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Updated on December 20, 2023

Have you ever wondered how celebrities and models get diamond-glossy hair on red carpets, music videos, and even on “I just woke up” Instagram pictures? Well, we all want that hair! As a professional stylist, I have some lucky finds in my arsenal. These products leave hair glossy, not greasy. Are you ready to try some game-changing hair shine products?

10 Hair Shine Products for All Hair Types

One of the best ways to boost glossiness is by rinsing hair with very cold water every time you shampoo. This method seals the cuticles, making your locks smooth and naturally shiny. Moreover, this hack is absolutely free! If you want some magic from a bottle, there are a lot of options! Welcome to my list of lucky finds!

Disclaimer: I’m just sharing what works for my hair, as well as my clients’ hair, since I’m a hairstylist. Hopefully, you find some game-changing items in this list!

1. Pink Glosser

It’s my favorite shine spray to use for medium to thick hair types! You can apply it on wet locks before blow-drying or use like a finishing touch for your hairstyle. Its formula is infused with aloe, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. These ingredients revive dull and dry hair, leaving your locks smooth and touchable. Also, Pink Glosser is super affordable to experiment with!

Pink Glosser

2. Bumble and Bumble Glow Bond-Building Styler

This is a foolproof blow-dry cream for wet hair! It smoothes, provides light hold, protects against heat damage, builds bonds to fortify hair fibers (instantly and over time, with repeated use), and helps prevent breakage. Infused with Bond-Building Technology and Honey Protective Complex, it makes hair look and feel healthy and glossy. I even use it for dry ends to refresh my hairstyle.

Glow Bond Building Styler

3. Egyptian Magic Cream

Do you love multipurpose beauty products? This is my personal favorite to achieve perfect, sleek ponytails. Add a little bit of Egyptian Magic while styling your pony. It’ll remove frizziness and add natural, healthy gloss to your hairstyle. I use this cream all over my body. (It’s also insanely good for stretch marks!).

Egyptian Magic Cream

4. Bed Head TIGI Rush Shine Mist

This unisex mist creates intense luster without any greasiness. It won’t weigh down fine hair, which is very important for women with thin hair. Use TIGI’s shine mist after all the products, even after your firm-hold spray. Such a final touch will leave your hair glossy for the rest of the day! It doesn’t work like a fixation spray — just shine, lots of shine!

Bed Head TIGI Rush Shine Mist

5. Halo High Gloss Rinse

Hair conditioner that boosts glossiness is perfect for those who prefer their locks shiny on a daily basis, not just for the occasional sleek ponytail. Halo’s rinse works for colored hair, which tends to get dull after a couple of weeks after color application. It does the job of a decent hair conditioner, helping to smooth locks and create long-lasting shine.

Halo High Gloss Rinse

6. Brazilian Blowout Acai Shine & Shield Spray

This spray is designed to seal the hair follicle for instant shine. Also, it has full-spectrum UVA/UVB protection for those who prefer multitasking hair shine products. It’s good to spray this boy 6 inches away from the finished style to boost glossiness. It is such a perfect final touch for both formal and casual hairstyles! You have to use just the smallest amount so it lasts a long time.

Brazilian Blowout Acai Shine Spray

7. NatureLab Shine Oil Mist

NatureLab’s shine mist is oily yet lightweight, so it may be suitable even for thin, fine hair. This product was designed to protect colored hair, while increasing its shine and luminescence. Even though its bottle reminds of a futuristic chemistry flask, the mist is free of harsh chemicals and smells delicious!

NatureLab Shine Oil Mist

8. BTW Shine Serum

This silicone-free hair shine product is also very multitasking. It works as a moisturizer, reduces frizziness and, of course, boosts shine. You can apply it to wet locks before blow-drying or use as a daily hair serum. I love putting it on my hair ends during the day for an immediate refresh. Its gentle and nutritious formula does wonders for dull, lifeless locks!

BTW Shine Serum

9. Schwarzkopf OSIS Magic Anti-Frizz Gloss Serum

If your hair lacks a healthy shield, first you need to fight frizziness, the biggest enemy on your way to glossiness. This product is the professional approach to do just that! Also, I like the immediate results after applying this serum. Believe me, all girls want such foolproof and easy-to-use products on their hair-products shelf!

Schwarzkopf OSIS Magic Anti-Frizz Gloss Serum

10. CHI Shine Infusion Hairspray

This spray does exactly what it says. I always appreciated CHI’s quality for a relatively affordable price, so this shine spray isn’t an exception. It doesn’t give you strong fixation, but it’s absolutely enough for most of the cases. If you need super firm fixation, go for Kenra Shine Spray! According to the latest trends in hairstyling, we don’t want our hairstyle looking like motionless sculptures, while shine is always fashionable!

CHI Shine Infusion Hairspray

I hope you liked this selection of the best hair shine products. Interested in all kinds of hairstyles, fashionable ideas and beauty tips? Let’s get social! If you want to see how I live my life as an international hairstylist and a business mum, please follow my Instagram @hairbydittewozniak.

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