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Updated on December 21, 2022
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2. Blonde Bob with Flared Layered Ends

Layered Bronde Bob Over 40

Instagram / @donnyandhair

40-year-olds often gravitate toward shorter hairstyles rather than letting their hair grow out into long styles. That being said, when choosing a short crop, it’s best to also have a little fun. Try cutting short, wispy layers that flare out at the ends. The result is a funky bob that will last through your ‘40s.

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What stands behind the age of over 40? Do you need to upgrade your style as you pass a new milestone in your life? Let’s try to sort out reasonable thoughts on this subject. While you are young, you are normally in search of your personal style. You make mistakes, often going to extremes or sticking to one mousy look for years.

Turning 40, a woman already knows who she is; she is less into making an impression, but more about being who she is. This knowledge reflects in her hairstyle – elegant, classy, sometimes playful and sassy and always contemporary and sexually appealing.

What Should Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Be Like?

A hairstyle for women over 40 should be:

  • Chic
  • Natural-looking
  • Professional and fashionable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Bold and shaggy
  • Edgy, with a hint of sportiness
  • Sophisticated and sexy

Well, this list could have been endless, really. Being 40 years old you can do anything that is flattering your face shape and accentuates the stronger points of your facial features. A short haircut, for instance, highlights high cheekbones. A good stylist will make a layer at the level of your shapely cheekbones or graceful jawline so that the hairpieces are pointing at something that you want to accentuate, and you’ll look even more beautiful.

Hairstyles for Women in Their 40s

Is there something to avoid? That’s a disputable issue. Crazy hair colors, for sure… This is the first thing that comes to mind. Apart from that, there’s a belief that long hair drags your face down and, therefore, doesn’t look very appealing on women over 40. Let’s view the examples.

1. Full and Flirty

Bob haircuts are great for women with heart shaped and oval faces because they draw attention to a slim jawline. Because the style is neither short nor long, ask your hairdresser for layers to create movement. When styling at home, try curling the ends in opposite directions to create a messy, full texture.

2. Blonde Bob with Flared Layered Ends

40-year-olds often gravitate toward shorter hairstyles rather than letting their hair grow out into long styles. That being said, when choosing a short crop, it’s best to also have a little fun. Try cutting short, wispy layers that flare out at the ends. The result is a funky bob that will last through your ‘40s.

Layered Bronde Bob Over 40

Instagram / @donnyandhair

3. Tapered Pixie with Spiky Crown

One of the best hairstyles for women over 40 is a tapered pixie. It’s low maintenance and there’s an opportunity to blend short and long layers for an eye-catching, easy-to-style look.

Low Maintenance Pixie For Women Over 40

Instagram / @jennwatermanhair

4. Chic Blonde Bob

Many believe that short haircuts make women look older, but that is not the truth, especially if talking about such a fantastic mid-length bob. The natural-looking shimmer of this incredible blonde shade adds sassiness to this hairstyle, while feathery layers emphasize feminine features.

Gray Blonde Rounded Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @gulevich.vladimir

5. Gray Curly Bob with Side Part

Every curly bob is unique, but this hairstyle has exceeded all expectations! Glossy silver curls look nonchalant yet feminine, creating a fancy, romantic look. This charming ‘do will suit any occasion and outfit, so if you’re looking for a stylish yet versatile cut, this is what you might like!

Short Tousled Salt-and-Pepper Bob Over 40

Instagram / @romeufelipe

6. Short Bob Dyed Warm Blonde

Another efficient way to look younger in your 40s is to get a wavy bob and a trendy blonde balayage. The soft transition from fair hair to bright blonde makes the color truly exquisite. Besides, the length is perfect for those who want to grow out short hair.

Feminine Blonde Bob with Root Fade

Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

7. Shaggy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs can hide fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which can be a real problem for women over 40. Combined with a stylish shaggy bob haircut and a fancy blonde hair color, this hairstyle is a real gem for those wishing to look trendy and spectacular.

40+ Blonde Shaggy Wavy Bob

Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

8. Long Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Emphasize your beautiful natural hair color with a layered long cut and thick arched fringe. See how shiny and voluminous this hairstyle looks! The texture of this haircut is simply amazing. This is definitely one of the best long hairstyles for women over 40.

9. Neck-Length Layered Bob Haircut

Just look at this amazing stylish layered bob with silver highlights! A perfect match for those who wish to get extra volume and transition to gray while also taking years off your face.

10. Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

Voluminous curly hairstyles always attract much attention. If you like to catch the admiring eyes of passers-by, hurry to get this stacked bob cut that features full-bodied curls and layering at the back. Perfect for thick-haired women who don’t know how to style their tresses to look on-trend!

11. Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Modern short pixie cuts often have layers to give more volume to a hairstyle, especially if its owner has thin hair. This particular option also has side bangs, which balance the overall appearance and soften this chopped cut.

Long Layered Pixie for Women Over 40

Instagram / @seville_hair

12. Haircut with Long Rounded Layers

Long layered haircuts are always classy. The hair volume equally distributes from top to ends, thus creating a well-balanced hair style. Balayage to match the salt and pepper tresses is an excellent solution too.

13. Stylish Short Hairstyle

Pixie is one of the most common solutions for women over 40, as this short hairstyle can add a sexy volume and draws attention to your eyes. Show this pic to your hairstylist and be ready to stun everyone with a stylish short hair color idea!

Tapered Pixie with Layered Highlights

Instagram / @casistauffer

14. Angled Chin Length Cut with Highlights

This cut is perfect for women with round faces or those who want to add sharpness to the chin and visually lengthen the face. The blonde highlights make thin hair cut into a short bob look more voluminous and effectively camouflage first gray hairs.

15. Sleek Layered Cut for Round Faces

A trendy wolf cut shifts hair volume to the top, which makes it ideal for women with thin hair and a round face. Check out how this neck-length layered haircut works for this lady. An excellent option for mature women who are not afraid to cut their hair short.

Volumizing Slimming Shag Over 40

Instagram / @seville_hair

16. Medium-Length Rounded Bob

If you’re not a fan of very short hair, you can choose something longer, just like this mid-length rounded bob with softly cut layers. Try to mix it with gorgeous blonde balayage to add extra volume and shine to your hairstyle.

40+ Perfect Rounded Blonde Bob

Instagram / @gulevich.vladimir

17. Classy Haircut with Messy Curls

If you want to add a little fun and a sensation of lightness to your style, this gorgeous wavy cut with a middle part will bring you the expected results. Such a hairstyle will show off all the layers and texture of your new hair. Match it with platinum blonde to give your hair a classy and luxurious look.

18. Wavy Bob with a Side Part

It’s hard to believe but this gorgeous blonde wavy bob is very easy to style. You don’t have to visit a hairstylist every time you want to get this stunning ‘do, as it can be done with a few comfy braids, plaited before going to bed. Cut a perfect blunt bob and experiment with hair parting and loose waves techniques.

Beach Blonde Wavy Lob Over 40

Instagram / @romeufelipe

19. Mid Length Layered Cut for Thick Hair

The internet offers a diversity of hairstyle ideas for thick hair. Instagram provides hundreds of stylish haircuts under this hashtag, so everyone can definitely find something suitable for one’s face shape and hair type. Yet, if you’re looking for something more versatile, this stunning layered ‘do is definitely worth your attention! With rounded layers and blonde highlights, you will look young for your age, which will bring you more confidence and charm.

20. Short Razored Honey Blonde Bob

Sometimes the most low-maintenance style is the best way to go. A super short razored bob keeps your locks off of your shoulders, but you won’t be sacrificing style for function. Honey highlights will spice up the cut and allow you to look stylish while on the go.

Short Textured Bob Haircut

Instagram / @shawna.hines

21. Shoulder Length Hair with Highlights

Haircuts with loose curls suit all hair types, so even if you have fine hair, you can feel free to experiment with this ‘do. With this hairstyle, you will always look as though you’re ready to go to the beach, which is an excellent solution for those tired of the boring city lifestyle.

Lob for Ladies Over 40 with Fine Hair

Instagram / @anglette

22. Shoulder-Length Cut with Bangs

This saucy hairstyle will help you look younger and flirty, something haircuts for women over 40 shouldn’t lack. Tousled waves with caramel highlights and wispy bangs will make people turn their heads. What else do we ladies need?

Choppy Midi Cut for Women Over 40

Instagram / @romeufelipe

23. Sensational Loose Waves

Shoulder-length hair has been popular with women of all ages and works great with all hair textures. Besides, with a stunning hair color like this, nobody will guess your real age, as lighter shades and skillfully placed face-framing highlights usually give a flirty, romantic look.

