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Updated on December 19, 2023

Thick, shiny hair is the dream, right? But, for those of us not currently blessed with the bouncing volume we might want, how can we help encourage healthy hair growth? Previously, the advice was to simply style hair for the appearance of thickness. Now, there is a new tool that may be the answer to more abundant locks: the scalp massager. So, what are the best scalp massagers for hair growth? Read on for more information.

What Are Scalp Massagers?

Available in a variety of different colors, styles and shapes, scalp massagers are, essentially, tools designed to be used across the whole scalp to take the effort out of massaging with your fingers.

And, while you definitely can just use your hands to manually massage your scalp, massagers definitely cut down the time (and muscle ache) involved, and are often able to cover your whole scalp in a more consistent way.

Benefits of Scalp Massagers for Hair Growth

Scalp massagers actually offer a ton of different benefits, including loosening oil, dirt and dandruff for a generally cleaner and healthier scalp. But, they’re especially famed for their potential to help hair growth.

This is because the act of massage helps in two ways: First, it stimulates the blood vessels under the skin, which in turn allows more blood containing oxygen and nutrients to travel to the hair follicle. And, second, it is thought that scalp massage helps to stretch the hair follicle, which can potentially increase the thickness of hair that passes through that follicle. In fact, two studies, one from 2016 and one from 2019, found evidence that scalp massage can result in thicker hair.

How Do You Use a Scalp Massager?

How you use your massager will vary from type to type, since some are electric and others require a little more muscle. For more information on how to use each individual type, take a look at the product recommendations below.

Whether you use one that is electric, manual, for wet hair or dry hair, the same principles stand, however: Go gently on your scalp (especially if you have any scalp conditions, such as psoriasis), choose one that doesn’t catch on or irritate skin or hair, and don’t overdo it.

How Often Should You Massage Your Scalp?

For most scalp types, one or two times a week will help to stimulate blood vessels and loosen dirt and debris without irritating skin and hair. For more sensitive types, try to keep this to just once a week, instead.

The Best Scalp Massagers for Hair Growth

Given the encouraging scientific research surrounding scalp massagers, plus the thousands of rave reviews, it seems these little tools are quickly becoming something of a beauty staple. Following are some of the most popular products on the market.

1. Breo Portable Rejuvenating Mini Head Massager

At the more luxurious end of the scale is Breo’s electric, waterproof head massager. Featuring six different massage settings (longitudinal gliding, kneading, trigger point therapy, oscillating pressure, rhythmic compression, cross-fiber muscle-stretching and deep friction massage), silicone tips for a soft touch, and an ergonomic design to cup the scalp, this can also be used elsewhere on the body for a relaxing back and shoulder massage after a long day.

With a unique design that promises not to tangle long hair, it is also rechargeable via USB cable, making it ideal for travel. To use, simply move across the scalp while the electric massage tips get to work promoting blood circulation.

Breo Mini Head Massager

2. Soft Silicone Hair Shampoo Brush

For a more pocket-sized alternative, try this round, silicone brush-tipped scalp massager, such as this one from Nearbyme.

With a non-slip cover and ergonomic design, this manual brush is used on wet hair while shampooing or conditioning. Simply massage shampoo through hair as normal before working this little brush over the scalp in small circles. To use with conditioner, first, wash out any leftover shampoo before massaging across the scalp while your conditioning product takes the time to work.

Soft Silicone Hair Shampoo Brush

3. Tezam Electric Head Massager

Now, here is an electric scalp massager that promotes hair growth and uses up to 8,500 vibrations per minute to stimulate blood flow. Check out Tezam’s affordable head massager.

With a long comb-like design, this massager has rubber beads on each tooth, helping to relieve muscle tension and loosen any scalp debris. The vibrations are thought to stimulate blood vessels more than traditional massage, plus they help with hair growth. Designed to be used pre-shampoo to help soften oil and dirt, this tool can also be used on towel-dried hair for a second, stress-reducing massage.

Tezam Electric Head Massager

4. Liba Head Scratcher Scalp Massager Tool

With thousands of five-star Amazon reviews and a budget-friendly price point, this manual scalp massager for hair growth looks a bit like a half-opened umbrella and uses flexible wires topped with soft beads to be moved up and down over the scalp. Its 360-degree design means you can get to your whole scalp in one go, too, meaning it takes less time.

Weighing less than an ounce, it is also highly user-friendly, taking the muscle ache out of massage. Better still? The pack includes two massagers, so you always have one as a spare. Or, if you are feeling generous, you can always give one to a friend in need of a scalp massage. For a deep, relaxing massage with additional scalp benefits, use this after lightly applying hair oil to the scalp. The oils will help moisturize the scalp while turning the routine into a mini hair spa session.

Liba Head Scratcher

5. Heeta Shampoo Brush with Soft Silicone

And here is another shampoo brush designed to be used in-shower or bath, while washing your hair. With more than 15,000 positive reviews, Heeta’s shampoo brush has an ergonomic and lightweight design, making it simple to use even with wet hands.

Featuring soft silicone bristles, this tool is also suitable for dry hair and can be used in conjunction with any scalp oils or treatments for a relaxing massage with added hair-growth benefits.

Heeta Shampoo Brush

6. Magnaroller Scalp Massager for Hair Growth

Alternatively, for a massager with a difference, check out Magnaroller’s option, which may look like a giant hair roller but actually boasts 3 millimeter-long silicone “fingers” to stimulate blood flow as it is rolled across the scalp. As an added bonus, the roller contains magnets, which the brand claims help to attract iron in the bloodstream, directing more blood to the hair follicle. While it is unclear whether the magnets do much, from a scientific angle, to improve hair growth, the product has won rave reviews from fans who say the tool has produced real results.

Magnaroller Scalp Massager

7. 2-In-1 Anti Hair Loss Magical Comb

And for a two-in-one product that tackles hair loss at the same time as styling, take a look at this electric massaging comb. Boasting 7,500 vibrations a minute, this brush uses motion to stimulate the hair follicle and blood flow, while the added red LED lights are thought to promote hair growth. In fact, several studies have shown red LED to have positive results for hair growth, giving this tool something of an edge. But while many LED machines are on the pricey side, this comb is still a budget-friendly option.

Anti Hair Loss Magical Comb

If you want to try one of the seven best scalp massagers for hair growth, just remember to not press too hard, take your time to slowly work your way across your whole scalp consistently and enjoy the benefits.

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