrying about damages. Just remember two simple hacks: 1) brush or detangle your hair before using this brush and 2) use heat protectant products. Enjoy good looking strands spending even less time in the morning!

Miro Pure Brush

Price: $79.99, Photo: MiroPure

Regardless of your needs, there is guaranteed to be a hair brush that straightens hair on this list that you’re sure to love. From a straightener that dries and gives a full-blow out, to LCD temperature screens and auto shut-offs that are stress-free. Modern tools can These are hands down the top 8 straighteners on the market today. Which one will you choose for the quickest and simplest way to completely style your hair in a matter of minutes?