Feminine Mid-Length Wavy Hairstyle

Instagram / @romeufelipe

24. Trendy Long Bob for 40 Year Olds

Of all the hairstyles for women over 40, the long bob is a clear winner. The long bob is totally in style — without looking like you are trying too hard. Ask your stylist for an all-one-length cut that falls just below the collarbone and long, swept-back side bangs.

Long Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @saritadawn

25. Sleek Angled Lob

Many fashionistas love the gorgeous angled bob cut for its long layers at the front that look edgy yet chic. It’s a perfect match for women with gray hair or those having rich blonde hair color.

40+ Inverted Light Blonde Lob

Instagram / @salonvervemaple

26. Voluminous Dark Blonde Bob with Bangs

Whoever said less is more never saw this bold and daring cut. Haircuts for women over 40 can be just as playful and fun as those from your ‘20s. Rock your shoulder length hair razored and dress it up with flicked out bangs.

Blonde Bob Blowout With Bangs

Instagram / @rachelwstylist

27. Long Asymmetrical Pixie for Women Over 40

This asymmetrical pixie cut does a great job of helping women with thin hair feel like they’re rocking a head of thick luscious hair. A side part brings lift and hairspray will hold your style all day long.

28. Shoulder Length Beauty

As women are maturing, they tend to look better with hair that doesn’t reach beyond the shoulders. Women in their forties still often play up shorter haircuts with layers, curls and highlights.

29. Over 40 Medium Textured Hairstyle

Other medium haircuts that don’t require much effort in the morning include long textured layers. A side part and subtle waves at the ends are all you need to complete this lovely layered look.

30. Caramel Blonde Bob with Dimensional Layers

V-cut layers are an optimal way to show off the beautiful color variation in your hair, but first, you need to find the right highlights for you. A caramel blonde shade mixed up with lighter shades of blonde is a tempting, delicious hair color choice that will make your bobbed style pop.

Honey Blonde Layered Bob Blowout

Instagram / @hairbynathi

31. Messy Chocolate Bob with Blonde Highlights

Styling hairstyles for women over 40 is much easier than you might think. Style some messy, undone waves with a straightener for a carefree, yet put together hairdo.

Wavy Brown And Caramel Bob

Instagram / @hilary.farrell

32. Choppy Copper Red Undercut Pixie

If you need an update for your fine hair, a pixie cut is a way to go. Choppy layers are a fun way to express your bold side and make fine hair look thicker. Throw in a few highlights in your favorite color for extra flavor.

Undercut Pixie Cut For Fine Hair

Instagram / @thehairbase

33. The Best Bob for Ladies Over 40

This bob is classic: rounded and soft with piecey layers and flowy side bangs. To style this look, use a large barrel round brush. Start off with a heat protectant that will soften and moisturize your hair. Then blow the bottom layers under and the top layers back, lifting each strand at the roots.

40+ Short Bronde Bob

Instagram / @joaofrancooficial

34. Choppy Rounded Blonde Bob Over 40

In the market for short haircuts? The rounded bob is a great option as it’s not too short and not too long. Short layers let you play with different textures at a manageable level.

Over Short Bob Haircut With Layers

Instagram / @spinhair

35. Disconnected Choppy Wavy Bob Over 40

This cute layered bob is anything but boring. Waves for days and bangs that are easily swept to the side when you want to switch things up. An undercut on this style might also be fun to try.

36. Medium Cut with Long Feathered Bangs

A side part causes the hair to hang halfway across the face for a flirty peek-a-boo look. Blonde with shadow roots and flipped up face-framing layers keep it young and fresh.

37. Honey Brown Hair with Smooth Layers

While this haircut is definitely on point, it’s impossible not to notice the color right off the bat. Unusual colors that can’t quite be pinned down (like this caramel cinnamon brown) can give you a unique style. This shade is great for a medium warm skin tone.

Golden Brown Layered Bob

Instagram / @_dee.stylist_

38. Short Stacked Dark Blonde Bob

Short haircuts for women over 40 work really well with stacked layers in the back, for it’s a simple way to get an extra root lift for long-lasting volume. If you have blonde hair that’s on the darker side, lighten it up a bit with subtle highlights.

Stacked Bob For Straight Fine Hair

Instagram / @alk_stylist

39. Short Hairstyle with Bangs for Ladies Over 40

Short hairstyles for women over 40 shouldn’t be short on volume. With big, soft waves, this style brings a lot of class and personality. To keep it from looking too overdone, be sure to style your hair in a way that will make it feel soft and touchable, not stiff and crunchy.

40+ Medium Hairstyle With Bangs

Instagram / @_dee.stylist_

40. Warm-Toned Root Fade for Ash Blonde Bob

It can be fun to mix warm tones with cooler tones in your style, and medium length hairstyles for women over 40 give you the perfect canvas on which to play around with colors. Find a warm brown shade that you love for your root color, and have that fade into a cool ash blonde for a youthful hairdo.

41. Cute Messy Lob

This is one of the cutest haircuts for women over 40 that we’ve seen — a unique, creative style that’s totally on trend. The caramel peekaboo highlights and bangs make this hairstyle fun and youthful.

42. Perfect Short Blonde Haircut

The shape of this bob is divine. The cute eye-skimming bangs make a great addition to the smooth layering. Mixing up shades of soft blonde and light brown is very flattering for a wide range of skin tones. Definitely a great example of a chic blonde bob!

Layered Blonde Bob With Bangs And Highlights

Instagram / @saloncartier

43. Curly Bob with Blonde Highlights

Think you’re too old for fun pops of color in your hair? Think again! A highlighted bob with shades of blonde is the perfect way to incorporate a subtle pastel color into your hair. Style your locks in loose curls for a great romantic, date-night hairdo.

Bronde Wavy Bob With Pastel Pink Highlights

Instagram / @bbjam

44. Blunt Rounded Bob with Blonde Balayage

Sometimes it’s best to keep your cut clean and tidy. If this sounds like a style you want to try, a great option is the blunt bob. Softly cut layers give the cut its rounded shape, making it easier for you to achieve the look you are after. For some color variation, try a shiny and inviting blonde balayage.

45. Cropped Cutie

One of the best looks when it comes to short haircuts for women is found in a cropped style that is as cute as it is simple. Combining layers with a honey hue, this short style is gorgeous on all face shapes and ethnicities. It will work best with straight hair, but can also be quite fun with curly girls.

46. Long Blonde Bob

This is an ideal look for women in their 40s, 50s or even 60s who are at the top of their professional game. The simple style works well in conservative settings, but it’s still trendy enough to transition to after hour dinner and drinks.

Over Medium Side Parted Hairstyle

Instagram / Karen from @crownbeautybar

47. Beyond Bedhead

The crazy texture in this cut may seem daunting, but once ladies leave their thirties behind they become fearless and confident—which is the best time to try something outside of the box. It is not one of the most common short hairstyles for women over 40 and that makes it perfect for someone who has never wanted to blend in.

48. Collarbone Layered Hairstyle for Fine Hair

With fine hairstyles for over 40 women, you need to be careful about layers. It’s best to decide on a light and airy hairstyle. Having your hair fall at your collarbone with short side bangs is a great way to maintain your cut simple and cute.

Honey Blonde Cut With Gray Highlights

Instagram / @muse_studio_pdx

49. Sassy Side Bang

The uniqueness of this medium length style lies in the contrast of hues. While most styles tend to blend smoothly, this look does the opposite, and it makes the hair look thicker in the front.

50. Classy Cream-Blonde Bob

This collar-bone bob mimics the ideal contours of its wearer’s face and features softness in every line and detail: the arched bangs, flipped in front pieces that meet together under the chin, smoothed edges and, of course, the fantastic cream hue of blonde, setting off the blue of the eyes.

51. Golden and Red Layers

Medium length hairstyles for women over 40 are the perfect balance between long and short hair. Medium hairstyles are known for elongating the neck, which is exactly what makes them so flattering for a variety of face shapes. The pretty layering gives life and body to the cut.

Medium Auburn Layered Hairstyle 40+

Instagram / @bobbideberard

52. Ultra-Shiny Curled Out Style

It’s hard to find anything more beautiful than healthy shiny brunette hair. An ultra-shiny finish boosts the effect, while the dark caramel highlights match the color of Gina Gershon’s eyes. To accentuate the layered edges of this chic medium-to-long haircut, its ends are curled out.

53. Playful Curls

Curled up ends of layered tresses can give that fun effect of stacked tendrils. Blondish highlights on the medium brown base bring out the rich texture and set off the face very flatteringly.

54. Dimensional Bob

The streaks of honey mixed with the platinum blonde refresh the skin tone and add dimension to the simple elongated bob. And the light flicks at the ends make a perfect final stroke for this truly classy style.

55. Shattered Bob Hairstyle

With this stylish hairstyle for ladies over forty you have every lock is in its place but looking to its own direction. As a result, you are getting a chic style, complemented with caramel and cream blonde highlights.

56. Shaggy A-Line Bob

Cropped layers and shagginess for the edges is super cute on medium length, whereas simple A-line silhouette is universally flattering for all face shapes. When styling this ultra-modern haircut, make sure you define the ragged ends, since they appear one of the major attractions of this fabulous style.

57. More Shaggy Crops for Independent Women

A variation of a short haircut – a cropped texturized bob styled shaggy will be to the liking of active women who shy away from boredom and monotony in life. Opt for an energetic hair hue like this irresistible golden blonde and make an accent on the rough texture.

58. Messy Backswept Hairstyle

Here is an awesome pearly look for round faces from Cameron Diaz. Her short messy bob hairstyle with a few defined top tresses swept back has a 100% spontaneous and natural feel, so appealing on the red carpet and absolutely suitable for every day wear in any setting.

59. Edgy Brown Blonde Pixie

The short fluffy pixie with ombre has a fantastic wispy texture, ideal for bright summer looks. If you are searching low-maintenance short hairstyles for hot sunny days, pin up the look and discuss this option with your stylist.

60. Cherry Red Shag

A fun shaggy finish and an eye-popping hair hue over 40? Why not? But that’s acceptable only for women with natural rich overall coloring (skin, eyes, hair) or highly contrasting looks, otherwise, this is going to be too much.

Hope you have drawn something useful for yourself from these inspiring images. One of the most important things is liking your own hairstyle and feeling confident with it. Wish you to find the one and let it, actually, be not the only one. By the way, read about haircuts for women over 50.

Medium Curly Layered Hairstyle Layered Bronde Bob Over 40 Low Maintenance Pixie For Women Over 40 Gray Blonde Rounded Bob Hairstyle Short Tousled Salt-and-Pepper Bob Over 40 Feminine Blonde Bob with Root Fade 40+ Blonde Shaggy Wavy Bob Midi Cut with Front and Crown Layers Gray Bob with Lowlights Over 40 Romantic Gray Blonde Wavy Bob Long Layered Pixie for Women Over 40 40+ Medium Gray Layered Hairstyle Tapered Pixie with Layered Highlights Over Sleek Jaw-Length Bob Volumizing Slimming Shag Over 40 40+ Perfect Rounded Blonde Bob Shaggy Blonde Lob Over Beach Blonde Wavy Lob Over 40 Bronde Lob with Feathered Bangs Short Textured Bob Haircut Lob for Ladies Over 40 with Fine Hair Choppy Midi Cut for Women Over 40 Feminine Mid-Length Wavy Hairstyle Long Blonde Bob Hairstyle 40+ Inverted Light Blonde Lob Blonde Bob Blowout With Bangs Pixie For Women Over With Thin Hair 40+ medium layered haircut Over Medium Haircut With Layers Honey Blonde Layered Bob Blowout Wavy Brown And Caramel Bob Undercut Pixie Cut For Fine Hair 40+ Short Bronde Bob Over Short Bob Haircut With Layers Layered Wavy Bob Over 40 Medium Feathered Blonde Cut Golden Brown Layered Bob Stacked Bob For Straight Fine Hair 40+ Medium Hairstyle With Bangs Ash Blonde Lob With Long Swoopy Bangs Long Brown Bob With Bangs And Highlights Layered Blonde Bob With Bangs And Highlights Bronde Wavy Bob With Pastel Pink Highlights Subtly Angled Bob For Straight Hair layered collarbone bob for thick hair Over Medium Side Parted Hairstyle Short To Medium Tousled Hairstyle Honey Blonde Cut With Gray Highlights Dark Brown Hairstyle With Caramel Highlights blonde bob for women over 40 Medium Auburn Layered Hairstyle 40+ medium hairstyle for women over 40 medium hairstyle with highlights medium blonde hairstyle for mature women medium shaggy hairstyle for women over 40 shag hairstyle with highlights short sassy hairstyle for older women blonde messy bob hairstyle pixie hairstyle for women over 40 short shaggy hairstyle for women over 40